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Warbler said:

TV's Frink said:

I don't know, he looks a should I put it....greener than he used to.

you've asked for it!!  *grabs Frink by the throat, backs him into a wall, punches him repeatedly in the face and stomach, turns around flips Frink over his shoulder onto the ground, gets on the ground and punches Frink in the head and stomach repeatedly again,  stands, kicks Frink the head and stomach,  kicks Frink in the groin, spits on Frink*   

never,ever, insult the Phillie Phanatic.  ;)

dude....*cough*....'roid rage?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Darth Venal said:

No offence, but the change of light sabre colour, for the vast majority of people, is completely pointless and conveys absolutely no new information.

Perhaps you should see JasonN's edits first?  Or at least check out the cutlist script to see how he conveyed the idea through editing as well as lightsaber color (*cough SIG cough*)

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Ghost said:

Bingowings said that Adywan has at least considered adding Coruscant to the OT.  Probably adding more to the celebration, but who knows what he's got up his sleeve.

I just want to know what you guys might think he is thinking of doing?  Or what he could do.

The thread is not Ady-specific, but it's a good place for prequel discussion.

Please help downloading from newsgroup

Sorry if there is another thread for this, but couldn't find one.  Anyway, I'm a first time newsgroup user, and using Mozilla Thunderbird, I can see the files I want to download (or maybe just the headers? there doesn't seem to be any attachments).  I can't see any way to actually download the files.  Thunderbird just treats them as a message.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I should have kept trying other options before posting here.  I still don't know if Thunderbird can download these files, but I figured out how to get a nzb file and then used GrabIt to download.  Sorry for the wasted thread.

Star Wars - Poorly Directed?

I was reading an article on (literally 30 seconds ago) and was startled to read this:

Random emailer said:

I was hoping you could think of some women who younger men may be surprised to find out were considered ridiculously hot and desirable back in the day. The Shelley Long All-Stars if you will.

Bill Simmons said:

So let's name it the Kathleen Turner All-Stars. Some other good examples with help from the Mailbag Committee: Kirstie Alley; Susan Sarandon; Phyllis George; Belinda Carlisle; Carrie Fisher; Charlene Tilton; Mary Tyler Moore; Tyra Banks; Marianne Faithfull; Melanie Griffith; Delta Burke; Deborah Norville; Teri Garr; Cher; Brenda Vaccaro; Angie Dickinson; Brigitte Nielsen; Valerie Bertinelli; Lindsay Lohan (the youngest example ever); Ann Wilson; Elizabeth Taylor; Ann-Margret; Debbie Harry; Whitney Houston; and, of course, Jim Lampley.