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Star Wars Episode III: Rise of the Empire (Revenge of the Sith ULTIMATE EDITION) WIP

You could use a few lines from the 3rd episode of the non-canon game lego Star Wars the Skywalker saga by redubbing Hayden Christisen lines to Matt Lanter line
Duel over Coruscant: My Powers have doubled since the last time we meet count
Another Happy Landing: what, how can you be on the council and not be a master?
A Terrible Truth: You wanted to see me chancellor, How do you know the dark side, I’m going to turn you over to the Jedi council, Master Windu, I just learnt a terrible truth I think chancellor palpatine is a Sith Lord, you need my help if you’re going to arrest him, Yes Master
Showdown on Coruscant: I need him, I will do whatever you ask.
Duel on Mustafar: padme, you turn her against me if you’re not with me then you’re my enemy, you’ll try, I should have know that the Jedi were plotting to take over, but my point of view the Jedi are evil, this is the end for you my master.

Sam Witwer: Palpatine
Duel over Coruscant: Count Dooku, Dew it
Another happy landing: I am appointing you to be my personal representative in the Jedi council, I think they will they need you, more than you know, the senate will vote to continue the war as long as grievous is alive.

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

Dude of course he is going to think of something about your thoughts

Thoughts about the politics of war

In Senator Amidala’s important line , you must ask the Jedi council to speak with chancellor palpatine about this matter. By the fact that the war can escalate by what comes in their way. Therefore, Master Skywalker says Don’t get me involved in this/that’s not my role Padme as its doesn’t the great deal to escalate the war as both of those line could be cut as it doesn’t have to do with this.

and other thing that has to do with the corruption of the separatists is that Master Anakin Skywalker normally said that let me get this straight, they seperatist belive they were corrupt but they’re wrong that is the reason why we have to restore order. Another reason the line Maybe talking to the Jedi council isn’t the role for you after all is that it doesn’t get anywhere near this plot as it would be a cut line.

As we all know that Senator Amidala knows that they need to end this bill as Teckla Minau is one of her aids who were doing what was rights.

I would rather by a Master e.g( Anakin Skywalker) than a Senator who has an aid as a preposition to what it has to do with politics. As Politics isn’t everything as they’re number of resources around the world (For Business and Profit).