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Original Star wars vhs

Wikipedia says:

The Australian Classification Board was created in 1970 to classify or rate all films (and later in 1994, video games) that came into Australia. In the early years of the system, beginning on November 15, 1971, there were four ratings:

G for General Exhibition, carried over from the previous ratings system
NRC Not Recommended for Children (previously X, A or Not Suitable for Children. This later became PG for Parental Guidance)
M for Mature Audiences (Previously SOA or Suitable Only for Adults. This later became M 15+ from the late 1980s until 2005)
R for Restricted Exhibition (later became R 18+ in the late 1980s)

Australia is weird.

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes

oojason said:

^ the link doesn’t work anymore mate (as well as a few pics on the first few pages of this great thread).

Quality work and content on your - nice one, and for the blog too 😃

Thanks 00J! As for the early pictures, Google changed everything about how sharing works between when I started and now, then I moved them from my personal account to one specific for this so there’s many reasons why they’re broken.

The Last Jedi: The De-Feminized Fanedit

TV’s Frink said:

doubleofive said:

Everyone in the movie is partnered with a woman at all times. There’s no way you could get 45 minutes, let alone make it coherent. It would be the Kylo & Hux show and last all of 7 minutes.

It’s a troll, without a doubt.

If you read the details it doesn’t say it removes every single scene with a woman, that’s more a function of the clickbait-y headlines about it.

And I’m sure it’s not coherent if it is indeed real.

To be fair, I never actually saw the article, only screenshots of it, which enhanced my suspicion.