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The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

EddieDean said:

I’m struggling a little on Scipio. It’s an easy episode from one perspective, because it’s a simple linear story. The only real issue is that it’s long, and loses a bit of momentum with some of the political stuff - I just don’t know if it’s good enough to deserve 70 minutes (my longest by far).

It does have good action, good Padmé/Anakin/Dooku content, and a a good focus on the state of the war for this point in the series. It’s just a bit dry for its length, despite a lot of it being relevant.

I’ve got three minor trims to make: (1) Making Anakin and Obi-Wan’s chat lightly reference Ahsoka, (2) a minor line about Padmé’s security, and (3) Removing a hint at the Sidious-Palpatine connection. But I might see if there are some earlier scenes I can cut outright and just cover via the opening text.


A few ideas that can be implemented is the bank transfer and raise of interest for the republic can play a great role into the banking clan refocused arc since it has a few accountable principles involved in this.

A New Hope: Retouched Edition (ANH:RTE) (<strong>FINALLY RELEASED!</strong>)

When I watched the retouched edition of a new Hope it was great with the Color grading of the tie fighters and the devastator.
Something that needs improvement:

  1. De-aged Owen’s Lars face to the actor who acted that character in the live action show Kenobi.
  2. Cut the line he died about the same time as your father as we knew that he’s been in exile for years.
Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

I watched the edit and I would say that this a V2 improved edition we were looking for but the one thing that I would keep is obi-wan dressed in a lab coat while he’s inside the lab on faith since it’s brings a bit of chemistry into this when he adds two or more reactants the bottle with the soluble water and the reactant starts to fizz up and cause a chemical reaction. This is in a scientific point of view.


When I watched your fanedit of Kenobi a star wars story with non-spoilers,as it brought more depth to the climatic scenes of the inquisitors, fortress inquistorious.

Things I liked from the show
I like how you cut Reva fending of Owen’s Lars Family/Chasing Luke Scenes
Shortened mercenary chase for Leia Organa scene
Ending of where Ben meets Luke at the end

Some things that can be improved a bit better
Cut Haja saying maybe a 1000 credits and I will show you some new tricks what do you of the force my friend( since he’s not the person there looking for).
Shorten out the devastator chasing the path insurgents.
Improve the scene soundtrack where Kenobi is served by his butcher lord.

Everything else looks alright to it, so great job Anjohan.