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Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

newmaker said:

I’m currently working on a rough draft of a VERY radical edit of the sequel trilogy taking place in an alternate timeline where Luke actually struck down Palpatine in anger during Return of the Jedi, and then killed Vader in the following duel in a fit of rage, before disappearing and leaving Han and Leia behind to do the spirit of the Emperor’s bidding and fully embrace the dark side.

Basically continuing from the ending of The Man Behind The Mask’s “War of the Stars” edit, if you’ve seen them (probably my favorite Star Wars edits of all time).

I think the idea of the sequels taking place in an alternate dark timeline could make them feel a lot more cohesive and fix the problem of the constant character assassination and disrespect to the original trilogy.

Han becoming a smuggler again and Leia abandoning the New Republic to fight a rebellion again, and stuff like that that felt out of character for these character now makes a lot more sense if they knew Luke disappeared and fell to the dark side, doesn’t it?

I’m not quite to the point of storyboarding the actual sequels and what I want to do with them yet because I’m working on the first part I have planned first.

So picture this, I’m going to open up the first movie with mostly scenes from the Mandalorian, not the Force Awakens. I’ve already found a great way to cut down all the filler and show the main arc of Mando finding, recusing, and growing attached Grogu in a fast, streamlined way. Then skip ahead as fast as possible to introduce Moff Gideon and get to the end of season 2 as quick as I can.

The kicker though is going to be the ending. We’ve just spent the majority of the story getting attached to Mando and his quest with Grogu, they’re facing impossible odds surrounded by Dark Troopers with all hope lost, until a single X-wing seems to show up out of nowhere with a Jedi stepping out to save the day.

Except this Jedi’s lightsaber is crimson red and something about his demeaner seems off. He’s not here to recuse them.

Din asks “Are you a Jedi?”.

“No.” Luke then slaughters everyone in the room. (not sure how feasible this would be able to pull off lol but I’m sure something could work, even if it’s just an outside POV from the closed door as we hear screams as a last resort)

We see the perspective of different planets and people reacting to Holoscreens suddenly flickering.

Palpatine’s broadcast about his return plays as the galaxy’s people’s react in fright and dispair.

End of the first movie.

The second movie will take place after a large time skip and focus on setting up Rey and co., and everything else.

Kind of just disjointed rambling here lmao but I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on this idea on paper as it is, I’ll share an actual rough draft of the first half of my edit soon. I’m about 40% into editing it.

We will watch your career with great interest!

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

EddieDean said:


Thoughts on a possible episode to fit into season two, to give a bit more character balance in a season that slightly needs it:

I’d considered the fun romp of Zillo Beast, despite having some problems with that episode (a useful ion weapon never seen again, plus Palpatine’s malice), but on review it doesn’t feature Ahsoka so it doesn’t satisfy the goal of what I’m looking for in this slot.

The other that I’d considered was Innocents/Liberty of Ryloth, which gives us a bit more tie-ins to later media but isn’t super strong on its own. That doesn’t feature our main guys BUT-

I’ve always liked the crash from Jedi Crash (on Maridun). It’s a great action sequence, Anakin gets injured, and Ahsoka looks after him. That’s a nice bit of growth, though I’d want to trim the episode heavily and mostly ignore the natives (and definitely skip the following episode with the goofy separatist attack). Thematically it would fit with season two, where the impact of the war hits the further corners of the galaxy.

I wonder if I could merge the above two? If I do, it’d definitely end up as two parallel plots, rather than two related plotlines, but it’d give us all our focal characters, and the jeopardy for both storylines could be enhanced by the implicit absence of the other characters. Perhaps the skies that the Jedi cruiser crash in are the skies of Ryloth, with the emergency escape jump that Anakin and Ahsoka take taking them off that battlefield and to a neighbouring planet/system. Then Obi-Wan’s and Mace Windu’s actions would be implicitly strained by the absence of the reinforcements. I might need to do some work to tie the plots together a bit more tightly though, or at least have them reference each other.

I’m not certain this idea is workable, but I think it’s the only worthwhile idea to pursue to potentially satisfy a couple of goals that I have for that part of my series. Worst case, I’ll find I can’t do it, and I’ll just retain Innocents/Liberty as a bonus episode.

I’ll check it out (far later).

(That said, am I moving too far away from established canon by using some of these ideas? I don’t want people to consider TCW:R too deviant to consider it a viable ‘true’ alternative to TCW. I’m not trying to produce ‘an experiment’ with this series, I’m trying to produce ‘TCW if it was made today and with hindsight’)

To be fair you did mash up the two Cade Bane episodes so, I don’t think that this idea would be any different from that episode.