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BedeHistory731 said:

doubleofive said:

KurganX said:

If adywan isn’t incorporating Rogue One into his edits, is he going to incorporate The Mandalorian?

I don’t care either way, just curious…

What would he incorporate?

Boba Fett not dying?

Oh yeah, not that Adywan needs to change things to match, but to NOT change things he already has planned. I see now.

Approaching Star Wars canon

I mean, isn’t that’s why they call it “Legends”? Like the point is LFL officially saying “this may have happened, it’s up to you”. I’m not against them publishing New Legends books because the average fan doesn’t read the books anyway, but it makes sense for them to just keep in the New Canon timeline.

Hell, think of it like Star Trek and the Kelvin Timeline. Legends is a parallel timeline.

Han Shoots First - Any valid reason to not have Han shoot first?

jedi_bendu said:

In an seriousness, I disagree with the change but I do understand George’s motivation behind it. He didn’t want Han’s easiness around shooting because he felt threatened to be considered ‘cool’ or whatever

I just don’t understand how having them shoot a half second apart (then a quarter second, then a twelfth second, then at the same time) changes anything about Han’s appearance or motivation. Han still puts his foot up to block Greedo’s view. Han still plays with the wall to draw Greedo’s attention away. Han still pulls his gun out of his holster and change his entire mood once he has it out. He’s not doing any of that “just in case”.

If Lucas wanted to re-edit the meaning of the scene, he should have re-edited the entire scene. The single (now two) added shot changes less than nothing.

With all the changes to the OT, how come Lucas never fixed the Speeder scenes in ROTJ?

Except for Jedi Rocks and the Sarlacc Beak, almost none of Jedi was touched in 1997. A couple of recomposites, no new wipes, nothing like the amount of work they put into ANH and ESB. However in 2004 they recomposited the Rancor, so I would assume either Lucas is fine with the way the speeder chase looks or just didn’t want to spend the money.

George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

NeverarGreat said:

George Lucas: When writing the movies, I tried to make sure that aliens and droids got killed, but not people.

Paul Duncan: A lot of stormtroopers died.

George Lucas: That’s right, but you didn’t know they were people. We did kill three humans and that was unfortunate. I was always bothered by it.

Paul Duncan: When was that?

George Lucas: On the Death Star, when Han and Luke go into the prison with Chewie to rescue Leia, they shoot three Imperial guys. The guards drew their guns and fired first, but it’s still a shame.

Paul Duncan: Really?

George Lucas: Yeah, we very consciously didn’t kill very many humans in those movies.

Paul Duncan: What about the stormtroopers? They look robotic, but they’re not.

George Lucas: How do you know what they are?

Paul Duncan: Did you have a different idea of what they were?

George Lucas: Yeah, they started out as clones. Once all the clones were killed, the Empire picked up recruits, like militia.

This is so strange to me. Are aliens and clones not people to George? Besides, what about everyone Luke blew up with the Death Star? I guess as long as we don’t see their faces, their death doesn’t count. And what about the good dozen Rebels gunned down by Stormtroopers in the first scene, or Captain Antilles who had his neck crushed, or crispy Owen and Beru…

Like, I don’t want to say this flippantly, but this seems like an artist in willful denial of the content of his art.

The guards do not fire at all, and one of them doesn’t even pull his gun out of the holster. He doesn’t remember anything about them because he doesn’t care. To be fair, he shouldn’t, because they came out 40 years ago, but he MAKES us care by changing it every few years.

Fett's Voice - the changes, similarities &amp; differences

The difference is that now he’s actually trying to sound different.

“It was a conscious choice,” Morrison says. “I thought, every now and then he hit some tonal qualities where, hey, he has been scarred. He has been affected internally, as well. So without sounding too false I wanted to bring a little gravel in there to give it a bit of timbre.”

While for the 04SE they called him on the phone and had him record dialog at his house with no thought or planning on his part, as far as I can tell. So he just did Jango. I so wish he’d thought to make Boba sound different than Jango back in 2004.