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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Honestly I think we should keep the stormtroopers line.
Every movie has “awkward Star Wars moments” and this one is no less an offender than the iron from TLJ or the Ugnauts playing keep away in ESB.
TPM had “are you an angel”
ATOC was pretty much the whole movie
ROTS had “your shorter than I expected”
RO had weird tentacle monster
Solo had the what are you saying exchange in the maelstrom
ANH had “pick up your visual scanning”
ROTJ had Jedi Rocks
TFA had dramatic “wrong fuses”

Dinner Time - post a meal for each Star Wars movie...

The Phantom Menace: A power greens smoothie, the nourishment is in there somewhere.
Attack of the Clones: A power greens smoothie… again
Revenge of the Sith: A power greens smoothie, now with fruit.
Solo: Lettuce
Rogue One: A homemade veggie burger
A New Hope: An actually good burger
The Empire Strikes Back: A power greens smoothie, it won’t go away.
Return of the Jedi: A steak burger with a great bun.
The Force Awakens: The same burger as before but somethings off.
The Last Jedi: The rest of the ground beef with whatever can be found in the kitchen.
The Rise of Skywalker: A power greens smoothie.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Honestly with Mustafar the Battlefront II footage would work without the Star Destroyer in the sky. If there was a way to paint that out it would work great, but with it, continuity gets broken with the other shots around it, since no destroyer is in the sky anywhere and no shadow is seen that would be there. Also the ground is a different color in the battlefront footage.

I don know… maybe its just me that can’t unsee it, but I also play Battlefront II like always.

funny thing (and please understand I say this in jest) remember when we laughed at other editors using Battlefront II footage? Granted they didn’t edit it at all and it looks terrible, and what has been done here looks way better and close to seamless.

Oh where this movie has brought us.