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A Modern Re-Intepretation of Star Wars

Well, almost everyone will say "get rid of Jar Jar." But besides that, here's one thing I would do different: clone Anakin Skywalker and name that clone Darth Vader. 

What this would do is place Obi-Wan as the main character as he trains Darth Vader. Anakin would already by a Jedi at this point. There would be a slightly tension between Anakin and Vader as the two progress through the Clone Wars. At the end, Anakin kills his clone and becomes the Darth Vader we all know.

Speaking of which, the Clone Wars would start to change differently as Vader was the only cloned Jedi to survive the cloning process. The Separatists would attempt to make their own cloned Force-sensitives. This would shift the Clone Wars more to Zahn's version as described in the Thrawn Trilogy, the Separatists soon being called the Clone Masters.

That's all I have right. I'm actually working on a story for this idea, but I have no idea if it might turn out to actually be good. Do you think it might work?

The Dying Torch: A Retelling of the Prequel Trilogy.

Hey guys. I'm currently working on prequel rewrite. I titled the trilogy "The Dying Torch" to describe the fall of the Republic. I hope it's alright but I also hope you can give any criticism for me to fix any problems with my story. With that said, let me begin with a basic idea for Episode 1: Spark of War.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a time of peace for the galaxy. The flames of the First Clone War have died and the Galactic Republic has finally recovered after years of peace with the Seperatists.

However, the peace is fragile. The Separatists, led by the former Jedi Dooku, continue to bring more worlds into its fold. In response, garrisons of soldiers are left on different worlds as the Republic continues its peace talks.

Meanwhile, the Republic's Jedi guardians begin to recruit more to recover their losses from the war...

Basic Idea: After Qui-Gon brings an eighteen-year-old Anakin to the Jedi, Anakin and Obi-Wan go to protect Senator Padme of Naboo during a peace summit with the Separatists on Alderaan. It turns out to be a trap as the chancellor’s assassinated by Maul (who’s allied himself with a Separatists ambassador) and the Separatists take over the planet.

Trapped, our group of heroes evades the Separatists to contact Coruscant. Viceroy Bail Organa and Qui-Gon lead a fleet of ships to free Alderaan, thus rescuing the trio. However, Qui-Gon’s killed by Maul during the battle and the Separatist ambassador is killed by Asajj Ventress, Dooku’s personal assassin.

As Padme comforts a mournful Anakin, Obi-Wan informs the Jedi Council of Darth Maul. The Council, startled by the Sith’s return, begin to start their investigation. Meanwhile, Vice-Chancellor Palpatine is made Chancellor and declares war on the Separatists for their actions. The Second Clone War has begun.

Details for Act 1 be will next...

Side characters

How are you going to have side characters appear in your versions of the Prequels? Now, these are character who have a significant impact in all three installments, not just small cameos. For me, I'm going to do this:

Bail Organa

He's the Viceroy of Alderaan, who's trying to help rebuild the Republic after the First Clone War. To do that, he and Senator Padme of Naboo begin peace talks with the Separatists. During the Second Clone War, he joins the military and slowly builds the Rebellion as the Republic turns into the Empire.


He's a droid built by Anakin, like in the Prequels. However, Anakin hasn't completed him and 3P0's given to Padme, who uses him later on.


Just like his Prequel counterpart, he serves under Padme and works with C3-P0 to assist Padme. However, they will be more in the background than they were in the Prequels so the main characters aren't aware of them while allow the two droids to the observers as they were in the OT.

Owen and Beru Lars

Here, the two are a married couple who, with Anakin, leave Tatooine. They start off as traders, but with the Second Clone War, Owen and Beru return to start their farm on Tatooine (but not before failing to convince Anakin to join them).

Owen's related to Anakin, as in the Prequels, but it's also hinted that Owen and Obi-Wan are brothers. If I plan to go more into that, I'll say that Obi-Wan and Owen did come from Stewjon (as stated in Prequel EU) before Obi-Wan was sent to the Jedi and Owen went for Tatooine with his father.

2003 Clone Wars vs 2008 The Clone Wars

Alright, so which Clone Wars cartoon do you like? There's the micro-series by Genndy Tartakovsky that ran from 2003 to 2005, and then there's the cartoon series by Dave Filoni and George Lucas that originally ran from 2008 to 2013.

Let's talk about the CW. Despite 3-minute run time for each episode, or "Chapter" as they were called, I think they portrayed a lot of character, atmosphere, and excitement while giving the Star Wars feel to the cartoon. Also, this story flows much better as it shows the progression of Anakin Skywalker down the Clone Wars. Plus, the animation and action was freaking amazing as were the villains.

TCW, on the other hand, does have some good things about it. It almost gives the feel of the Original Trilogy with the adventures taking place in the Clone Wars. Like the micro-series, Anakin and Obi-Wan's friendship is believable and even Ahsoka, Anakin's Padawan, has some good moments (especially whenever she's with her friend Lux). Also, it gives a chance to show other Jedi and while I was bewildered at Maul's sudden appearance, I enjoyed his character and motivation in the show. 

However, there are also some things that don't live up to my expectations, aside from retcons prior to Disney's creation of "Star Wars: Legends." For instance, some of the villains are lackluster when compared to the micro-series. General Grievous is practically the Cobra Commander, because I always see him running away and/or getting his butt handed to him. Also, I felt the stories in TCW were all over the place and didn't tell that much of a consistent story (at least not until the later seasons). In the micro-series CW, I always thought the villains were a threat as they were ruthless and calculating. Not so much in TCW. 

But that's just me. What do you guys think? Please let me know. Thanks!

The Fanfiction Discussion Thread

DuracellEnergizer said:

Beyond that, I haven't read much Star Wars fanfiction. I read some Star Wars/Stargate SG-1 crossovers years ago by an author whose name I can't recall, and they were okay for what they were, but the two universes just don't mesh well together (in hindsight, that is).

Actually, I think you can mesh Star Wars and SG-1 together. You just have to make sure how you do it without having one franchise overshadow the other (which can be said for any crossover, really).

As for the author of those crossovers, I think you mean Dark Jedi Princess (who wrote the "Powerlust" series) or was it DarthMarrs (who wrote "Of Gods Light and Dark" and its sequel The Heavens Fall: A Jedi On Earth). Do either of them sound familiar?

The Fanfiction Discussion Thread

Well, I got these fics to look at (barring some of my own horrible fics I wrote).

One's Star Wars: Awakening by Dave Gremillion. This is a rewrite of Episode 1, which surprisingly matches with the pre-99 EU and has one thing that most prequel rewrites don't usually have which I can't say because of spoilers. 

Another's Project JS by P99. This is also a prequel rewrite, but there's an interesting twist to it: Obi-Wan's a clone of a Jedi Master. I think that's all I need to say. Not really a spoiler because they establish it in the first chapter.

Finally, there's Balance by Xander867, a fanfiction of The Clone Wars cartoon. Here, Ahsoka teams up with a Pureblooded Sith named Adas and they try to deal with the Clone Wars. This is an edited version Xander867's earlier fic Secrets Inside of Me, which is just as interesting, but I feel Balance is better written, the story flows better, and the characterization is more believable.

What do you HATE about the EU?

Tobar said:

Wannabe Scholar said:

  • The weird stuff happening in the Dawn of the Jedi comics (lightsabers during the founding of the Jedi?)

 Those are actually Forcesabers. Lightsabers do not appear in the Dawn of the Jedi series.

That's true, they're not lightsabers, but I find it far-fetched that a similar weapon would be around so long ago. It would have been far more interesting to see the Rakata and the Jed'aii using swords as it would given a more ancient feeling to the series (if that makes any sense).

What do you LIKE about the EU?

Much of my love from the EU comes from the Old Republic era. This includes Tales of the Jedi, Kotor games, and the Darth Bane trilogy. They show what life was like during the Old Republic and it keeps itself separated from the movies, almost making as its own thing.

Also, I do enjoy bits and pieces of the 90s books produced by Bantam and media associated in this era of Star Wars. This includes Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and Hand of Thrawn duology, the Jedi Academy trilogy, and the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game. I liked how it shows the New Republic and Jedi Order slowly rebuilding itself while dealing with remnants of the Empire.

There are even some bits and pieces I like from the EU of the prequels. My favorite thing would be Genndy's 2003 Clone Wars micro-series. There are also small hints I enjoy, like the Tusken Jedi A'Sharad Hett. The new Clone Wars is just "meh" for me as there are some things that I don't like (like Grievous going all Cobra Commander in the show) while I enjoy certain story arcs (like the Season 5 finale).  

I haven't been able to read any of the Marvel comics. I am interested since I heard one of the comics talks about Obi-Wan and the Clone Wars.

What do you HATE about the EU?

Before I start, I want to say I like the EU. Without it, I would enjoy Star Wars as I did. But there are things that do irk me at time. I can't I hate some things as I haven't looked at a lot of EU material, but there are things I can say that I dislike:

  • Repeating Anakin's fall with Jacen.
  • Repeating the Jedi Purge with Krayt's Empire.
  • Turning A'Sharad Hett, a Tusken Jedi, into a Sith Lord.
  • Making the EU from NJO and onward a little too dark. 
  • Bringing the emperor back from the dead (which is probably the #1 argument why the EU shouldn't matter).
  • The constant retcons (Moraband?).
  • The Force Unleashed
  • A little too much Jedi vs Sith
  • The weird stuff happening in the Dawn of the Jedi comics (lightsabers during the founding of the Jedi?)

However, there is one thing that I absolutely hate:


I grew up watching my brothers play KotOR 1 and 2 and I loved seeing the stories of Revan and the Exile in these games... Sad to see that they're thrown away in one book. Heck, I'm doing a better version than this!

... but that's just me.

How to do the Clone Wars?

Alright, I've been wondering how to do the Clone Wars. Now, from what I've seen there have been many who usually have clones fighting against the Republic or fighting for the Republic, as in the Prequels. Usually, clones range from generic soldiers to Mandalorian clones to even Jedi clones (see Dave Gremillion's Star Wars: Awakening).

While it is good to know about the clones in the war, I'm wondering how the Clone Wars will actually be done. With canon, the Clone Wars were just Separatists droids vs Republic clones led by Jedi. But how to do it in a rewrite?

To start off, we can use history as there are many wars we can use as a basis:

  • The American Civil War - the conflict originated from the debate on slavery. Have the clones be the Star Wars equivalent of African American slaves and let the Clone Wars be about trying to free the clones from captivity. By the way, I find interesting that in the actual Prequels, there's a Confederacy (the Separatists) against the Republic. Just a thought. 
  • WWI and WWII - these two are famous. One started from the conquests between Imperialistic nations, while another started from the political rise of a country spreading out
  • The effects of WWI was what led to the rise of Nazi Germany. What can happen is in the early years of the Clone Wars, the Republic
  • The Vietnam War - the war that brought one of the lowest points in American history. Just as citizens were drafted into the army and the American public lost faith in their government, we can use the same thing with the Republic as it turns into the Empire (something I tried to do in my old Prequel rewrite called The Dark Times.)

What I plan to do for my Clone Wars is to have Clone Wars 1 and 2 (based after WW1 and WW2). In this, the former Jedi Master Dooku and his fellow Jedi deserters form the Separatists and attack the Republic. The clones here are used as super soldiers and Black-ops, provided by many cloners who act as an intermediary and gain profit for producing clones. The Republic uses the Mandalorian clones from Jango Fett, while the Separtists use different clones like the Morgukai and even try to clone Jedi. 

What do you think about it? Is it any good? What are you ideas? Please let me know. Thanks.

How would you handle the transition from Republic to Empire?

I feel that in Episode 3 alone could have done better with the rise of the Empire. I mean, the opening scene is an attack on Coruscant, the heart of the Republic! That alone should have caused some reaction. They could have used that to show the people's mistrust in the Jedi, thus leading to the Order's downfall and the Empire's rise.

What I plan to do for my rewrite's is to have the Republic's descent into the Empire similar to their historical Roman counterparts. During the last decade or so, Julius Caesar was assassinated by his fellow Senators and his great-nephew took his place, eventually creating the Empire following the deaths of Julius' assassins.

In my version, the Republic has finally recovered from the effects of the First Clone War against the Separatists (who were formed much earlier than in the actual prequels). Chancellor Valorum is coming to to disbanding the use of cloned soldiers, but the Clone Masters/Kaminoans (who provided the clones in the first war) and some senator don't want that to happen. Thus, they and the Sith to assassinate Valorum. It works, but the conspirators are declared enemies by the newly elected Chancellor Palpatine and thus side with the Separatists, leading to the Second Clone War.

Palpatine, being a Sith, pulls strings in the Republic while his apprentice, Maul, manipulates the ranks of the Separatists. The war would carry on, degrading the Jedi and the Republic, the latter of which turns into the Empire (maybe by Episode 2). The war would carry on until the Jedi Order's finally wiped out.

That's my idea. I plan on making some tweaks and hopefully, it'll turn out for the best. 

Fall to the Dark Side?

Like many people said, the way Episode 3 handled his fall was rushed. It's kind of surprising because when I looked at Clone Wars media (comics, both 2003 and 2008 cartoons, and the novels), I thought Anakin was more prone to anger despite of his good heart and loyalty to the Republic. 

I think it would have been better to have Anakin be corrupted by war. As the Clone Wars, he would make controversial choices that lead to his fall to the Dark Side. It's much like how I assumed about the fall of the Jedi Revan from the KotOR games.

Years before the game, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak broke away from the Order to fight the Mandalorians who were attacking the Republic. With their fellow Jedi, Revan and Malak defeated the Mandalorians and saved the Republic.

But there were small hints of Revan's fall. In KotOR 2, his old mentor and one of your companions, Kreia, mentions that the Mandalorian Wars changed Revan to the point he despised weakness. His fall would be complete after the Mandalorian Wars, when he ventured into the Unknown Regions.

Or you could follow the Prequels' idea of having Anakin gaining power to protect his loved ones. However, use a different method. Have Anakin believe he can conquer the Dark Side and let his arrogance grow until he finally falls completely. It can be done like this:

  • As the war rages on, Anakin grow weary of battle and wants to end the war. He believes the Jedi ways aren't enough as the Clone Wars continue and seeks the knowledge of the Sith. Obi-Wan and the other Jedi forbid his research, but Palpatine takes advantage of this and feeds Anakin small snippets of Sith history that twist the young Jedi's mind until he sees the Jedi as enemies.
  • Or Padme's nearly killed and a paranoid Anakin seeks Palpatine's help to protect her. Palpatine gives Anakin Sith knowledge, turning him to the Dark Side.

You could also base Anakin's fall on his own hubris and jealous. In Shakespeare's tragedies of Othello and Macbeth, the titular characters are good men at first but small whispers of doubts and lies from someone they know causes mistrust and brings their downfall. Do something similar with Anakin's fall as Palpatine whispers lies into his ear. 

...But those are just my ideas.

How to handle the Jedi's fall

Alright in the Prequels, the Jedi Order gets wiped out pretty quickly. The whole Order 66 was interesting (for me anyway since it was based on the real life Executive Order 9066 that brought the Japanese Internment). However, I felt it was just too quick and sudden. It didn't make sense to me since the Prequels didn't explain why the people were just okay with the Jedi Order's sudden demise. It didn't help when I notice some particular bits from the EU novels that touched on the subject.

Here's a small excerpt from The Last Command of the Thrawn trilogy:

C'baoth snorted. "The Jedi Master Joruus C'baoth does not serve lesser peoples, Jedi Skywalker."

"Why not? All the great Jedi Masters of the Old Republic did."

 "And that was their failing," C'baoth said, jabbing a finger at Luke. "That was why the lesser peoples rose up and killed them."

Here's another from the Darth Plagueis novel:

Sidious took a moment. “We will have to exploit their vanity and blind obedience to the Republic,” he said with greater confidence, and as if the truth of it should be obvious. “They must be made to appear the enemies of peace and justice rather than the guardians.”

The prequels do not do these two excerpts justice. The demise of the Jedi Order could have been handled a lot better than what we saw. How to go about it, that's the main question as there are many ways.

You could:

a) Let it be like the Templar's fate where the Jedi are false accused and hunted down for a crime (possibly treason). 

b) Show the people slowly staring to hate the Jedi until they turn on the Order.

c) Have the Jedi Order rebel against the Republic/Empire (depending on which version you use) and the Jedi are wiped out.

However, those are just my ideas. What would your ideas be? Please let me know. Thanks.

Your images of Obi-Wan and Anakin/Vader and others in your Prequel Interpretations

Well, I grew up with the Prequels so it's kind of hard trying to get Ewen McGreggor and Hayden Christensen out of my head. But I did find these two fan-made images, which can give a pretty good idea if Anakin and Obi-Wan were played by younger versions of their original actors.

Star Wars Forensics - Anakin and Young Anakin and Obi-Wan

Vader and his kids.

Alright, I was watching the original scene with the Emperor from Empire Strikes Back. In it, there was something I noticed. Here's the dialogue between the emperor about Luke (here, I'm paraphrasing).

Emperor: "We have a new enemy. Luke Skywalker... he could destroy us."

Vader: "He's just a boy. Obi-Wan can no longer help him."

Emperor: "The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi."

Listening to this, did Vader really knew he had kids? He doesn't sound surprise about Luke being his son. To me, it almost sounded like he could have known about it (or I'm just getting confused).

In the Prequels, Vader knew nothing and the dvd special editions added changes to fit that, but let's ignore that. Obviously, he wouldn't know about Leia, but what if he at least knew about Luke being born? 

A year ago, I read this fan-made script for Episode III called the Republic Falls. Here, Padme has given birth to Luke and Leia and during the Empire's rise, the twins are separated. But during Anakin and Obi-Wan's final confrontation, Anakin manages to see Padme carrying a baby Luke. In most Prequel Rewrites I've read, Anakin has never known about the birth of his children.

I'm not sure what to say about this one. Part of me wants Anakin to know Padme having Luke, but another part wants Anakin to not even know Padme was pregnant. What do you think? 

Backstory to my version of Prequels

Hello. I joined this site recently and I want to give my 2 cents on rewriting the Star Wars Prequels. Since I’m new, I might make a mistake.

I recently looked at a prequel rewrite on called “Star Wars Episode 1: A Retelling." The idea behind this story was that one detail changed the Prequels altogether. In that case, Anakin freed himself prior to Phantom Menace, thus altering the events of the Prequels. 

With my own rewrite, I plan to use the same premise, but my focus is on the backstory surrounding the Prequels. The small change is when Dooku leaves the Jedi Order.

According to the films, Dooku left after Qui-Gon’s death. Prior to that, however, Dooku became distant from the rest of the Jedi due to a certain event that happened in the EU (which is now Star Wars Legends under Disney).

Twelve years before The Phantom Menace, Dooku and his Jedi strike force were sent to the planet Galidraan to stop the Mandalorian group called the True Mandalorians, who were said to be killing political activists of Galidraan’s governor. In reality, the True Mandalorians were framed by Galidraan’s governor, who sided with the Mandalorian rival group Death Watch.

Dooku didn’t realize it until after the True Mandalorians were wiped out, save for the leader Jango Fett. Dooku and his Jedi later learned the Jedi Council knew about the truth, but did nothing to stop the Mandalorian massacre. This happens 12 years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and according to canon, Dooku didn’t leave until after Qui-Gon’s death.

The incident at Galidraan gives Dooku the perfect incentive into leaving. So, what if Dooku left the Jedi right then and his Jedi strike force followed him?

Well, here’s what I think:

1-Qui-Gon Jinn, shocked by his master’s desertion and the Council’s misjudgment, goes on an exile. This leaves Obi-Wan without a master.

2-Yoda, ridden with guilt of Dooku’s desertion, steps down from the Council and completes Obi-Wan as a means of redeeming himself.

3-Dooku and his rogue Jedi could form the Separatists a few years later, causing dissent in the Republic.

4-With this dissention, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas prepares a small clone army for the Republic to face the Separatists. The funding of the army would come from many wealth bankers, including a certain Muun named Hego Damask (aka Plagueis). Eventually, this leads to…

5-The Clone Wars. This happens a decade earlier than the canon Clone Wars (to fit with the Clone Wars continuity from the Bantam Era books). However, there would be a break, between the start of the Clone Wars and when my version of Episode 1 happens.

Cloning in period has exceeded rapidly as the Republic grows clone super soldiers to lead soldiers into battle. These soldiers go from the Morgukai Niktos to Mandalorians. There are no Jedi clones, however.

6-The Republic would slowly lose its trust of the Jedi Order due to the rogue Jedi leading the Separatists. This can play into the rise of the Empire.

7-The Sith can take advantage of the conflict, using it to control both sides and form the Empire (like in the movies). The Separatists would be a legitimate threat, but the Sith are still pulling strings within Separatists and Republic ranks.


And that’s all I have right. There are some bits that need work, but do you think this is a good idea? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.