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Single Pass Regrade of Grindhouse ESB (Released)

stretch009 said:

Dreamaster said:

Laserschwert said:

Right now I’m trying to decide if I should just release it as is or spend a lot of time making a LUT for WillRob to re-encode his source with.

That’s easy. Release it as is for a Christmas present during the two week freeleech on the spleen AND release the other one later on.

Here here! Ditto!

Project #4K77

Wow fellows, loved the video samples.

Dre. Really appreciate seeing the rebel soldiers Blue shirts again, and that sample is very much Technicolor-Like. Nice!

Looking forward also Williarob, to seeing a slightly reduced DNR sample, like the other forum members have mentioned here.

“Blackout”, Thanks for the comparison video, you can really see the difference in there.

Project #4K77

Really like the “Full Color and Contrast” look, but the “Compromise” look, isn’t a bad middle-ground look either Dre.

The real Technicolor movies of the Silver Screen era, were quite saturated and had a lot of contrast. Your video sample was very much Technicolor-Like indeed, and a joy to see.

Keep up the miraculous work Dre!

You are a Jedi (Video Editor) Master!

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

Williarob said:

I love “making of” books and documentaries, so I wanted to share how I put the stars back in Star Wars, as some of you may find it useful or interesting:

Part 2 will be the pandown, which was relatively painless, part 3 will look at the Flyover, which as anyone who has attempted it will tell you is not easy at all, and part 4 will look at the Lucasfilm Ltd logo, Long Time ago title card and the Fox Logo, assuming I ever get around to editing the remaining hours of footage…

Very interesting Williarob. Looking forward to the other parts.

Topic - The Official Thread

RooBee said:

Guys… what do you think of this?

They just announced it. I mean, come on… that poster… Mike’s talkings with Disney… Could it really be true? With an announcement of the release of the whole trilogy next year to celebrate ANH?

PS: I’m too dumb to insert pictures in here… / *done, thanks to Dek… ^^

Where did you initially find this information?

Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars 1977 - Color Adjustment Project for v2.7 (released)

Dat_SW_Guy said:

Wow, again, it looks like I watched Legacy Edition (But, that thing is sharper 😛 4k Quality.), and the negatives look awesome! But I think you fixed the sandcrawler…right?

(and is AVCHD in the spleen as a torrent? Just askin.)

The AVCHD is on MySpleen dot org, as a torrent, yes.

I hope the Mods don’t mind my telling you about that site. If so, please delete this particular post, and if so, I do apologize.