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***The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread***

Erik, I received my discs earlier this week. THANK YOU. You Rock. This is the first chance I've had this week to express my gratitude to you.


Yes, these Special Features discs really are as good as everyone else here has been saying they are.

The menus are really really nice.

I've scanned through the content and the transfers are nice and clean. As Andy said, the trailers being in one place is good.

I haven't gone looking for the easter eggs yet. Oh, and the cover art is good too.

EditDroid team - WOW. You guys did a fantastic job.

And as promised, I'm now offering 3 sets as PIFs to anyone in the US who can PIF them onward. I will also throw in the Editdroid trilogy as well if you need it. I'm not sure whats on those - if its the mono mix or not. I had originally got them from MySpleen, and as that site is down right now, I can't check the details.

Let me know (PM) if you would like a set, and I'll post your details here so people know who to contact for the next stage of the PIF chain.

It may take me the better part of 10 days to get the sets together as I process the discs around the rest of my life, but you will get them.

EDIT : 2 sets left
Originally posted by: maurice2029

Sometimes I will have to convert something from a 320 by 240 file to a fullscreen DVD file... you will know that with this, you will be able to count the pixels...

Now I have got to find out how to convert some swf files to video. I have download 5 different converters but they all can't handle the 3 swf files I would to convert to video.
How about including a DVD-ROM folder of the actual avi/swf files etc as well ? It would be nice to see the videos without any scaling. I'd like to be able to see the video clearly, even if only at 320x240.

Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Harlock415
This is my first go at a cover. But since I got my DVD Recorder and VCR combo, I've transfered this PBS special from tape to disc.

I'm kinda hesitant to put too much on the back of it since the artwork is so nice.

Very nice Harlock415. I think its perfect as it is. Any chance of a hi-res version. I don't have the disc but would like this cover ready if I ever get hold of it.

Originally posted by: GhostAlpha26

I really enjoyed the montage/trailer with the Requiem for a Dream Remix by Clint Mansell I love that song, I made my own montage of Bruce Lee set to that song a while ago and it always gets me going listening to the score, the song is perfect for literally any type of trailer or the like.

Indeed it is. It has just been used on the trailer for the new Dany Boyle film 'Sunshine'. It is an excellent piece of music.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Jambe has done with it on RTJ

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Does anyone have a copy of the hiphats DVD set mentioned at the beginning of this thread.

I now have bahax's original cut (thank you bahax), and hope to get dark jedi's HD2DVD transfer.

But I'd really like the hiphats version with all of the criterion extras.

Finally - Ash595 - are your covers available anywhere (I know you're still working on a cover for dj).

Or does anyone else have any CE3K covers?

The Keep fan edit...?
Originally posted by: mr-bridger
I know its taken a week but isn`t the anticpation good

any suggestions for next upload ????

condorman from anchor bay release

The elminators VHS transfer

House of the long shadows VHS transfer

Bloodbath at the house of death (kenny everett) VHS transfer

MegaForce PAL laserdisc transfer
Whatever happened to Mr Bridger? I was looking forward to releases of Condorman and MegaForce.

Does anyone else have these transferred to DVD ?
.-The Matrix Hacked-..:Completed:.
Doctor M

I received the discs - just sorting myself out to arrange PIFs on them - coming this week... Fantastic edits Dr M. Thanks so much.

Boon - great cover - a nice change from the black/green. My only comment - personally I think the 'A DR M release' would work better at the bottom of the page in the black, allowing Trinity's face to dominate the page. Overall though - excellent - looking forward to seeing the Revolutions cover.