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The Phantom Menace - A "Good Enough" Reconstruction

ZaneFlare92 said:

You have the bridge that was added to the 2001 dvd, Just after the queen leaves back from Naboo following the shot of the palace. The Original theatrical didn’t have the shot the cgi bridge to the left where the river is. Also certain shots of the Podrace sequences look soft and I can understand you taking the route you did but maybe you didn’t know. Being you want to make this a HD Preservation, the digital movie collection has the original podrace sequence in full hd . So you can have that one crowd shot on and Watto yelling Subulba in HD and not a upscale. Also what kind of audio did you use out of curiosity. There’s nothing bad about it I was just curious if you went with the DTS track that’s available ?

I didn’t use the DTS track, I just used the audio from Schorman’s HDTV Preservation and adywan’s DVD. I’m probably going to make another version with that, and the HD podrace (if I can get it, because I don’t have the Digital Collection or any money to get it lol) and fixed bridge. I didn’t know the bridge was a thing, so I didn’t even make any change from the HDTV.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS & PAJA INSIDE **

liambrazier said:

It’s in a major key and has been used ‘in-universe’ just like this in Rebels, for what it’s worth.

ImperialFighter said:
…the large monitor in the background of that busy area which is showing Imperial ‘recruitment’ footage of it’s fleet…is playing John William’s EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ‘Imperial March’ music to accompany it!

In both the Old and New EU, the Imperial March is the state anthem of the Empire, and the Main Theme is the state anthem of the Old Republic.