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<strong>DESTROY ALL JEDI:</strong> <em>The unfinished Tarantino-inspired prequel edit</em>

snooker said:

I feel like this movie needs a purpose in the grander Star Wars saga. In a hypothetical universe where this edit was the prequel trilogy we got, what kind of twist could happen that would re-contextualize the Original Trilogy? Some great truth that would be revealed that would make you watch the originals in a new and exciting way?

Using a looser definition of twist, here are some ideas:

-Obi Wan turned Anakin (GeekyGlasses); Adds weight to Luke’s training, and proves Yoda and Obi-Wan to be fallible. (You already mentioned it, but here’s an argument for it, and also GeekyGlasses did it first, or at least before this)

-Anakin is a clone of Palpatine (Jason LaJoie); Turns Vader’s redemption into commentary on free will, that Anakin is not destined to be like Palpatine.

-The Obi Wan we see in the Originals is a clone of the Obi Wan we see in the prequels, and Vader is a clone of Anakin, Palpatine cloned them both to be dark side minions, but OB1 turned to the light; IDK lol it’s kinda cool

Additionally, if you wanted to be a little more meta, and aim the twist to people who’ve already seen Lucas’s prequels, you could make Palpatine a legit good guy, and Sidious an entirely different character, or even just using Palpatine as a puppet.

Edit so I don’t double post: Are the subtitles gonna be burned in or on a file? Would you be able to give the option?

The Phantom Menace - A &quot;Good Enough&quot; Reconstruction

trillary dump said:

Just PM’d. Im glad this is being done! There is a 35mm scan of this being done so it could be used for reference for the subtitle timing and could be used to restore the shots only found on VHS/Laserdisc (i.e. removing the bridge and replacing the Twileks in the Senate scene)

I might redo this when that comes out, but if they just release that reconstruction as a reconstruction, and not just a 35mm scan, that reconstruction would probably be better, and if so, I might not.

jedit: Also for the shots that you used the blu ray footage, did you recrop the frame to match the HDTV? (the frame of the blu ray shows about 9% more)

Yes, but Sony Vegas is a little finicky, so it’s not 100% perfect. But it’s not noticeable, so no biggie.

ChainsawAsh said:

There’s a theatrical bootleg that can be used as a reference for subtitle timing and positioning, too.

I might look into this, but I don’t know if I have the time to invest into a full-scale reconstruction.

Additionally, the better, higher bitrate second version is in the process of being uploaded right now. It should be available by tomorrow morning (EST)!

The Phantom Menace - A &quot;Good Enough&quot; Reconstruction

The main reason I’m worried about theatrical reconstructions is mainly purism. Yeah, edits to the Original Trilogy do worsen the movie, yeah cultural preservation is important, but my biggest issue is that when someone sees Star Wars for the first time, they should watch Star Wars. They deserve the same experience as those who saw it in theaters.

I can’t stand Yub Nub, for example, but if I hear that someone has never seen Star Wars before, when I inevitably sit them down to watch the Holy Trilogy with me, I’ll power through it just so they watch the real Return of the Jedi.

That’s the thinking behind this project. There are a bunch of WIP Phantom Menace restorations, and there’s one or two SD restorations, but there is no completed, HD restoration of the Phantom Menace. If someone wants to see the Phantom Menace (god forbid), they deserve the same experience as those who saw it back in 1999.

This is what this project is, a restoration of the Phantom Menace that’s Good Enough to watch, for purism’s sake.

Keep in mind: While I believe it’s a success for that quest in the restoration crusade, it’s a massive failure for cultural preservation and enjoyment. This is not a reliable archive of what the original film looked like, and you’re not gonna get much enjoyment out of any version of the Phantom Menace. Even if you did, the changes are mostly neutral or good.

Basically what I did in this project is that I took Schormann’s Preservation of the 2001 HDTV version of the Phantom Menace, plopped it into Sony Vegas, matched it roughly to Adywan’s (SD) Reconstruction of the theatrical movie… and also edited out the ugly as hell subtitles burned into Schormann’s Preservation and replaced them with ones that look kind of like the font in the Original Trilogy and the new movies, using Blu Ray footage (which doesn’t have burned in subtitles).



PM me for a download link.

I will also be rerendering it… soon, because I’m not 100% happy with the way it turned out, but it is pretty good (IMO) at the moment.