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NON-Star Wars Fan Edit and Alternate DVD Covers SHOWCASE
Wow Rikter

Those Serenity covers look great. I love the simplicity of the top one, but the second one also looks good, especially the back image.

The official cover is just so lame. Unbelievably bad. It says nothing whatsoever about the movie and is simply designed to appeal to the lowest common demoninator (ooh look - a sci-fi space action movie with big explosions).

I wish all of the talented people on this board were designing the covers for real as a living. The fact that fan-made covers in a number of cases are so much better than by 'professional creatives' being paid to do this says a lot.

And you know the other thing I really like about the fan-made covers...


I don't need Ebert & Roeper telling me they gave a movie two thumbs up, or the San Francisco Gazette to tell me it's "a triumph" to make me buy a dvd. I detest the four stars, 3.5 out of 5 marks (I've seen this for real on a cover - can't remember which), 27 Who Cares Award Nominations method of marketing a DVD. Put those details on the TV or magazine ads if you must but don't sully the fine artwork of covers with them. Even Lord of the Rings DVDs required people to be told how many Oscar nominations it had.

Okay, enough of the rant. Rikter, I look forward to printing out the cover(s) and replacing my Serenity cover with something much better.

Did you ever see the European poster styles - I really liked the coloring of these:

Serenity European Poster 1
Serenity European Poster 2
Serenity European Poster 3

Oh yeah, the Dune Fanfiltration Landscape cover is gorgeous. Love the style of the Star Trek In Thy Image DVD - does anyone have hi-res printable covers for the entire Star Trek movie series - I always preferred these more subtle UK-style covers for the movies as opposed to the US movie poster ones.
Info & Offer: 'Tis the season...
Oh wow. I can't believe the amazing generosity of folks on this board. In a world of greed where people sell this stuff on ebay for up to $100, the fact that people step up here to give these away still amazes me. (warm fuzzy glow moment )

For whatever reason, I came late to the party, but after watching Superman II recently, I discovered myspleen and Rikter's fantastic RIC and then everything else SW, Criterion and Trek.

So now I'm playing catch-up and trying to give back what I'm taking at the same time. Its fairly slow going, so bwlag, I shall be sending a PM requesting some things. I realize I'm new on the board so probably low on the priority stakes, but even if I can only get one thing from your collection, it will be one less thing to have to wait a week for on myspleen.

If anyone else here wishes to share/trade, please PM me. I have about 10 things on bwlags list. I'm going to go research PIF to find out how that works, and see if I can help others that way once I have a few more things.
Superman II and Superman III extended
Originally posted by: Benny
MAn am I ever excited reading this forum. I just can't stand watching the DVD versions of these movies that I have. They just seem so empty compared to the versions I remember from TV when I was a kid.

I recently discovered the joys of this forum, myspleen and the amazing generosity of everyone. I just wanted to second that comment above. The editing, extended versions etc of the movies I have got so far has been incredible - a real breath of fresh air. I'm going to comment more on some of the amazing work by everyone later, just wanted to drop by and say hi.