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Here are a few screenshots comparing the official blu-ray, the original SD version of ANH:R and the new HD version. As you can see i’m sticking pretty close to the shots in the original SD version of ANH:R (impossible to exactly recreate the shots without all the original elements and project files). Some shots though will be different . This will be due to a few reasons, but mainly because i wasn’t able to do / fix something when i first worked on the edit or because the original elements used just don’t look very good in HD. In the case of the R2 canyon shot, for example, the AOTC Blu-ray is so soft and digitally scrubbed ( not to mention the new awful colour grade used), the Tatooine elements that i originally used just don’t look to good and pretty fake/ cartoony. Plus i was never really happy with that shot in the first place.

The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations

Valheru_84 said:

I think you just nailed it perfectly Dre with “cinematic inbreeding” being the most efficiently accurate way of explaining the ST’s constant borrowing and repurposing of the OT along with a near constant appeal to nostalgia in so much that the latest trailer uses pretty much half of its runtime for actual OT and PT footage with the OT footage itself making up around a third of the total runtime.

So a 9 film saga trailer (even though its more of a sizzle reel exclusively for D23), that shows clips from the films in release order (ending with new clips from Ep9) , uses a third of its runtime to show the OT (3 films out of 9 turns out to be a third 😉 ) and this is supposed to show how Disney is constantly trying to appeal to nostalgia?


Here is a quick look at the opening shot of ANH:RHD. The one good thing about having to start everything from scratch is that i am able to utilise sources that were not available at the time, like HD scans of many of the original Matte Paintings. Plus i have learned a great deal since i completed ANH:R, so i am able to fix a few things that i wasn’t able to fix first time around. It would have been impossible to accurately recreate the original version anyway.

Fixed the misaligned flash effect on the Stardestroyer…

And fixed the background issue with the trooper…


Omni said:

dahmage said:

Omni said:

Adywan, Projects 4K77 and 4K83 are definitely 4K. They have less detail than the 1080p BluRays, but they’re absolutely 4K.

Adywan clearly meant that the visible detail level is less that what is already in the 1080p blu-ray, which makes sense as one is from negatives and the other from old release prints.

Sure he did, but he said “even the team would admit these aren’t 4K” and… well, they most definitely are.

No they are not. Just because they are scanned and released in 4k doesn’t make them 4k. Theatrical prints hold between 720p and at max 1080p worth of visual information. The team behind the 4k releases captured the film at 4k to try and squeeze the last bit of detail they could out of the prints. They did a damn good job, but they can’t magically produce detail that is on the negatives that isn;t present on an old theatrical print. The only way they could be 4k is if they were directly scanned from the negatives in 4k or above.

It’s a bugbear of mine with all these 4k commercial releases that are just upscales. It may be in 4k resolution but if the source doesn’t have the resolution to begin with, it’s not 4K. It’s so misleading and causing people to claim that 4k is a waste of time because most of what they are seeing were never even mastered @4k. The BBC here have been releasing old Doctor Who episodes on Blu-Ray from old TV broadcasts. 1080p, yet the source was 480p. And they’re calling them HD. They’re even going to release ones in UHD. It’s madness


doubleofive said:

Are you still making a new Cargo Shuttle so Vader and the Emperor aren’t using the same ship as the “Parts and Technical Group”? I imagine if Vader lands in his fancy shuttle then the next shot is a Cargo Shuttle we won’t habe the “did they wait till morning to take off?” confusion.

Yes, i’m still making a new shuttle.


Tantive3+1 said:

Hello, adywan

Will you be restoring C-3PO’s line: “There’ll be no escape for the princess this time”?

In ANH:R the dialogue was edited to “There’ll be no escape this time”. Probably to fit in with the PT.

NO, it will be the same as in the SD version of ANH:R

benduwan said:

there is a wrong cutting at the run of the tantive.
first the troops run through the door an then they in the hallway. at next they are at the door again.
see it at 3:55.

Those errors were already fixed in the original ANH:R

emanswfan said:

Has Ady said much yet about the Death Star battle for ANH:R HD?

I’m wondering since I really enjoyed it in the original version, but I do feel that it could be improved with using 3D renders of ships or even better, model footage of ships instead of moving around 2D images. Also maybe redoing some of the special edition shots as the CGI doesn’t exactly hold up compared to the ships in Rogue One.

ESB:R seemed to be a drastic improvement in VFX work over the already impressive ANH:R, so I’m expecting some significant changes.

I’ll be using CG this time around for the background ships instead of the 2D approach. Although it was only AFTER i mentioned that i used 2D images to create the background battles that anyone started having problems about it 😉

Dat_SW_Guy said:

A random thought, but is it possible to remove the blatant Ronto blocking the speeder, while keeping some of the newer elements (like the improved shadow under the speeder) in the panning wide shot right before they stop at the cantina?

I have no problems with the Ronto in this shot. I will be however fixing the problem that the SE created by cutting off the bottom of the landspeeder

RoccondilRinon said:

Also, not sure if Ady has answered this, but is the Imperial March being kept in the Death Star reveal, given the full march treatment of the Death Star theme in Rogue One?

The Imperial march will still feature in the Death Star reveal. The reveal however will be different from the SD version of ANH:R

Tantive3+1 said:

Since the PT won’t be relevant to OT:R, which canyon matte will be used for this shot that R2 travels through for ANH:RHD?



The matte for ANH:R was made to match closer to what Tatooine looked like in the PT.

It will be an all new matte as i no longer have the original files, so have to remake it from scratch. But it won;t look like the one i did for the SD version

Darth Lucas said:

Rogue One attempted to fix this continuity error by giving ponda a similar arm to the severed one shown in the Jedha scene.

Ady, I wonder if thats a change worth implementing in ANHR:HD? To change ponda’s hands BEFORE the arm is severed to match as opposed to changing the arm on the ground.

Would provide better continuity with Rogue One as well.

Replacing his “flippers” in the previous shots would be an almost impossible task. It would be fine if he didn’t move but there’s too much movement to be able to shoot new “furry” hands and accurately match the movement to the original. But it still makes more sense to have Evazan’s arm be the severed one as Ponda doesn’t even go for his gun in the sequence, Just Evazan.

Matt.F said:

I showed ESB Revisited to a friend a few days ago, and noticed the resolution more so this time than when I first watched it nearly two years back.

I have a 75" 4K screen and so it is pushing the image harder than most but I think the more our eyes become accustomed to watching 4K content the more you notice when the presentation is lower def. Just like the moment came to most of us who’d amassed an old VHS collection, where you’d take it to the charity shop because you realised you’d stopped putting the tapes in the player after becoming used to clarity of DVD.

Adywan, I don’t know if you’ve gone too far down the road with 720p to change direction now, but if there is the potential to use the 4K source for either SW:R or ROTJ:R then I think that would be really wise - as the ‘last gen’ feel of 720p is a gulf that is only going to increase in the coming months and years. I don’t think keeping them consistent with ESB:R is a good reason not to as has been suggested, as intentionally hobbling something to bring it ‘down’ to a lower quality would be self-defeating. Technology is moving on and the longevity of the Revisited project would be better served with 4K. At the time of their release fans may have to choose between watching the best edited version (Revisited) or the best looking version (4K), and it will be a compromise. Star Wars fans have long had to compromise on owning the version they really want, and it would be nice to have one that is finally perfection!

Adywan, I know you prize presentation and always have good reasoning, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and the challenges around Revisited 4K?

I’ve had a lot of people mention that i should be using the 4K77 & 4K83 releases for my edits. Although the team behind them did a great job, even they would admit these aren’t 4K. I’ve been comparing them with the Blu-Rays since they came out and, for the most part, they hold less detail than the Blu-Rays. 4k83 also suffers with the problem of a lot of lost detail in the dark areas. Then there is the problem of blown out highlights. There are a few parts that are better than the blu-ray so i have been able to utilise those where needed ( ROTJ where the film goes badly out of focus during scanning and replacing SE shots with the originals). The Blu-rays are also a lot more stable, which is a must when adding effects to a scene. Trying to stabilise it also only partially works. But the biggest reason is that i would have to be insane to use all the original footage. I’d have to try and redo ALL of the recompositioned shots that they did for the SE’s. Without the original separate elements that would be a HUGE task and would increase my workload greatly. People think it takes me too long to do these edits as it is, can you imagine the compaints when i double the work i’d need to do. Sure, the blu-rays have their problems, but they are still the best source for me to work from

Even if they release 4k official versions i still wouldn’t be working in 4k. render times are bad now, even worse when i have tried doing the work i do in 1080p. 4k would be a nightmare. ESB:R is 720p so the rest of the saga will be the same. I get loads of complaints off people because it takes them too long to download the 8GB versions and i’m going to get even more when i release the 25GB Blu-Rays. Hosting these files is a big issue. While uploading them to usenet is fine, they need to be re-uploaded when the retention runs out and most people refuse to use usenet

I have a 4k 70" LG TV and ESB:R looks fine on that. It’s got a great built in upscaler and this is something that a lot of TV’s & players lack. You’re also watching a highly compressed 8GB version of ESB:R at the moment until i can do the Blu-Ray.

720p is fine. If i catered to the people who have 70inch+ 4k TV’s then i would be catering to such a small margin. Most people have 1080p HDTVs that aren’t any bigger than 50"

exitzero said:

You don’t see in 4K-

I wouldn’t trust getting technical information from this guy. He spouted on for ages about how Samsung 4k Blu-Ray player was faulty because it screwed up the HDR colours in X-men apocalypse. Even when people said that it played fine on their TV’s using the same player. He then used a Sony 4K Blu-Ray player and claimed it was fine. He refused to believe that the problem was with his old LG 4K TV not decoding the HDR correctly. He had the exact same TV as someone i know and i have the exact same Sony player that he has, so we tried it. The colours were still messed up going through that player unless we switched off the HDR, yet were fine on my TV.

It also depends on the 4k content people are viewing. Most stuff available at the moment are just uspcales, so when compared to their blu-ray counterparts, there isn’t a noticeable difference. But watch something like Lawrence of Arabia in 4k and compare that the it’s Blu-Ray counterpart and the difference is very noticeable. A persons vision is also a major factor and viewing distances etc.


The donation drive is going well. Thanks again to all who have contributed so far. We’re just over £1700 away from reaching the target. If we can hit the target by the end of this month, as a small thanks you, i will upload a clip of the redone Obi-Wan/ Vader duel from ANH:RHD

Now onto the first part in a short series of posts where i explain some of the changes i will be making for ROTJ:R.

In the scene in which the images below were taken, their dialogue , for one, doesn’t make much sense with what we see on screen. Leia says" The main entrance to the control bunker is the far side of that landing platform" This isn’t going to be easy". To which Han replies" Hey, don’t worry. Chewie and me got into a lot of places more heavily guarded than that". Well that wouldn’t be difficult because there is nothing or no one down there apart from the landing platform. And the only activity is the shuttle leaving. Which comes to the other problem. The scene directly before this is the scene at night when Luke faces Vader on the landing platform and is taken away to the shuttle. It’s the same landing platform and it makes it look like they were just sitting around in the shuttle for hours waiting for daylight.

It’s interesting though when you read this scene in the original novel (see picture below) .

"The Strike squad crouched down behind a woodsy ridge overlooking the Imperial outpost. Leia viewed the area through a small electronic scanner.

Two shuttles were being off-loaded on the landing platform. Several Walkers were parked nearby. Troops stood around, helped with construction, took watch, carried supplies. …"

Now that fits in perfectly with what they are saying on screen. Even though Han’s dialogue is slightly different, it’s still basically the same as in the film. This is the type of thing we should be seeing on screen at that point, so that is what i will be doing, using a mixture of physical models , miniature sets and digital FX. It’s going to be a heavily guarded place 😉

70mm print of the pre-SE Star Wars film on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

Fang Zei said:

ChainsawAsh said:

I thought ESB and ROTJ were still the “4.2” six-track?

Maybe someone can chime in and clarify this.

Apocalypse Now was the first movie to be mixed in 5.1 when it was released in August of ‘79, less than a year before Empire’s release. It’s possible they kept mixing Empire and Jedi in the older 4.2 configuration since the 5.1 format hadn’t become the standard yet.

ESB & ROTJ 70mm both had the 6 track dolby stereo mix



The final ever large donation drive is now on.

Now that the B-Wing Pilot shoot is well and truly out of the way and the colour grading is complete on ANH & past the halfway stage for ROTJ, I can now get down to work on all the models, miniature sets, costumes, props etc needed for theses edits. Along with creating those, there is also the Endor Rebels shoot that needs things creating for it (costumes, props etc). So it’s full steam ahead now Sadly having to start from scratch for the HD version of ANH is a bit of a pain, but at least not many things need creating for that edit. But it’s a different matter with ROTJ.

Over the next week or so I will be making posts going into detail about some of the changes/ fixes planned for ROTJ:R. One of the things that really need replacing with miniatures is the Millennium Falcon mattes in the Home One hangar (along with the whole hangar matte).

As I will now be working at a scale of at least 1/48, these are going to be a LOT bigger than what I created for ESB:R, but the extra detail is needed when working with more close-up shots.

After being able to sell a few of the items that I put up for grabs recently and with money I can personally put into it, the needed target for the donation drive is just over £4000

So what will the money be used for? Well every penny donated does directly to material only. No one will ever profit from these edits. So , for example, things like catering and the travelling expenses for the B-wing live action shoot, came out of our own pockets and no donations were used. Things I will need to purchase is LOTS of Silicone, resin, paints, glue, MDF and other wood materials, amongst many other things. Doing these donations drive enables me to purchase materials at bulk, instead of being able to only purchase small amounts when I have available funds. This save a Hell of a lot of money on postage costs alone. As I usually purchase the silicone/ resin materials from the same place, this can save hundreds on postage and bulk buying discounts.

Then there is something that is really needed: Drive space. As you can see in the pictured below, space is becoming limited. With my 2 6TB External hard drives used up containing the backup of all the files for ESB:R, I need to get a few more for the backups of ANH:RHD & ROTJ:R as I go along. Then there is the space needed to create these edits. So I need to replace the smaller internal hard drives with newer. Much larger ones. Doing two edits in HD at once really eats up space.

As this is the final large donation drive we will ever be doing , the prize for the donation draw is the biggest one we have given away yet.
One lucky winner will receive one of the full costumes that was created for the B-wing Pilot shoot for ROTJ:R

The costume consists of pilot vest, belt, gloves, a genuine ANH-H-15 pilot cap (modified slightly with softer ear covers and to fit both larger and smaller head sizes) , Flight Suit, chest plate and pilot helmet. The pilot helmet was created for our Blue Two pilot, but sadly we lost Jen due to a scheduling conflict , so this is the only thing that wasn’t used and also has the orange visor that was created as a test to see how the dying process would look. The only things missing from being a full suit are the Gaiters , boots and the rectangular box that goes on the belt. These are things that didn’t need creating as they wouldn’t be seen on screen, so a waste of money.

Because I had to make various sizes of the flight suit for the shoot, the winner will have a choice of sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL. The vest, belt and ejection straps are all adjustable so will fit most sizes.

There will be 2 runners up prizes . Each will receive one of the B-Wing chest boxes used in the shoot.

For each donation of £10, you will receive a ticket that will go into the final draw. The more tickets, the better the chance. If you donate on more than one occasion, then the total you donate will be added up and divided by ten to give your ticket amount.

So how can you donate?

Well there’s a new way of donating thanks to Paypal’s new Money Pool. If donating with GBP, then Paypal doesn’t take any fees from the amount, unlike going through the donation button as before. So if you can donate using GBP then that would be a great help. But if you can’t then this way they still don’t take a huge amount off for their conversion fees. You can donate through the Money Pool using this link:
If you can’t for some reason donate through this link then you can still donate by clicking on one of the Paypal donate buttons on the right hand side of the Revisited Wordpress page here:
When donating can you please include your name soi I can add you to the end credits for ROTJ:R please.

Once the donation target has been reached, then it will closed. The prize draw will take place shortly after than and winners notified straight after

Thank you to all who have supported me over all these years.

P.S. Don;t worry if the Money Pool page says “Penny Sayce”. The Paypal account is in my wifes name and i took it over but i am unable to alter the account name

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

For a so called “professional” editor, he makes rookie mistakes with this edit. If you are going to change or remove something you have to make sure it doesn’t impact or contradict anything else in the film. This one makes some huge errors. Ackbar for one. We see him getting blown up and then he magically reappears later. All the TIEs are destroyed yet one magically appears to shoot Finn down and then disappears yet again. He removes Rose saving Finn but then suddenly he’s dragging her back to the base and she’s injured. Well how the F**K did that happen? He removes Leia using the force to save herself, but now she’s magically back in the ship after getting blown out. And where the hell does Holdo go?

How anyone can heap so much praise on this is beyond me. It’s obvious form the start that this guy is using bootleg versions and clips ripped off the internet. If he was using the blu-ray then he would have had the deleted scenes in their correct framerate. As it stands in this edit the deleted scenes and footage taken from the other films (Ackbar) have a different framerate and look a bloody awful, jerky mess. Surely a professional editor would know about framerates and could see how bad using footage that has a different framerate would look on screen without even attempting to alter it? This guy wanted money to produce this yet couldn’t buy a copy of the blu-ray to make sure his edit is the best possible quality? Does this guy have no pride in his work or does this prove that this was nothing more than a money making exercise?

This guy has a serious problem with women. It’s obvious with this edit and it blatantly obvious from looking at his youtube channel.

The voice dubbing is terrible too. Not even an attempt to have the new dubs match in with the original soundtrack. The guy doing Luke sounds like he’s too close to the microphone and speaking quietly so people in the next room can’t hear him. Luke’s character changes so much between the dub and the original. And the new dialogue is BAD. Ackbar sounds nothing like the version he promised in his preview clips. Now he sounds nothing like him.

The audio mix is also bad. When overlaying the new music, why didn’t he just use the centre channel for the dialogue and replace the sound effects to the left/right channels instead of using a stereo track so you can clearly hear the original music mixed in with the new?

This guy broke all the rule of fan editors and put the whole scene in jeopardy. When the people behind Anaxar caused the copyright holders to crack down when it became apparent those guys were directly profiting from crowdfunding, it seriously harmed the Trek fan film community. I just hope this doesn’t do the same for the Star Wars one or fan editing in general.


I did try to explain on some of the comments on the facebook page that something is throwing off my regrade on the comparison shots that have a strong cyan tint in the blu-rays. Whether its something to do with how the site recompresses the video or what it was i don’t know. But the whites had a yellowish tint in places that is NOT on the files i’m working with.


Sail Barge and The Emperor’s Arrival Comparison Video:

This is how the colour grading for ROTJ:R is getting on. This really does show just how bad the grading of the official Blu-Ray for this film is. It goes from having magenta tint/ over saturated reds to a heavy blue/ cyan cast that, in the opening shot of the TIE’s approaching the Death Star, has completely wiped out any of the other colours that should be there. The swicthes to oversaturated blues and a heavy cyan tint that makes the stormtroopers etc no longer their true white colour. Cyan Scoutroopers?


Kingj3489 said:

Hey everyone. Can somebody please help me find the Xvid version of ANH:R? I’ve failed for days to find it and am losing hope…
It’s the only version that correctly has Ponda Baba’s arm severed. I don’t know why Adywan changed that one. If someone could help me I would be so grateful.

It was changed for 2 reasons.

  1. Ponda had hoof/ flipper like hands. You can see this clearly in the Cantina. So none of them hand the furry hands

  2. Ponda doesn’t even go to draw his weapon at the moment Obi-Wan strikes. the ONLY one to draw their weapon was Dr Evazan. So it should be Evazan’s severed arm on the floor

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

LordPlagueis said:

moviefreakedmind said:

I personally would say that the droid assembly line sequence in AOTC is the worst sequence ever to appear on screen in a Star Wars film. It’s long, bland, inconsequential, and ultimately completely forgettable. Do you agree? What would you say is the worst? The Ewok movies don’t count, the Clone Wars animated movie or TV shows don’t count, the Holiday Special doesn’t count, and Rebels doesn’t count. We’re only counting the live action films: episodes I-VIII and R1.

The worst moment was Rose preventing Finn from sacrificing himself to save the Resistance so she could kiss him and say the most cliched line ever written: “That’s how we’re gonna win: Not by fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.”

It was a play on the famous line by the English writer G.K. Chesterton in 1911

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

LordPlagueis said:
The droid assembly line scene was no worse than the trash compactor scene in A New Hope. Both signify the “Belly of the Beast” stage in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

You have to be joking here. The two are nothing alike. The droid scene is riddled with terrible slapstick and comes across in no way threatening. Completely the opposite to the Trash compactor scene.

but the worse scene for me in ANY Star Wars film HAS to be the balcony scene in ROTS.

Lucasfilm's movie plans post Ep. IX

NeverarGreat said:

The flaws are primarily a problem of the two main characters, and begin in TFA:
I would say Finn’s defining trauma is that of being a Stormtrooper realizing in his first battle that he’s not a killer. However, he immediately starts killing his own mates when the story needs him to, and this aspect of his character is never explored again.

I have seen a few people comment exactly the same type of thing, but they have misinterpreted that scene, even when it’s explained later in the film:


But my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn’t going to kill for them. So I ran.

So it’s NOT that he isn’t a killer, he just refused to kill innocent civilians and that is the moment he sees them for what they are and decides to run. Slaughtering innocent unarmed people and killing during battle are two completely different things.


ray_afraid said:

Wow. I’ve long thought the officer uniforms in Jedi were green. Neat!

Yeh. The material they used was Feldgrau (Field Grey). Which looks grey in some light conditions, brown in others and even a slight green tint in others. The problem is that ROTJ theatrical prints were screwed up in reproduction for release. Some were very blue and others have a boosted cyan channel. Same happened with ESB. I was told on very good authority that the ONLY version of ESB that ever had the correct grading was the 70mm version that was shown at the London Premier.

Now, thanks mainly to the screwed up SE’s, costuming groups think that the uniforms should be olive green, when they are not.

Info: Empire Strikes Back 35mm &quot;dailies(?)&quot;

Someone i know cam across this thread.

Looks like this guy has what could be some items that could be of historical value. It would be great if these could be scanned in before they get lost forever to some collector