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Maximum Size Of Member Signatures... (as of 25th Feb '18)
Moth3r said:

We've decided to allow animated GIFs for now, as long as they do not exceed the maximum image dimensions given above, and are not greater than 100KB in size.

I'm disappointed that only a small number of members have voluntarily amended their signatures. Does anyone actaully read these announcement threads?

*Raises hand*



STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Hello everyone!  Been lurking for at least a year but finally decided to join up.  ANH:R was amazing and I'm really looking forward to this one as well.

Jonno said:

This may have been mentioned before, but continuity-wise it's baffling that there were THREE types of battle droids (of which presumably thousands were built) around at the time of the Naboo blockade and Clone Wars, but none have ever been seen since. Did they all self-destruct at the end of the war?

Sidious had a line near the end of ROTS where he told Anakin to send a message to shut down all droid units.  They were infinitely inferior to clones.  Presumably they were all sent to the junkyard.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions
Doctor M said:
EyeShotFirst said:

I haven't registered and the forums won't let anybody who doesn't have an account register. So anything going on at fan edit forums I am clueless to.

Same here.  Anyone who wants to share info from that site over here would have my thanks.

Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late bringing this up but I only just registered here yesterday (been lurking for a while).  If you want to register on so you can keep up with ID's thread , you just have to follow this link:

and then send an email requesting your membership.  The auto-register feature was disabled a little while back to defeat bots.

ID has had some personal stuff going on that has rightfully delayed things, but he's still moving forward with the project.


Most current posts from all forums on one page?

Hi there - long time lurker, first time poster.

Something I have seen elsewhere, but I haven't noticed here, is the ability to list the most current posts all on one page (regardless of forum).  This allows you to do all your browsing from one page instead of having to visit each of the forums.

If I missed this function, my apologies.  Otherwise, would love to see this.