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Wow, I am going to get robbed soon!!!

Davnes007 said:

TV's Frink said:

Pfft.  I'd like to see you try to hide that in a thong.

Actually, I'd like to see your avatar try it.  You, not so much.

I wouldn't be able to show that....but here's something you might like.

Erica Got A Gun

Sorry, not a fan.  There's a nice forest back there, I think, but the woman in the picture blocks a good 45% of it.


ferris209 said:

ricardo said:

C3PX said:

Okay, so here is my question (penny thrown, by the way), how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


I refuse to answer this question due to threat of legal action by said woodchuck.


**psst - the woodchuck was just found to be involved in a child porn ring in malaysia. those dang woodchucks are perverted to the core, i'm telling you!**

Awe man! This "Ask Ricardo" thread is a scam!! Just like those dang fortune teller machines!!

No kidding!  I even submitted a penny, and no answer to the question of how my hair looks this morning.  Now it's afternoon, so the question doesn't even apply anymore.

I want my penny back!

Classic LOL Moments in History

New Sub-Category!

The {DoS}Hellhound Sub-Category

{DoS}Hellhound vs. PSYCHO_DAYV Part I
Unreal Tournament 3

{DoS}Hellhound vs. The Original Trilogy
The Prequels r sooo much more better that the original

{DoS}Hellhound vs. {WiN}Hellhound
Any Diablo2 or Warcraft Players out there

{DoS}Hellhound vs. PSYCHO_DAYV Part II
Where the hell, are the mod guys?!

#1 was previously listed, I just changed the title. #2 is new. #3 and #4 were suggested by C3PX and vfp above.

"Star Wars" or "A New Hope" or "Episode IV" or "The Original One" or "Star Wars 1977" and why?

TheDoctor1987 said:

Actually it was just Star Wars when it first came out in 1977 they didnt change the title until Lucas released the Star Wars trilogy in 97 i hate the 2004 editions why couldnt Lucas just kept his creation the way it was but i have the Origianl Trilogy and i wont watch the 2004 Special Editions the Star Wars trilogy was perfect the way it was and didnt need changing. 

Dude, I have to say I love your long sentences.

Anyway, I just refer to it as Revenge of the Sith II.  Seems to go over fine.

Wow, I am going to get robbed soon!!!

C3PX said:

Warbler said:

C3PX said:

I have a kick ass security system strapped to the bottom of my bed...

yeah, and if the robber is smart enough, he'll rob your place when you are not there and then he'll have the "kick ass security system"(I'm assuming this "kick ass security system" is a gun).

Close! But no, it is actually a wooden baseball bat.

Wood?  Hah.  Anyone who knows anything about home security knows that in today's world, you ain't safe unless you have a metal bat.  You can hit a robber an average of 100 extra feet with one of those suckers.

Why is "General Star Wars Discussion" so dead?

xhonzi said:

TV's Frink said:

Thanks guys, it's nice to hear.  I really give xhonzi a lot of credit, because his willingness to be silly encouraged me to do the same.

It was really fun to see VFP get in on the act.  xhonzi sent me a PM at one point that basically said, "Can you believe how entertaining VFP has gotten?  Where did that come from?"

It's true.  Both that I deserve the credit, and that I'm still pretty sure that someone funny hacked VFP's account and went to town with it.  I keep a 2 inch thick dossier on each of you on my desk and VFP's new personallity didn't meld with his old one very well.  And with the change of avatar, I knew he had to be someone's sock!

Dude! That was a private discussion!  What don't you understand about the "P" in "PM?"