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Do you hate ROTS emperor?

Jeebus said:

What kind of hate are you talking about here? Hatred because he’s a villain and we’re supposed to hate him, or hate him on a technical level (acting, writing etc.)?

I like RotS Palpatine, but only because he’s over-the-top and silly. I find myself quoting him very often.

“Do it.”

“I am the senate.”

“Are you threatening me, master Jedi?”

“It’s treason then.”

“Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise?”

“Help me Anakin, don’t let him kill meeee!”

No. I mean his appearance.

Best palpatine hologram?

theMaestro said:

Not all changes are bad. Some of the VFX in the Battle of Yavin SE were nice to look at. I even like the Victory Celebration music over Yub Nub.

As for the Emperor in TESB? I’d take the original any day over the 2004/2011 version. And that’s not nostalgia talking (it’s just a different system of values, which I’ll try to explain). Because for me, continuity is a binary: either it works or it doesn’t work. And neither the original nor the 2004/2011 version work for continuity since the original is a different actor than in ROTJ and the 2004/2011 Emperor is the ROTS version rather than the ROTJ version. So given that, I’d take the original any day because I’d at least be watching the actual movie.

Having said that, I do quite like Adywan’s version. If that were the one used for the 2004 & 2011 releases, then it would be my favorite for continuity. But it’s not. What we got instead was an alteration that didn’t have enough effort put into it to justify its existence (IMO). It was ultimately a half-measure; and I hate half-measures. Either do it 100% right, or don’t do it at all. So for that reason, I prefer the original over the 2004/2011 version (but I would prefer Adywan’s if that were on the SE).

I agree about the victory celebration thing. My friend got me the OT on a usb. It had se IV and Vi, and theatrical V.

Call me crazy but I actually like young anakin as a ghost.