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***The "Darth Editous" Episode IV DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a partially "de-specialed" DVD
Impressive........Most impressive.....I would have merely put boba fett's correct voice back in and maybe changed the contrast a bit to correct the lightsabers they fouled up. of course the vader and emperor's extended lines would be shortened to.

i have one more problem with the esb dvd and it may sound minor, but it still gets to me. The emperor scene looks clearly thrown together with no real regard for making the emperor look like anything more than a bloated clown. We see him in RotJ and he's gaunt disgusting features stand out from withing his dark hood. but in esb, the hood is just laying on his head in a way that reall isn't covering his ugly face as well.

the original:[/IMG<B

the new one:

that neck of his just disturbs me and not in a good way. Maybe the two can be blended together somehow and the exposed neck of an older Ian can be erased...? Unfortunately there's nothing anyone can do about Ian's slightly less than sinister emperor of the galaxy delivery.... *sigh*. but these are only minor annoyances.

Great work darth Editous. Amazing how one man can make a difference to what many could not. It's mindboggling.
***The &quot;Darth Editous&quot; Episode IV DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a partially &quot;de-specialed&quot; DVD
Hi, I've just been lurking around the site for the past few days and am amazed by how much darth editous has done to correct and de-specialize the blunders in these newer versions. It looks excellent and the feedback has me wanting this so badly. So I dusted off this old account I created several months ago to do a bit of begging. Here we go...

I live in the bronx, NY. Could anyone who can send me a copy PM me with instructions on what you'll need from me to do so?

Thanks, and thank all of you who are so diligently cleaning up LFL's mistakes and putting back together the trilogy Lucas seems to only want to destroy with each new edition. You guys are our only hope...