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A New Hope: Theatrical 1977 stereo mix vs. 1993 stereo mix

These are a few changes that come to mind. I’m pretty sure these weren’t in any previous mix but if I’m wrong someone can correct me. It’s actually been a while since I last properly heard the 1993 mix.

One of the flashes that lacked a sound effect during the opening shot now has a sound (may have been in the mono), spark noises when the Jawa attaches the restraining bolt to R2 (also maybe from the mono), some laser-like noises added when they come out hyperspace into the remains of Alderaan (right when and after Han says “what the…?”), TIE Fighter laser sounds added to the blasts just before the fighter passes over the Millennium Falcon (before Luke says “it followed us”, I may be confusing this one with the SE), the aforementioned glass noises in the detention block shoot out, different sound to the laserbolt that shoots past Luke after Han says “either I’m gonna kill her or I’m beginning to like her”.

These I know were in or originated from the mono mix but added to the 1993 mix. First there are some additional rumble heard outside the door of the Tantive IV as the rebel soldiers await the stormtroopers (also in the SE). Second the loud mechanized noise heard in the compactor just before Luke resurfaces the final time is hear twice, once about a second or two before the second time but at a lower volume. All other stereo mixes including the SE (to my knowledge) use the effect once.

I also think this may have been the first mix to use a different sound of the explosion of the TIE Fighter shot down by the Millennium Falcon but I could be wrong.

Info: Mike Verta’s 4K Restoration - May 2020 Livestream

StarkillerAG said:

crissrudd4554 said:

As I said, it’s only continued speculation. I don’t personally think it’s about George’s wishes. That doesn’t mean my view is correct, it’s just my own view of the speculation.
As I said it’s their property.

But when the chief of the Lucasfilm canon department, one of the most important people there, basically states outright that it’s because of George’s wishes, it stops being speculation and starts being fact. I don’t see how there can be any more debate after what he said.

Because he didn’t say George and keep in mind we’re talking about a Tweet from like 3-4 years ago, before Disney bought Fox. If Disney hadn’t bought Fox, Fox would still have control over ANH. Disney owns the whole property now. Does this have anything to do with the OUT?? Most likely not but at the same time it’s easier to say “we’re not gonna do it because…” when at one point it doesn’t look like they’ll own the whole thing than to say that when they do.

Again I don’t see anything with the OUT happening any time soon but until I get an official confirmation that clearly says, not hinted, George Lucas is the reason it is not happening even though he more or less sold it all away back in 2012 and basically has no control over it anymore I will continue to chalk it up to speculation. Sorry for those who disagree with me.

One last thing. Restoring and releasing the OUT would only be disrespectful to George’s wishes if his preferred cuts became obsolete which even in a unlikely reality of the OUT being released again would not be the case. If anything it’ll be an optional cut in a future set with his preferred versions (if physical media is even still viable by then) or as others suggested something exclusive to Disney+.

With or without the OUT, George’s preferred versions aren’t going anywhere. Not to mention, and others have brought this up as well, if George was really adamant that the originals never see the light of day again he wouldn’t have released the GOUT. Yes they were outdated non-anamorphic transfers but they were released with his (begrudging) approval. Again as long as his preferred cuts remain the default versions and it’s not his money being put into it I really don’t think George cares at this point if the OUT is restored.

Info: Mike Verta’s 4K Restoration - May 2020 Livestream

CMMAP said:

To my understanding yet, not like the original negativ that was used in the camera but pretty close to this.
Here is an example of a shot from the SE 97 and in comparison his restoration:

SE 97


That first shot isn’t from the SE.

DavidMDaut said:

My point is merely that if Disney really wanted to release the original films they’d have done it by now. As people inside Lucasfilm have indicated, the primary obstacle to an official release is Lucas’s wishes. Some have interpreted that to mean it’s a contractual obligation; I find that unlikely. I think it’s simply a calculated trade-off.

Whatever Disney estimates they could earn from a release isn’t worth losing having Lucas in good (enough) graces to occasionally show up for the opening ceremony of a new theme park land or maybe drop in at Star Wars Celebration. In other words, they’re willing to risk alienating him over the direction of VII, VIII, and IX, but not on a home video release of the original movies. To me, that says all that needs to be said about how Disney estimates their value.

I really think people are overestimating this whole “they aren’t doing it out of respect to George” angle on the situation. First off no evidence blatantly spells out that’s what it is. You can refer to KK’s or JJ’s vague comments but they don’t exactly spell out its George. There is Pablo Hidalgo‘s Tweet from 2-3 years ago where he said something like “only one man is preventing it and he doesn’t wanna do it at this time” or whatever but again we don’t know for sure he means George. Maybe he was referring to a Disney higher up. Who knows??

Which leads me to my second point. It’s Disney’s property. George sold them LF, they bought out Fox, basically everything and anything SW is there’s free and clear. If they wanna do it they are well within there rights to do so. Frankly I think they haven’t done it because it’s just not a priority to them. They wanna sell you the new Trilogy and new TV shows, etc. If you ask me there probably in enough heat with George cause of the ST that releasing the OUT probably won’t even seem as big an offense to him at this point. I really don’t think he cares. It’s not his money anymore.

No matter what way you spin it it’s all speculation. Granted do I think if it was meant to happen it would have by now?? Yes. I definitely am in the boat, albeit begrudgingly, that feels it’s just a dead issue at this point. What we’re getting with these fan restorations is probably as good as it gets at this stage. Would I like to be proven wrong?? Sure but I have to be true about where it’s at at the moment.

4K restoration on Star Wars

Broom Kid said:

This probably isn’t a great sign when it comes to any future physical releases of Star Wars

The article makes room for possible Star Wars releases still, but it really sounds like Disney’s about done with physical media, period. No catalog releases going forward. No promotion for the catalog releases they’ve already got.

If you were waiting for a 50th/60th anniversary box-set, you might never stop waiting.

Maybe, maybe not.