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Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Released)

I know that I’m late to the party, but I’m here to provide a chapter list for just the Blu Ray compatible ISO version of this presentation. You’ll recall that the previous version in the MKV container with the 4.2.2 color space had an encoding glitch at the end of the film just before the end credits.
From that ISO file, I took the six m2ts files and joined them into one m2ts file via TSMuxer and I got this running time…
So, based on that running time, I took the readings of my chapter stops from the hh:mm😒s:mm clock from MPC-BE, and here it is. Just copy and paste.

01 00:00:00.000 Opening Logos
02 00:00:27.291 Main Title/Opening Crawl
03 00:01:55.032 The Ice Planet Hoth
04 00:04.15.297 The Rebel Base
05 00:08:18.749 Escape from the Wampa
06 00:10:06.148 Closing the Doors
07 00:12:47.977 Obi-Wan’s Instructions
08 00:15:05.656 Search Party
09 00:16:19.814 Luke’s Recovery
10 00:18:10.091 Imperial Probe Droid
11 00:19:36.719 The Imperial Fleet
12 00:21:13.441 Preparing for Battle
13 00:23:48.221 First Transport Away
14 00:25:39.332 Battle In the Snow
15 00:29:19.260 The Tide Turns
16 00:31:19.130 Rebels in Retreat
17 00:33:27.592 Escape aboard The Falcon
18 00:35:45.062 Leaving for Dagobah
19 00:36:41.118 The Empire in Pursuit
20 00:38:23.471 Asteroid Field
21 00:40:26.635 Crash Landing on Dagobah
22 00:44:09.525 Hunting the Falcon
23 00:45:57.800 “Found someone, you have”
24 00:50:02.837 Interuppted Kiss
25 00:52:06.335 The Emperor’s Message to Vader
26 00:53:46.894 Yoda’s Hut
27 00:57:06.970 “This is No Cave”
28 01:00:24.629 Jedi Training
29 01:03:09.290 Braving the Tree Cave
30 01:05:14.665 Bounty Hunters
31 01:07:38.767 “There is No Try”
32 01:12:50.663 Out with the Garbage
33 01:16:00.144 Seeing the Future
34 01:17:45.332 City in the Clouds
35 01:18:51.690 Meeting Lando Carlrissian
36 01:22:01.672 Leaving Dagobah
37 01:24:43.332 Leia’s Concerns
38 01:26:48.209 Imperial Surprise
39 01:28:13.836 The Deal gets worse
40 01:32:42.062 Carbon-Freeze
41 01:37:25.805 Luke Enters The Trap
42 01:39:23.088 Confronting the Dark Lord
43 01:40:42.501 Lando’s Second Surprise
44 01:42:48.377 Lightsaber Duel
45 01:45:58.984 Escape from Cloud City
46 01:48:13.744 Vader’s Revelation
47 01:52:33.963 Falcon to the Rescue
48 01:54:17.983 The Empire Closes in
49 01:58:11.592 The Rebel Fleet
50 02:00:22.348 End Credits

Here is a different format that you have to cut and paste to a .txt document:

CHAPTER01NAME=Opening Logos
CHAPTER02NAME=Main Tile/Opening Crawl
CHAPTER03NAME=Ice Planet Hoth
CHAPTER04NAME=The Rebel Base
CHAPTER05NAME=Escape From The Wampa
CHAPTER06NAME=Closing The Doors
CHAPTER07NAME=Obi-Wan’s Instructions
CHAPTER08NAME=Search Party
CHAPTER09NAME=Luke’s Recovery
CHAPTER10NAME=Imperial Probe Droid
CHAPTER11NAME=The Imperial Fleet
CHAPTER12NAME=Preparing For Battle
CHAPTER13NAME=First Transport Away
CHAPTER14NAME=Battle In The Snow
CHAPTER15NAME=The Tide Turns
CHAPTER16NAME=Rebels In Retreat
CHAPTER17NAME=Escape Aboard The Falcon
CHAPTER18NAME=Leaving For Dagobah
CHAPTER19NAME=The Empire In Pursuit
CHAPTER20NAME=Asteroid Field
CHAPTER21NAME=Crash Landing On Dagobah
CHAPTER22NAME=Hunting The Falcon
CHAPTER23NAME=“Found Someone, You Have”
CHAPTER24NAME=Interrupted Kiss
CHAPTER25NAME=Vader’s Message from Emperor
CHAPTER27NAME=“This Is No Cave”
CHAPTER28NAME=Jedi Training
CHAPTER29NAME=Braving the Tree Cave
CHAPTER30NAME=Bounty Hunters
CHAPTER31NAME=“There Is No Try”
CHAPTER32NAME=Out With The Garbage
CHAPTER33NAME=Seeing The Future
CHAPTER34NAME=City In the Clouds
CHAPTER35NAME=Meeting Lando Carlrissian
CHAPTER36NAME=Leaving Dagobah
CHAPTER37NAME=Leia’s Concerns
CHAPTER38NAME=Imperial Surprise
CHAPTER39NAME=The Deal Gets Worse
CHAPTER41NAME=Luke Enters The Trap
CHAPTER42NAME=Confronting The Dark Lord
CHAPTER43NAME=Lando’s Second Surprise
CHAPTER44NAME=Lightsaber Duel
CHAPTER45NAME=Escape From Cloud City
CHAPTER46NAME=Vader’s Revelation
CHAPTER47NAME=Falcon To The Rescue
CHAPTER48NAME=The Empire Closes In
CHAPTER49NAME=The Rebel Fleet

Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)

Molly said:
I suspect someone got a C&D because word about the Silver Screen Edition got around too fast and it was traced back to this site.

I agree with that suspicion.
On their starwarstrilogy page, it did say that “there will be no more new releases under that name .”

Perhaps, another group will continue -1’s work.

“There is…another.” ('sorry, couldn’t resist that one 😃)

Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)

Perhaps the next time that a BD compatible ISO file is created from a film print, each m2ts file can be devoted to one reel of the film.

That way, when us old guys watch the video, we’ll notice the 2 bright flashes of a small circle on the top right of the screen and know that a new reel is about to come up. Then, if there is a blackout between the change of the 2 m2ts files, we’ll pretend that the drunk projectionist was slow in starting to play the next reel of film.

That effect will add to the grindhouse atmosphere 😃

Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)

Robino said:

Lasz said:

Well, the color and contrast look amazing already!

However, I did notice some quite noticeable light streaking on the far right side of the frame almost throughout the entire sample:

Is this present on the film or did it get introduced in the scanning process?

These artifacts are not part of the film print and were introduced by the acquisition device, in this case a DSLR camera.

It is called “CMOS SMEARING” and it happens on very bright areas of a CMOS captured image.

Some cameras are better than others but in this case it’s pretty bad unfortunately.

Just so that the previous scan won’t be a total loss, you can use portions of it as an extra feature in this current project. The shots of the light sabers and the engine burners on the backside of the X-wing/Y-wing fighters are enhanced by the unintentional light smear from the digital camera, giving the shots a sense of surrealism.

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

ScruffyNerfHerder said:

bishabosha said:

At the end of the training remote session with Luke talking to Ben, what are the green ovals in the top right with white scribbled lines for?, in the last sentance or so before you cut to the Death Star board room

I think those are just reel change markers. It’s something we no longer see in digital projection, or on home video, but would definitely be present in 1977. See for more info.

Hope that helps. 😃

Or you can watch this scene from TV’s “Columbo” … 50:01)

…when the detective gets a crash course in reel changes. This is where I learned what that bright colored oval flashes were. 😃

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

team_negative1 said:

Aquabat said:

This is awesome. Any chance of a version above 25 GB? 25 GB is a little small for a 1080p movie; especially one with grain. Criterion releases of grainy movies are regularly 40+ GB.
There are no plans to release any versions bigger than 25 G, due to negligible differences in quality.

Also,most people don’t have double layer bluray burners or media.

Team Negative1

And you have to now consider Ultra HD Blu Ray Discs that are hitting the market (a dual-layer disc can hold up to 66GBs). It’s only a matter of time that recordable UHD Blu Ray Disc will be available. So, presenting your next project in GBs above 25 should be considered.

In the meantime, anyone that downloads a video that has this said amount of data, or more, can just store it on a portable hard drive or even on a flash drive. Those said storage devices can be plugged, via USB port, to a Blu Ray player and it will play the videos. That is how I have done it for the past year and it has worked out well for me.

During this time the person can still enjoy the HD content from the storage device until UHD Blu Ray blank discs become available and he can then burn the content to that disc.

So, we encourage you, team negative1, to present your next project in the best quality possible without compromise. If it is 80GB, so be it. We can handle it.

Info: Alien DC Project ... an UPDATE. (Released)

Jetrell Fo said:
Would MP4 be more desirable than DVD?

Regarding the betacam footage: If this will influence your decision, since, I presume, the picture/audio quality on analogue betacam is less then even DVD quality, then MP4 would be acceptable to me. There is no sense in using up memory for material that is not DVD quality.

I would download the video on a USB external hard drive and play it on my LG DVD/Blu Ray player. That is simple for me-quick and convenient.

Alien/Aliens Color Regrade (a WIP)

I’ve contributed a post in the 4.1 sound thread of this forum that I would like you and all Alien fans to read.

It’s in regards to a sound mix in one specific scene in the film that appears only in the 2-channel Dolby Surround version.  I’ll have links to playable audio WAV files to help explain this.

Info: Alien Anthology - Dolby Digital 4.1 Surround

I would like to mention something that I’ve noticed in a scene from the movie where the sound mix for that scene is different in the various versions of the film.  This scene occurs around 40 minutes into the film, where the Nostromo crew discovers that the alien blood acts like acid and burns through several desks downward in their cargo ship. 

I feel that the best way to explain this example is to use several links to playable audio WAV files to help illustrate my point.

Now, we all know that Alien’s music track contains not only portions of original music for the film, but also music from another film, Freud (1962), both of which were done by Jerry Goldsmith.

In this link is the music cue from Freud that was used in said scene.

Here is a portion of the original music from Alien that was intended to be used in said scene.

At the point in that scene where the crew has just entered into another deck, trying to find where acid-like blood is coming from, we hear both the Freud music cue and the Alien music cue mixed together.

In this audio file is a recreation of how the Freud and Alien music cues are merged together in the finished film.

6 seconds into this file, the Alien cue begins over the Freud music cue.

Finally, this file contains both music cues with sound and dialogue as it is heard in the final 2-channel Dolby Surround sound mix from the film.  In this audio demo, the scene begins with Dallas saying, “Next deck!” over the image of the melted toe of a space boot and ends when Ripley says, “its stopping!” The sound level in the Alien music cue is lower than the level in the Freud Music cue, so, you would have to listen carefully to the former.  This sound is from Fox Video’s 3-disc 1992 LaserDisc release.

My theory is when the sound mixers where re-doing the reel of this scene they forgot to remove the magnetic stem reels containing the Alien music from the reader. I guess since both pieces of music are modernist, this mistake just went over the director and the other sound mixers that were dubbing the movie.

I’ve studied the sound mix of that scene in the 4.0 surround mix of the film on the 2003 DVD release.  In the front left and right channels, the Alien music cue is greatly minimized because you would have to strain to hear it over the Freud music and the other sound elements.

However, in the rear left and right channels, the Alien music is present, not the Freud music, over the ambient ship rumble sounds.

The actual sound in the rear channels was lower than the front channels so I had to increase the rear channel sound levels drastically for this file to demonstrate.

Perhaps, after all these years, the filmmakers realized that the Alien music cue in that scene remained and they did their best to remove it or, at least, minimize it when preparing for the DVD.  I suppose they could have re-dubbed that scene, making sure not to add the Alien music cue into that scene, but why didn’t they?

I wonder if this leakage of the Alien music in that scene occurred in the rare 70mm, 6-track mix?  It would be interesting if we can find that out, so that we can get some further insight on what procedures went on in preparing the sound mixes for the various versions of the film at the time of its theatrical release.  It would be great if someone who has possession of an audio rip of that 70mm, 6-track LaserDisc version could post an audio of that scene so that we call all check it out.