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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

There are a ton of continuity errors in this film anyway, and most probably wouldn’t be noticed except on repeat viewings. One of the ones that’s always stuck out to me was Rey having the lightsaber activated in the drone shot during the training montage, even though the shots before and after have it deactivated. But I doubt anything can be done about it, so…oh well.

Yeah, I noticed there’s a ton of moments where the lightsabers are just suddenly on / off. Like, no activation / deactivation sequence or anything like that. It’s one part that really underscores how much the movie’s pacing was accelerated in editing. But like you said, not much can be done about it.

What is your personal canon?

Yeah, I also tend to have a tier-like system for organizing various parts of the franchise.

1st tier: The original trilogy (either theatrical or Revisited)
2nd tier: The prequel trilogy (Hal9000 edits)
3rd tier: Rogue One, Solo, Mandalorian, certain episodes of Clone Wars, and future live action shows
4th tier: Any other stuff that I happen to like

Like with many others, the sequels are in a bit of a weird spot for me. I genuinely like TLJ, and I can enjoy TFA and TROS as big dumb fanservice flicks, but I just can’t accept them as being the “true” conclusion to the story. I can tolerate them much more when separated from the rest of the franchise. Also, I genuinely can’t stand Rebels, and if the live action shows end up being impossible to separate from that storyline it would be a real shame.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Actually, I think Palpatine knowing about the dyad survived well into the post-production process: the Reddit leaks that came from post-production workers described Palpatine’s plan being to drain Rey and Kylo’s energy, even claiming that Palpatine talked about the dyad during his first scene.

In general, the plot leaks before release sound a lot better than the movie itself: it feels less rushed, more developed, and generally more satisfying. Unfortunately, unless they eventually release the deleted scenes, it will be impossible to make the movie feel like it did before it was mangled in editing.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

I still haven’t seen this edit (waiting for tomorrow when I finally have a decent amount of free time), but I agree with Hal that Starlight, Rekindled, and Ascendant sound like they’d make a perfect trilogy. All 3 are mainly focused on additive, VFX-heavy changes that create a more cohesive story with clearer character arcs. I’m planning to wait until Ascendant version 2 to marathon all 3, though.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

DZ-330 said:

One thing that has ALWAYS bugged me about TLJ was Poe not knowing who Holdo is. We all know she should have been in TFA, but it’s like a solider not knowing who the Vice President is. Cut Poe not knowing who she is.

Didn’t Poe say something along the lines of:
“That’s Admiral Holdo? Battle of Khyron belt Admiral Holdo? Not what I expected.”
That seems to indicate that Poe knew Holdo, but didn’t know what she looked like.

Since Snoke=Palpatine, is it possible to remove his mention of bridging their minds? If Palpatine was controlling Snoke then why would their connection be a surprise?! Removing Snoke inconsistences is key to making a more cohesive trilogy

I’d really like to insert a Palpatine line clarifying that Snoke was an independent being. Although Palpatine created him to rule the First Order, Snoke had no idea he was being controlled. No idea where you could insert a line like that though.

THE SACRED JEDI TEXTS!!! I think the lines between Yoda/Luke, “ahh, read them have you? Page turners they were not!” Needs to go. It makes Luke seem like he didn’t even read/study the books, but then in TROS we find out Luke did study them and annotated them. I suggest, “Luke: The Sacred Jedi Texts! Yoda: Yes, yes. Wisdom they held…”

Yes, that’s a great idea! Not only did that line make Luke look like a hypocrite for not even reading his most sacred texts, but it blatantly contradicts the next movie. It needs to go.