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The Kenobi <s>Movie</s> Show

An interview with writer of the series Hossein Amini:-

‘Hossein Amini Talks The Success Of ‘The Alienist’, Approaching The Screenplay For ‘Drive’ & His Upcoming Disney+ ‘Obi-Wan’ Series (Exclusive Interview)’

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series : <strong>Non Spolier</strong> thread

emanswfan said:

Here’s the new trailer!

Definitely looks more like Rogue One in terms of cinematography, which is the best looking SW film IMO. It’s like a hyper-realistic OT, kinda like how it was for me watching the OT when I was a toddler.

Still nothing much to go off of story wise, but definitely seems more grounded and original than TROS.

I am loving that trailer, and everything about the series so far! Two weeks to go 😃

The Mandalorian Trailer: 37 New Images from Star Wars TV Series’ - IGN

The Mandalorian’s First Episode Contains a Major Star Wars Spoiler’ - IGN

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series : <strong>Non Spolier</strong> thread

The Mandalorian Press Conference’ - (by Star Wars Unity)

^ a 20 minute youtube video of Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano and Carl Weathers answer questions from the press & audience and generally talk about new series 😃

Info Wanted: List of most current preservation versions (Despecialized, 4k77, 4k83)

Other similar websites have been closed down for having links on them, and the various rightsholders and authorities are likely watching this place and others ready to shut these sites down if they go too far.

I think you may not be using the word “literally” correctly there. Also “there’s no risk” - the whole site would indeed be at risk. I apologize if that appears harsh.

I mean, are there other public sites like this one out there that have links to thousands of projects out in the open?

Though I will defer to the mods, other people who run the place, and those who have contributed to the site for many years such as Chainsaw and CatBus.

If other renowned editors put links up on their sites or facebook that is the risk they take on there. I am very happy that no links are allowed on here. We want this place, this creative community, this library of information to be around for a long long time to come, not taken down due to people wanting it easy and wanting links everywhere, I think?