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35mm Print of Eyes Wide Shut on Ebay!!

SilverWook said:

According to the IMDB, there was a crew reflection digitally removed before it hit home video, and an audio change in one scene.

Old but that boom mic removal applies to specifically the original R-rated US DVD release, it had a few “tweaks” done to it to accommodate for it being open matte

Whenever the movie finally got a widescreen DVD release the alterations were gone

Not too sure about the audio cause both the soundtrack (which I hear is uncensored) and the movie sounded exactly the same in the scene they’re referring to

Idea: Mallrats TV Cut - with deleted scenes added back in?

Marvelfan1922 said:

ReverendBeastly said:

I could probably do a composite edit of this. There’s one thing, footage-wise, that’s exclusive to the ABC version, a different thing with Shannon Hamilton on the screen at the end. Other than that I could just take the sections of dubbed audio and re-cut the extended cut to match the ABC cut. I have it recorded SLP on a VHS tape, along with the edited-for-TV Clerks (which features only two visual censors, and drops out every curse word). I don’t really have the time to work on a composite of it right now, but maybe in a few months I will.

Could You Send Me The Clerks Tv Edit. Been Wanting To Really Watch That One.

Arrow’s blu-ray release has it even though instead of 4x3 it’s in its theatrical ratio, including the SD inserts

Nostalgia Critic: Remastered (a WIP)

CloakedDragon97 said:

@SpacemanDoug In some episodes like Inspector Gadget and The Garbage Pail Kids, some scenes have been spliced out due to a copyright claim. I will take different versions of those episodes and add those scenes back in.

I do remember one alteration in the Nostalgiaween episodes whenever they parodied the X-Files intro, it wasn’t there before but eventually they replaced the X-Files theme tune with some crappy substitution cause of a claim (ex. The Haunting)

<strong>2006 GOUT</strong> : The changes to the OT films &amp; general 2006 GOUT DVD discussion thread

Unfortunately these DVD releases on their own have some changes, though this is also the first home video release to have the original 1977 title crawl in the first movie

A lot of sound effects though mostly minor were added for the 1993 masters, one notable one was during the shootout in the prison cells glass breaking sounds were added whenever monitors were shot at

Info: Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases

I do know for a fact that the blu-ray of Teen Wolf is incorrectly pitched, not sure if the DVD has the same issue

Also I will say that the remix for Animal House is indeed quite annoying, but at least it has the original songs cause I know one of the DVD releases changed a bunch of them (I think the double secret probation edition)

Info: Films re-released with alterations

crissrudd4554 said:

What exactly was changed in the first scene???

Don’t know necessarily the first scene

I do know at the end when the Warden shoots himself the wound was digitally shifted to fix a continuity error

I think there was another change as well when that one guy is shot by the sniper, it was changed to four shots instead of two supposedly, though without getting a VHS version I can’t really confirm anything. Based on the way it’s edited it’s possible it was always 4 shots in the US release but cut in the UK to two

Close Encounters 3rd Kind... any project on the &quot;complete&quot; version 143 minutes?

CourtlyHades296 said:

Shouldn’t this thread be in the Fan Edits of Other Properties subforum?

yes it should be

also three different versions are included on the official 4K release of the movie, the ABC versions simply took the various different scenes from the theatrical and 1980 special edition versions and combined them together (sans some of the alternative theatrical material)

I believe someone already made this fan edit a while ago