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Revenge of the Sith: Refocused - a Clone Wars Continuity Cut (v3 WIP) PREVIEWS AVAILABLE

When I watched fall of the republic NCC/SOM V2.1 I like how you made the siege of Mandalore/a battle of coruscant intercut with each other besides on how things are in such things. For me I was convinced based on Maul get up in season 7 when it was a true final.

  • improvement to be noted of
  • when doing the new version 2.2 I suggest to pan down on stars after crawl text
  • fix transition of Ashoka and Rex that have escaped the tribunal

Something you can try out if you have time:
You can add some flash back on
Battle of coruscant bad batch
Grievous arriving on Utapau

Overall this is great to see.

StankPac's Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Special Edition (Released)

When I watched a special edition of revenge of the Sith. I liked how you added the music where anakin and obi-wan where walking down the stairs to see if chancellor palpatine is alright, Darth Tyrannus flip was most likely he could do it then anakin and Obi-wan take off Jedi robes. Which I don’t want to spoil.Therefore, this is a great edit and I really enjoyed it.

Star Wars: ROTS / The Clone Wars Siege of Mandalore - Supercut (Released)

When I watched the cut you edited for Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith/Siege of Mandalore I liked how the stories overlap with each other when it came to different events and I liked how you explained how you got through the process.

Some things you may improve on is

  • Don’t cut the SOM story to far as it doesn’t make sense in this view
  • Use transition from kashyyk to briefing on the mystery of darth sidious
  • Ashoka/Maul should be put in flashbacks like chosen lines you must choose
    Don’t listen to him anakin, and so forth don’t want to spoil it. Echo’s through voice
    when Ashoka says ‘Anakin’.
    -transition from Ashoka and Rex farewelling the lost clones that died on the tribunal to Yoda communing with Qui-Gon Jinn
  • transition Ashoka and Rex escaping the tribunal to yoda and Obi-wan going to the Jedi temple.
Star Wars: Order 66 (ROTS + TCW + The Bad Batch + Tartakovsky's Clone Wars) (released)

When I watched the rots order 66 ultra cut it feels like the end of the clone wars. When different events have occurred in the clone wars siege of Mandalore arc like battle of Yerbana/skirmish aboard the tribunal and in 22-25 micro series the attack on coruscant actually gave impact on its daily lives and how growing up in the clone wars era. It looks like when it came to transition of padme’s apartment in the seeds of rebellion it looks like transition to fade black to 3PO giving drinks to senator and fade black to palpatine talks to a anakin about more sensitive to such things and fades out to republic gunships arriving with captured maul and his shadow collective on Mandalore and commander Tano having to go to the meeting after Ashoka saying that your people need like a new kind of leader/ other things transitions to Jedi council meeting of Obi-wan that has engaged Grievous on utapau which I don’t want to spoil. Overall, this has been a great piece after all.

<strong>Revenge of the Sith + The Clone Wars 4 hour Supercut 2020</strong> (V4) (Released)

When I watched the 4 hour supercut of revenge of the Sith I liked how you included the battle of Yerbana, siege of Mandalore/ skirmish aboard the tribunal: the great Jedi purge + battles from revenge of the Sith such as the battle of coruscant, battle of utapau, battle of kashyyk, operation:knight fall, battle of the heroes, skirmish in the senate, palpatine’s speech, mission to mustafar, sense a plot to destroy the Jedi (ROTS/SOM) intertwined, padme’s funeral/ 332nd clones and post credits scene Vader arriving on a snowy planet. I know how all of the events in the timeline has made sense based on its fact which I don’t want to spoil. Overall great work

Help: Need ideas for <strong>Clone Wars Mandalorian Arc</strong> (3rd project)

Rise of the Shadow Collective

As Civil War Rages across the galaxy. Former Duchess
Satine Kryze, leader of neutral systems of Mandalore
wants the senate to not let the republic occupy Mandalore.

Meanwhile Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi is sent to lead this
investigation on Concordia about the death watch leading
with the separatists and how they’re a deadly threat.

Prime Minister Almec has sent one of his guards to seek
pre vizla governor of Concordia, true son of Mandalore plans to overthrow
mandalore’s corrupt government. In early plans Savage Opress and Maul seeks Pre Vizla and Bo Katan after the skirmish on florrum. Nevertheless, the Death Watch made allies with the Black Sun, Pykes and the Hutts
to remove Duchess Satine in power of the Mandalorian Government….

Well actually, Bo Katan and Vizla encountered Lux and Ashoka on Carlac when their ship crashed. Which I don’t want to spoil.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation (V3 Now Available.) (Released)

when I watched the had recreation of Star Trek l liked how put in the effect of stars of the galaxy by all means by the shuttle that leaves and in the Purist Edition I liked how you color corrected the aliens that are in space which were unknown. Overall, Good Work