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I need help with Star Wars 4k77 1080p from MKV files, SRT files?, to ISO file...

One of the MKV files, “03-TN1LFL” (that 10-second “Team Negative 1” Logo) has an AAC audio codec and it is not compatible with Blu Ray. The audio codecs on the other video files, DTS and AC3, are Blu Ray compliant.

One option would be to change the AAC codec on the video to an AC3 audio codec. Use the free software, Handbrake. Just load that video and select in the audio tab, AC3. As a result, it will give you a MP4 video of the TN1 logo with an AC3 audio bitstream. Save the MP4 video under the same title, “03-TN1LFL” and replace the MKV version (don’t delete it, just place the MKV version somewhere else). Then, try building your Blu Ray ISO again.

Good Luck

1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project

poita said:

If someone would like to check the proxy scan for missing frames or other issues, please drop me a PM.

Speaking as one of the monetary donors of this project, I would much like to have the first release of the SE’97 be grindhoused—with skipped-frames, reel-change cue marks on the upper right-hand corner, faded color, random dirt spots of varying sizes, dried-on adhesive marks, with a “pop"y and static optical soundtrack…

…and a cherry on top over whip cream.

Empire Strikes back 35mm restoration feedback thread (POUT)

poita said:

fmalover said:

The frame I am most curious about is the one where Luke is recovering inside the bacta tank with Han, Leia, Chewie and 3PO watching. That scene looks so different from one edition to another that I don’t know which one is the correct one.

This shot?

(Note this isn’t from the print, I just want to clarify which shot you mean.)

Although I do not know @fmalover personally, I’m going on the assumption that the said shot is the one he’s referencing. He had created a thread here…

… that you, @poita, participated in.

It involved this frame…

…from’s 70mm cell page.

Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut in HD

digitalfreaknyc said:

I know the differences. That’s not what I was asking about. Did you read what I wrote?

I am sure that you are aware of it, @digitalfreaknyc

My post was for the benefit to the others, on this forum, who may not be aware it…
…despite how well you have described the importance of getting a capture of this version.

Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut in HD

This link is a comparison between the theatrical cut and the director’s cut.

The long and the short of it is this:
The director’s cut is approx. 69 seconds longer than the theatrical cut and there are scenes exclusive in the Director’s cut. However, some scenes from the theatrical cut have been extended and others have been trimmed.

Amadeus - Theatrical Cut Restoration 1080p (V2)

joefavs said:

So I just attended a screening of Amadeus with a live orchestra at Boston Symphony Hall, which was fucking amazing, of course. Anyway, to my surprise and utter elation, they showed a good-looking DCP of the theatrical cut that appeared to be sourced from the same master as the director’s cut blu-ray. Did it get an official release recently, or do we know if there’s one scheduled? I want to throw money at it if at all possible.

Did anyone, here, make an audio cap of any of the “Amadeus-Live-to-Projection” concerts? Adding that concert audio to this project would make it a great enhancement–especially with the crowd reactions on it.

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Release Details and Updates)

From my reading of maxpower91’s request, he is looking for the version of the release print of ESB with one audio option–the 2-channel optical soundtrack. This version would be called, “Renegade Grindhouse ESB.” Unfortunately, since the source is a theatrical print, there are about 3 seconds of footage missing. Since the audio is stored on the print, sound from that missing footage would not be heard.

If you can’t get access to myspleen, search the torrents or usenet and make note of the following information:

  • That the version, you are looking for, is released before 2017, as that was when Dreamaster made his GOUT-sync’d version of the same release print.

  • Avoid an AVCHD version with multiple audio streams that are out of sync.
    You can read about that here:
…beginning with the post from July 18, 2016, from BobaJett.

These are just a start. I am sure other members can give you more information.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

KimmieParker said:

I’m not sure if this is the right thread for what I’m about to say, so if there’s a thread for something like this, please point the way!

Rewatching ESB for probably the 50,000,000th time, I actually noticed something weird about one scene in particular. Right when Darth Vader says “No, I am your father”, pay close attention to him. I can’t really describe what it is, but it’s the way he moves as he says that immortal line. It’s very subtle, but if you look closely, you’ll notice it.

I’m not sure if that’s David Prowse moving with the rushing wind or if it’s something from the editing process. And the only thing that comes to mind seeing him move like this is that it could probably be something called the “forward-reverse technique”. I say that because it reminds me of when the technique was used for the scene in that godawful “Batman & Robin” movie when Robin comes out of the water and goes right back in again. Only with ESB, it wasn’t as colossally (and painfully) obvious.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who sees this or if I’m just rambling about nothing, but if anybody has the answer to this, I sure would appreciate it because I keep thinking it’s a Special Edition change until I watched the Grindhouse Edition and noticed the subtle movement there. So I’m guessing it’s been there since 1980. So really, my question is what the heck it is?

I, too, have noticed that shot.

This “rock and roll” trick was discussed, lightly, on the “Empire of Dreams” documentary, but for a shot in ANH. At the 56:03 mark of the documentary, editor Paul Hirsh said that he had to “rock” the final few frames of a medium shot of a Tusken Raider “back and forth” so that the shot appears that the sandperson was raising his weapon-stick up-and-down several times instead of just raising it up once as it was originally filmed.

Getting back to Vader and ESB, my theory is this: given what we know of that shot, David Prowse in the Vader suit says the line, “obi wan killed your father” during the filming. To keep Luke and Vader’s blood relations a secret, the shot was kept intact throughout the post-production stages until James Earl Jones reads Luke true parentage. Using dramatic pauses between “I…” and “…am your father” in Jones’ delivery, the filmmakers like the reading but they didn’t want to edit down the recording, so the editor extended the shot to fit the recording by using the said “back and forth” trick.

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD !!!MKV and AVCHD v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Molly said:
Also didn’t Williams rerecord the fanfare for RotJ?

Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra recorded the Fox fanfare during the scoring sessions of ESB and it was introduced in that said film. It is this same recording that is used in RotJ and the prequels.

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Release Details and Updates)

Tommaso21 said:

Hello, i’ve downloaded an iso containing The Empire Strikes Back 35mm print, it’s called ESB_Grindhouse_1080p_BD_Compat. I’m trying to sync the audio tracks from Harmy’s depecialized edition and subtitles from ProjectThreepio-v100 but the m2ts video contained in the iso doesn’t seem to be GOUT synced. Has anyone found a solution to this?

That is because the source of “ESB_Grindhouse_1080p_BD_Compat” is from a release print that has 3 and a quarter seconds worth of footage missing from the GOUT version.

Your best bet is to find Dreamaster’s color corrected version of ESB-Grindhouse…

…where he has sync’d the release print to the GOUT, so that you can load your audio options of choice from the Despecialized Edition to ESB-Grindhouse.

One member, here, made this discovery.

schlanske said:

I found a Version on a french tracker (YGGT0RRENT) and it worked great.

-> Star.Wars.V.L.Empire.Contre.Attaque.1980.TN1.Dreamastered.v2.MULTI.VFF.1080p.PCM.DTS.HDMA.x264-Foxhound

Google is your friend.


Help with Silverscreen Edition Download Issues

There’s always usenet. Here’s some info to start you off:

Density said:

I signed up for a one week unlimited free trial (that doesn’t even require you give your credit card information) from, and I downloaded the free usenet client SABnzbd. With that, I was able to download this whole thing in about an hour with an average speed of around 10 Mbps without paying a cent.

Density said:

  1. Make sure you register with a usenet provider. If you don’t want to pay get a free trial from a service like the one I mentioned.
  2. Follow the instructions at the following link to set up SANnzbd and link it to your server:
  3. Go to a site called binsearch and search for “SSE.”
  4. Check the box next to what is currently the second link listed (should be about 36GB and say 1.6) and select “create NZB.”
  5. Open the NZB file you just created with SABnzbd.
  6. Wait for it to finish downloading, verifying, and unpacking.
  7. And you’re done.

Speaking from myself, a guy that didn’t know anything about usenet two years ago, this worked out well for me. Just do the work in the research.

1977 70mm soundtrack recording

@ GZK8000:
My thanks to you for your open praise. Assuming that you have already checked-out my 8 other audio-sync projects, both Star Wars and non-Star Wars, that are on the same place that you got the 2 that you have (just search for them under my username on that site), I’m all Star-Wars-OT’d out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the idea at the time to sneak-in a tape recorder into a theatre and make these recordings. So, my thanks to the members for not only having the b*@&# to do that, but also in saving them, and for making them available, here, and on the website of the organ.

SilverWook said:
I’ve seen snippets of Halloween on youtube with a 1978 audience going nuts.

I would love to have the recording to that in its entirety. I haven’t seen the film in a long time because I’ve worn out my enjoyment over it. Having that InTheater audio sync’d to the movie would give me a good excuse to revisit it.

I’m hoping that these uploads will inspire you, all, to look through your attics or any other hidden cache for any other audio In-theater screenings of other films that you can upload. If you want someone to sync them to the video for you, PM me.
If you own such recordings and you want me to sync them, I have no problem with your being the uploader/presenter. All I ask is that you credit me as the sync’er.

1977 70mm soundtrack recording

Just a heads-up:

I’ve GOUT-sync’d morgands1’s InTheater 70mm stereo audio recording and released in the website of the human organ.

Unfortunately, the print that was shown during that screening had missing frames, so audio from the GOUT would be missing. For those instances on my .wav file, I put silent patches on them.

In between the scenes where the Falcon escapes from the Death Star and the TIE fighter attack, there are 4 unintentional edits on them. Since the GOUT audio that is missing on each edit amounts to under 2 seconds, I’ve managed to leave audio for these sequences untouched. This point in the audio stream is like a demonstration on how magnetic tracks sound when they are rejoined together. Depending on the skills of the projectionist, the patched film slices can leave no “pop” sounds on the edits, unlike would you would hear on the optical tracks from a 16mm or 35mm film print. This was the case, here.

Here is one other demo of a good patch-up job on a mag track. This one is from the screening of the limited-release cut of TESB, also captured by morgands1. It’s the Wampa sequence.
• 0:00 - 1:53 - In-Theater recording. Edit occurs at the 0:37 mark
• 1:55 - 3:57 - Same scene with the missing audio occurring between the 2:33 and 2:39 mark. Source: 1985 Beta Hifi, P&S, Dolby Surround videotape.
• 4:00 – end - The In-Theater recording and the videotape audio sync’d together—In-Theater audio in right channel, ‘85 videotape audio in left. Missing audio revealed in the left channel at the 4:38 mark.

I’ve also GOUT-sync’d L.Meyer’s DC InTheater audio recording (that was submitted here by BrianM) and released that on the said website.