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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

My source was

I don’t have the DVD copy of the movie, and I assume that the one on the Star Wars official YouTube channel is the best quality version of it considering it was uploaded more than a decade after the DVDs came out and could take advantage of everything that goes with that. If anyone has a direct, lossless rip from the DVD itself it might help, but I just don’t think anything will help it exactly match the surrounding footage.

Youtube definitely compressed it, though. The DVD version might not actually look all that bad compared to the Youtube version. They’re both 480p, anyway.

Color correction could also help make it stand out less.

The Force Awakens - PG edit

DominicCobb said:

ChainsawAsh said:

I mean, that’s literally the only example of censorship in the SE’s. Nothing else in ANH or anything in ESB or ROTJ were censored when it was resubmitted to the MPAA in 1997, and again, both TPM and AOTC were given PG ratings in 1999 and 2002.

A lot has changed since then. Hard to think of many movies in recent years with similar content to the first 5 Star Warses that haven’t been rated PG-13. I’d bet if the films were made today they all would get PG-13, save maybe TPM.

A man gets cut in half. I’d say that would be PG-13 today.

The Force Awakens - PG edit

It’s important to keep in mind that before 1984, the ratings system was completely different. G meant for kids, PG meant for teenagers (kids aren’t recommended), R meant for adults (kids aren’t allowed without parental permission), and X meant kids aren’t allowed whatsoever under any circumstances (usually porn, but not always).

PG-13 not only didn’t exist, but PG of the time was definitely harder than PG-13 of today, and while the Original Trilogy wouldn’t be considered R today, a lot of PG movies of the 80s would be considered R today (especially horror movies, which is what prompted the redesign of the ratings system, people thought PG meant okay for kids when it did not). Additionally, I’m pretty sure all three OT movies would get PG-13, and maybe my hatred for American puritanism exaggerates this in my mind, but I’d imagine RotJ might push it with Slave Leia. All three of them are harder than anything in the sequels or prequels.

Revenge of the Sith - Abridged

For a while I’ve said that I believe the biggest issue with the latter two prequels, and to a smaller extent the Phantom Menace, is that there’s so much time spent not really doing anything. They take up so much time setting up plot points, laying down exposition, etc, when the originals and the sequels move almost all of that to the Opening Crawl, and make the few remaining scenes of pure exposition different, interesting, and creative in their own ways. It’s to the point where I’d say Revenge of the Sith doesn’t actually start until an ~1h15 into the movie, everything before it is setting up the actual plot for later.

I thought I’d make a fanedit to see if I can solve that problem. The movie now begins with Anakin finding Mace Windu trying to assassinate the Chancellor.

I think this turns the movie into a focused adventure about the overthrow of the Galactic Republic and the birth of the villain of Star Wars. A 38 minute story, about the length of a TV special (without credits) that covers the entire backstory of the Star Wars Trilogy.

The point of the prequels is to show how the Empire was born and how Vader came to be, and the point of this fanedit is to do this more efficiently. These are the only main plot lines, and plot lines from the original movie that only serve to facilitate them are not in this fanedit. General Grievous is not a character in this fanedit. Padmé is not pregnant, the children are already born. Anakin joins the Emperor for political reasons, not because he wants to prevent Padmé’s death.

-I have a new custom crawl made using Jack Pumpkinhead’s crawl creator. Thanks! The pan down was made by me from scratch (which is why it looks so bad) in Blender, and the music was replaced by the Shadows of the Empire opening music.
-The movie opens on Mace Windu already having Palpatine pinned down, Anakin entering the room.
-Mace Windu has a blue lightsaber. Not even because I take issue with a purple lightsaber, but because I think the new lightsaber color needs a proper introduction I can’t give.
-Anakin isn’t called Vader until he’s in the suit. I think it kinda makes him feel less solidified, it also makes it feel like the Jedi are just a religion or philosophy, and Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side is more of a political turn, not him leaving one Bureaucratic Order and joining another.
-The Order 66 sequence is cut out. Partially because I think it would be weird to show the battles of Utapau and Kashyyyk without them having been established earlier in the movie, partially because Obi-Wan has a much better introduction later, partially because I think it’s contradictory to the OT, and partially because I think the movie is better without it, making it look a lot more like a coup than the ultimate culmation of a massive plan.
-Obi-Wan is introduced when he leaves Utapau and calls Bale Organa about his troops ambushing him.
-Any references to the troops being clones are removed or altered. The opening crawl introduces the Clone Wars as an attack on the Republic by Dooku’s Clone Droid Army. Mostly because I think it makes the Republic firmly the good guys and the Separatists (and Dooku, and by extension the Sith and Palpatine) firmly the bad guys, and I think establishing them that way is kind of important given that besides Palpatine and Obi-Wan, you do not know these characters yet.
-Cringy dialogue and acting is cut down, but I tried to not be too much of a zealot about it.
-Dialogue and ideas that I felt kinda undermined the magic of the Jedi, etc, was cut wherever I could, though. The Jedi don’t have security cameras. Unfortunately though there’s some cases I don’t think could have been removed. Yoda still talks about special sessions of Congress.
-Yoda doesn’t use a lightsaber. He and Obi-Wan don’t fight clones on their way to the Temple, and he doesn’t fight Sidious.
-Additionally, because it would be weird if Yoda told Obi-Wan to kill Anakin, but he doesn’t fight the Emperor, he doesn’t. Obi-Wan looks for Anakin on his own.
-Obi Wan and Anakin’s fight is one continuous thing now that Yoda and Sidious don’t fight.
-The birth of the twins is cut out. They were already born before the movie started.
-The credits are cut out and replaced by a thank you to the community! I don’t think the original credits should have been put on this fanedit, because not enough of the movie is still there for enough people’s work to still be there for me to think the original credits are appropriate, but I don’t even know how I would begin making new credits. Besides, I kinda think credits are an outdated practice. Nobody watches them and you can put the credits online now, nobody is hurt by leaving credits out of the movie.

Bad news, though: The files were on my computer that completely died 2ish weeks ago. Good news, though: The hard drive, I’m 99% sure is completely fine and still usable, and I just got the stuff I need to get the files off of it today (2/19). I can potentially have this fanedit up tonight. In the (very small) chance that it isn’t recoverable, though, I’m happy to reconstruct it using an older backup. I’m going to do this either way, since I used the Blu Ray and for some reason I’d rather use Schormann’s HDTV preservation.

This is why there’s no pics (yet), though.

Preview Stuff:
Opening Logos, Crawl, and Scene (this video is kind of old, but the general ideas are the same)

Is there any actual difference in picture quality between the MKV and AVCHD versions

ChainsawAsh said:

Basically, if you don’t notice any difference between the “original” and “compressed” sides of this picture, then the AVCHD is probably plenty high quality for you. If you can tell the difference, then you’ll probably notice a quality bump with the MKV.

You also won’t have a comparison running through the whole movie. I can tell the difference, but I doubt I would while actually watching the movie, I only notice because the uncompressed image is right next to it.

Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit)

Cameron Samurai said:

Because some of us aren’t interested in doing the whole sodding sequel trilogy and just want to make a done-in-one for the sheer fun of it? What’s your problem?

I was just thinking that the Force Awakens doesn’t really work except as the first movie in a series of movies, it literally ends on a cliffhanger.

Do whatever you want, though, it’s your fanedit. I just don’t think it works.