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The Last Jedi: Legendary

No worries. You may have noticed I’m fond of the standard movie “things happen in threes”, so I’m probably grasping at that like usual. 😛

The scene itself is probably the one where Luke feels OT the most. Sadly, that flies in the face of the entire rest of the movie.

I’ll be watching this today, review coming.

Conceptually, I’ve always thought that Rey shouldn’t walk up and give Luke the lightsaber until TLJ. TFA, IMHO, would end perfectly if Rey and Chewie show up, immediately cut to Luke in his hut saying “Go away” Chewie blows off the door. The movie ends with Luke saying “Where’s Han?”, Which circle wipes to the credits. The line has more emotion in the same film as the death, gives us the OT payoff feeling TFA’s ending struggled with.

I’d then spend the first Luke scenes of TLJ with Rey trying to follow Luke around the island. Move the lightsaber handoff to after this, so that he tosses it. Then cut elsewhere. Next time it cuts back to Luke/Rey, they’re sitting and discussing “you think I’m going to come out with a lightsaber and face down the whole First Order”. Proceed as preferred.

Who knows though, maybe your edits will sway my opinion. 😉

The Last Jedi: Legendary

I’ve noticed a similar number of us here wish you’d included the Caretakers in some way so you could include the 3rd lesson scene as wanted the alternate release of Ep. 3.

I know you’re unlikely to do this officially with unfinished shots, but I was wondering if I could nudge you to release an “alternate workprint” with that single change implemented for pre-Ep 9 viewing? I won’t have my editing computer for a few months or I’d do it myself 😑

Thanks for the PM.

Best viewing order to introduce Star Wars to children?


JawsTDS Return of the Gout
Star Wars and Empire

Maul Fan Film

Hal9000 Ep 1
seciors Ep 2

Clone Wars original 2D. Adigitalman Single film version

L8wrtr’s Ep 3

Rogue One

SW Revisited
Empire Revisited
Jedi Schorman’s HDTV 2.0

I’d go theatrical 7 and 8 (if there’s an edit of 8 that adds the 3rd challenge with minimal other changes, I’d suggest that.) This is their generation’s Star Wars, and it’s better to let them experience the same as their friends.


I don’t understand why there’s no entertainment for the Emperor. No personal symphony, no bubble opera… Clearly the fight provides it. But before then, that room looks boring for an Emperor.

On that clip (the first one), drop the pitch of the “er” in “Mother” and “Do”. Also try and stretch “Do”, adding a fade out after adding reverb.

schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation

Clearly, your project is a huge undertaking and I appreciate the care you’re taking in getting this huge release ready. With that said - this is a question and a nudge I guess. Do you have everything that you’d need for the smaller encode with the hard-coded subs and English/Commentary only? Would you be willing to encode and release those while gathering the remaining materials for your complete Reference quality set?

Harry Potter Extended Editions

I thought I posted a review somewhere, but it doesn’t look like I did.

For Prisoner of Azkaban, I found two things that need fixing -
The scene following the trip to Hogsmeade. The dialogue from this deleted scene is also used in the following scene, when you can’t see the character’s faces. It’s the same explanation from Ron about all the different shops.

The common room scene after Black attacks includes a conversation about Crookshanks eating Scabbers, so Harry should already know. Later in the film, he asks what’s wrong and Hermione says “Ronald has lost his rat”. I’d just cut the theatrical piece here, and include the rest of the theatrical scene without that part (if there’s enough to keep, I can’t remember.)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Nightstalkerpoet's Extended Book Cut

Sorry guys, I no longer have access to my original version of this. However, after checking the available Harry Potter extended editions, I found that some of them needed some additional audio work and cutting.

At the least, I intend to put together a version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with fixes (one deleted scene includes dialogue that’s used in the next scene when the characters aren’t on screen, and one deleted scene contradicts one shortly following it - when Harry finds out Scabbers is gone. I believe this is best remedied by cutting the later theatrical scene’s beginning.)

I will also get a slightly smoother cut version of Half Blood Prince out sometime before the end of the year if I can.

You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best Version of Every Album - KISS Discography Project

With all of the Star Wars completionists around here, I thought there might be some KISS fans mixed in that could enjoy this. I’ve set out over the past few months to compile a complete set of Albums in their best available forms. After so many years here watching LD, CED, VCD, VHS, etc versions of Star Wars and seeing how incredibly different the experience could be, I found myself wondering if the same was true for audio recordings. Not only was it true, but the difference from one release to the next of the exact same album could be so different you’d think they were different recordings.

I heavily researched the KISS community opinion on every album, located the 2 favorite versions of each, then compared them myself (so yes, there is a small amount of personal bias, but I only varied from the general consensus on a few.) I’ve also completely reordered The Elder to make narrative sense.

As of now (I still have Symphony to work with and potentially reorder) I have the following set:

  1. (Self Titled) - Japanese P33C CD

  2. Hotter than Hell - Japanese P33C CD

  3. Dressed to Kill - Japanese 2013 SACD I re-mixed the intro to Rock Bottom to remove an annoying hum.

  4. Alive! - Mick E. Gee Vinyl

  5. Destroyer - Japanese P33C CD

  6. Rock and Roll Over - Japanese P33C CD

  7. Love Gun - Mick E. Gee Vinyl

  8. Alive II - Mick E. Gee Vinyl w/ Studio Tracks from Japanese P33C CD

  9. Ace Frehley - West German CD

  10. Paul Stanley - 95 UK CD

  11. Gene Simmons - Mastered for Itunes

  12. Peter Criss - Mastered for Itunes

  13. Dynasty - Japanese P33C CD

  14. Unmasked - West German CD

  15. Music from the Elder - Japanese P33C CD, Reordered and Mixed for Narrative flow by me. Escape from the Island from Killers Japanese PPD CD

  16. Creatures of the Night - Japanese P33C CD, War Machine (Remix) from Chikara Japanese P33C CD

  17. Lick it Up - US Remaster

  18. Animalize - Japanese SACD

  19. Asylum - US CD

  20. Crazy Nights - Japanese P33C CD

  21. Hot in the Shade - Mick E. Gee Vinyl, This was a tough one. The CDs are clearer, but since it wasn’t mixed well and many of the songs were just polished demos, I find that the vinyl evens the sound out nicely. The Japanese 2012 SACD is the best mixed and most professional sounding, but the feel of the album changed in doing so - the raw edge just isn’t there.

  22. Revenge - US CD

  23. MTV Unplugged - Mick E. Gee DVD

  24. Alive III - 1995 Australian CD

  25. Carnival of Souls - US CD

  26. Psycho Circus - Japanese CD (includes In Your Face)

  27. Symphony Alive IV - *NSP AC3 Mixdown/Remaster"

  28. Sonic Boom - US CD

  29. Monster - International Tour CD

  30. An “Album” of New Tracks found on Compilation Albums:
    Strutter '78 - Double Platinum
    Nowhere to Run - Killers
    Down on Your Knees - Killers
    I’m a Legend Tonight - Killers
    Partners in Crime - Killers
    Time Traveler - Box Set
    (You Make Me) Rock Hard - Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits
    Let’s Put the X in Sex - Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits
    Beth (Eric Carr Vocal) - Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits
    It’s My Life - Box Set
    Nothing Can Keep Me From You - Detroit Rock City Soundtrack
    Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio - Ramones Cover

My Elder Reorder is
A World Without Heroes
Just a Boy
Mr Blackwell
The Summons
Only You
Under the Rose
The Oath
Dark Light
Escape from the Island

My thought on Symphony reordering is:
Psycho Circus
Lick it Up
Calling Dr. Love
Let Me Go, Rock 'n Roll

Sure Know Something
Goin’ Blind

I Was Made for Loving You
King of the Nighttime World
Great Expectations
Love Gun
Do You Love Me
Shout it Out Loud
God of Thunder
Detroit Rock City
Black Diamond
Rock and Roll All Night

(Paul’s talking to the audience will be rearranged to fit the new song order, and recut to be appropriate for an audio only release.)

I’d love to hear any thoughts or opinions here.

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

Alright, ran through last night with your Ep 1 (this time to enjoy as opposed to pick apart 😉 )

Suggestions for TAS - lower the pitch of Jar Jar’s voice. It seems higher here, which accents the fact that he already has worse lines in this movie (not much you can do about the lines, “Mesa so smiling to seeing yousa”, “immediately emergency powahs”). You’ve done an awesome job making the two films flow.

I know you’re having some effects work done - any chance you could fix Anakin’s face after he says “I’m sorry, milady”. You’ve removed almost all creepiness. Here it lingers.

Flying through the fire is cool except… when they come out of it, there is nothing behind them to indicate they’ve just come from a red hot area. Made the flow of the chase seem strange to me.

With Possessions, attachments, compassion - by removing possessions, you’ve removed the standard movie trope of 3 things = comfortable payoff. By leaving only two, the scene becomes slightly awkward - since it’s an awkward movie anyway, I think this hurts.

The kiss would work great with a fade out. Fade completely to black silence. Then open to the next morning with Anakin on the balcony. Callback to ANH doing it once or twice, and makes it even more suggestive.

… I don’t know if there’s a different line that can be inserted, or something… but
I cringe every time I hear Obi-Wan tell the Prime Minister when they get up to check on the clones “That’s why I’m here”. He literally just spent the entire conversation explaining he knows nothing about what’s going on and is only there to track a bounty hunter.

schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation

I’d like to suggest you do 2 releases:

Your typical full bitrate, 30gb releases with multiple audio tracks, and soft subs.

DL-DVD 1080p AVCHDs, English Only, Hard-subbed Theatrically Accurate (or close to).

With so many of us being completionists these days, your preservations provide the best quality option available for the 2004/DVD masters- especially this V2. It seems a shame to me that your work is only really known to those within the OT community, and narrowed even further to primarily those looking for sources for other projects. Something along the lines of “Schorman’s 2004/05 Special Edition Set - 1080p” (~60GB total, as opposed to ~180GB).