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Return of the Sith -- Revenge of the Jedi : Episodes 1-3 & ROTJ (* unfinished project *)


Ahhhh, Return of the Jedi. I remember watching this opening day in the theater. I loved Star Wars so much that my father cut short our vacation fishing at the lake to watch it the day it came out. Memories.

As I grew older I just could not seem to enjoy it anymore, corny plans at jabbas palace, Han solo accidentally killing(?) the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Letting Ewoks with spears hold up a desperate mission to destroy the deathstar with the entire rebel fleet on their way! Luke had just killed like three sail barges full of people with no hesitance 15 minutes before.

I don’t want to pick it apart too much that steals the magic from it, it’s Fantasy/Sci-fi after all, but thems some mighty big plot holes and I cannot quit thinking about them when I watch the damn thing.

Then There’s the Prequel Trilogy. Too much to dislike in them so I will use one long word to describe them. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

Then I came across this wonderful forum. Daneditors ROTJ radicle re-edit to be exact, and was inspired to do my own. I have been quietly reading these fourms every day for months and You people here know your sh-t. Thank you.

So now, like many editors before me, I am going to do something about it.

The Plan:-

Condense the Best/Meaningful/Important parts of I-III into one movie. “Return of the Sith” and re-arrange ROTJ into “Revenge of the Jedi” to be viewed in machete viewing order.

Planned Changes:-


The Focus is on Anakin and his rise and fall.

Droids are now clone droids led by general grevious who has a very minor roll. Clone Troopers will now be Stormtroopers. No Jar Jar, Dooku, or Yoda with Lightsaber. And will remove as many cgi characters and animals as I can this will be an extreme cut but I think I can pull it togeather. Darth Maul may make the cut (HA!) and Jango may be recoloured to be Boba we’ll see. My goal for running time is between 1:50 and 2:30.


The goal of this edit is to remove Cheese and Ewoks. It’ll be hard. I will move yoda to the beginning of the movie. Leia acts on Jabbas palace because she has no time and has to reunite with the alliance. after Yodas death Luke feels her in trouble and goes to rescue the whole bunch. Boba will not die, or even be there if I can Help it. The Rebels land on endor at night/predawn. Luke leaves because vader has sensed him. He then Runs into Obi-Wan on his way to Vader. Ewoks are Cut. The Battle of Endor commences. Luke realizes who his sister is during vader fight when Leia gets shot, Celebration/Vader Pyre/Tell Leia the News/More Celebrating. ~fin~


Any tips, advice, help will be needed and greatly appreciated. Thanks

Updated Current Status

1-1-15 Ripped Blu Rays to .m2ts using Movie Rescuer, Started this Topic, Started cutting the fat from the PT using Wondershare Video Editor.

Return of the Jedi: Radical Re-Edit (Released)

I know I'm bumping an aging thread but, I came across this post a few days ago and have been intrigued by what I have read. In fact I cannot stop thinking about the possibility to have a ROTJ without all the terrible aspects.

Do you have any updates on this project. I Wish you luck in this endevor and I would love to see your Workprint.

I have read the last 6 pages and would like to throw in my two cents.

Luke and Leia related: They pretty much have to be.

Leia and Lando went to Jabbas While luke was finishing lightsaber He senses Leia in trouble goes to yoda. Yoda scene - tells him there is another. No Ben Scene to tell him so it is still up in the air. Early movie plot point to think about. Who is this other Skywalker? But you kinda know from the telepethy between themin ESB. Luke gets to Tatoine to find 3PO and then sends the droidsto Jabba Luke goes in. Jabbas scenes less boba fett and rediculosness. Bosh should get into palace no hassle. Luke should get a hassle. It would be cool if luke arrived on a speeder.

They meet with rebels, Luke isnt late.

Chewbacca should be in charge of the mission. And it should be Kysshhk instead of Endor. I think it could be done you can use line from Christmas special when they get there HAN "I Know your familys down There" Luke leaves as soon as they land to head off vader because he knows he would be looking for him. And Vader should get to Kysshhk just before the reunion with the rebels

NO EWOKS-- There is no way with the fate of the entire galaxy on the line is Chewie gonna set off a meat trap, And then a group of firece rebels are going to let themselves be captured. And what happens to all of the other troops they landed with? WTF it makes no sense it should be fast paced they are going to land get to the bunker blow it up, the fleet is on the way. The empire has to know they didnt land at a base, Luke tuns himself in they go searching, Did anybody think they were going to leave the planet in the same ship they landed in? It's more like suicide. They should get there at dark just turning light luke leaves  back to it.

right after Luke  leaves he runs into ben in the woods for a breif moment, lukes pissed and starts I thought you said...... make it short, safely annonomus, he digests it ben fades away but you hear him bury you emotions deep down luke.....

At the same time or just before The Ben Scene. Vader gets to death star. I think this should be the first time vader is there, Emporer is pissed because of the first death star and failure to capture Luke. So he barges in chokes out jerjerrod chokes out the royal guards Emporer says I thought i told you to get back on the command ship. You don't need the scene at all where the Deathstar is not on schedule. Vader goes to Kysshhk.

Cut the speeder bikes and ewoks get to the bunker maybe throw a break to them scoping out the bunker. I read you needed an excuse to put Fett in the Bunker. Here it is. Your friends are walking into a trap,next scene enter the bunker Fett is in there. To quote Ackbar "It's a trap"

Please don't use Jangos Voice it's Blaspheme.

Leia Getting wounded is what prompts Lukes Outrage. He can't bury his feelings like Ben told him too and he just realizes its leia when she's shot thinking about everything

Sidious line EP3 At last all the jedi are gone might work right before luke tosses saber.

If you did get rid of them being related the other could be Anikin!

Vader can talk to the Emporer earlier in the movie with the hologram from SE ESB because the original was way better and then you can use the lines from ESB and the first Emporer vader conversation.or overdub your own script. And send him to Kyssshhk (Endor) around the same time luke goes. It should be made clear the emporers dissapointment with Vader. He's looking forward to Luke.

Awsome ProjectHope I Didn't write too much.