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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
negative1 said:
DF Shadow said:

^^ Wow the thought of SW finally on bluray one day excites me - but the thought of it simply being the same versions only in higher Q sucks.

I don't have faith in GL to give the movies the proper care and treatment that Adywan has been doing.


Anyway back on topic............lol......

what exactly are you waiting for?

adywan has already released a 1080p color corrected version(with a few fixes) of

'star wars', and 'the empire strikes back' for free...

there's a whole thread about those versions..

there is NO NEWS about any of the movies being released in hi-def or blu-ray...




Speaking of Star Wars on blu-ray, my guess is that there will be lots of new edits and tweaks. But this time it would be done properly. George and Lucasfilm aren't stupid. With so many good fan edits it would be rather embarrasing not to fix the movies, again. color corection, lightsabers, sound, fx shots etc


Star Wars: A New Hope (Completed)
mrbenja0618 said:

It will be Ep. 4 and AOTC


And then Empire, and Revenge, with a few elements from AOTC that I'll be eliminating for the Ep. 4 edit.


Then, ROTJ, ROTS, and elements from TPM.


I have it all pretty well mapped out.


I'm also color grading all prequel material to give them a somewhat aged look. I always felt like the prequels felt more advanced; so I wanted there to be a distinction.

Sounds most excellent


Star Wars: Renascent *** NOW AVAILABLE!!! ***




Opening from AOTC where Senator Amidala is attacked

Opening crawl

Tantive IV take over, Leia and R2 walk away from each other as the droids leave through the escape pod and Leia is captured. We can assume the other rebels are dead.


I just watch the old reborn trailers and they are brilliant. I really like the dark feeling of everything, the dark colors and turned down brightness, dark music etc. The new and old scenes blends togehter perfectly.

In my opinion not using the opening crawl and Williams upblown(when it is upblown and joyful) symphony score benefits the movies alot. A long time a in galaxy far, far away gives just the right feeling. The title with be a good thing to have but without the crawl and Williams music


I'm surprised that no one has done anything like this(mixing original with prequel) before. It's the perfect way for a more darker and epic story.

Also, are you not cutting any scenes out of the original? You're just adding prequel scenes for a much longer movie? Imho but I think it would be a lot better if some parts of the old story is cut out.

Well, this was my thoughts for now. Good luck with the project!

THE STAR WARS SAGA - 1080P AVCHD DVD-9 for PS3 &amp; Blu-Ray players - Episodes 1, 4 &amp; 5 available now
adywan said:

Well the rendering is done and it looks pretty good. i've decided to keep the framerate at 23.976 instead of 24fps because some older TVs can't handle 24kz so this one should be more compatible. So here is the specs for ESB AVCHD:



 What is the difference? And do you even see it?

And the commentary tracks, is it the SE or the old one?

THE STAR WARS SAGA - 1080P AVCHD DVD-9 for PS3 &amp; Blu-Ray players - Episodes 1, 4 &amp; 5 available now
adywan said:
budwhite said:

So is it Ian's voice in the new emperor scene? The old emperor never bothered me but the old voice is pretty lame

No. It's the original Clive Reville voice becuase these versions are the pre-2004 theatrical SE versions



I knew that, my bad. Mixed it up with the revisted version