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[Post-sequels Star Wars story] “Heart of Kyber”| a SW: Visions edit (Released!)

For those not familiar, Star Wars: Visions is an anime anthology that takes place in many different eras and styles. However, three of the shorts displayed a similar trait, a galaxy ruled by the Sith after the Sequel Trilogy.

In “The Duel” we find a lone Ronin with a lightsaber fighting a mysterious Sith lord backed up by soldiers wearing pieces of Imperial and First Order armor. Next, in “The Ninth Jedi” we find a galaxy where the Sith have almost completely erased the Jedi Order to the point where lightsabers were no longer available for the little remaining Jedi. Finally, “The Twins” features a set of Sith Lords created with Exegol-like technology by Palpatine’s Sith Cult after the battle of Exegol.

These plot points inspired me to combine these shorts into one short film. The “Twins” and “Ninth Jedi” are intercut to make up the bulk of the plot while “The Duel” is used as a prologue.

The San Juan Mountains are beautiful!

Change List:

  • The Disney Plus Star Wars intro with Kenobi visuals but audio from the Bad Batch and Mando versions.
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…
  • “The Duel” Prologue (in black and white to get around the color of the Ronin’s lightsaber)
    • Cut most appearances of the Ronin’s droid and the Ugnaught.
  • Cut all appearances of the Ronin before the village battle starts, to keep things moving.
  • Added part of village battle with the Tusken and Dug to before the Sith Acolyte speaks to the Ronin.
  • Remove the line of dialogue from the Sith acknowledging the Ronin’s (formerly) red lightsaber.
  • Stop the lightsaber duel with them exchanging blows off-screen.
  • New opening crawl set to Battle of Heroes with visuals from Visions and Galaxy of Adventures
  • Removed opening narration from “The Ninth Jedi.”
  • Star Destroyer shot from the beginning of “The Twins” put before a later scene where An and her droid discuss bringing order to the galaxy.
  • Cut from the beginning of “the Twins” (minus the Star Destroyer shot) to the Sith droid explaining the Star Destroyer and the Dark armor.
  • Add sounds from the past films in the background to Karre’s look at the future to give the scene more of a word-between-worlds vibe.
  • Rescored the final scene on Tatooine to have the Force theme from ANH.
  • Combined credits of all the episodes backed by the SIgn of deaTH from “The Duel”
(The Mandalorian+Boba) The Way of Mandalore | A Compilation Edit (Completed: Out Now)

There’s one word I’d use to describe this edit, seamless. This edit is almost completely seamless, I had to check the cut list a few times to see what you did, which in my book means you succeeded! As much as I love Smudger’s compressed version of Mando’s story, I feel like yours will be more of a deep dive while still removing the fluff. I like that you used Chapter 6, it reinforces that Mando has a moral code that other Bounty hunters don’t and it sets up the future with Miggs Mayfield. Chapter 6 also expands upon Star Wars lore, giving us a better look at the New Republic, their uniforms, and that X-Wings are still in play. However, I do have a question about the credits, are you going to add the text later? Overall great work as always and I’m looking foward to Chapter 2!