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Beverly Hills, 90210 - with original music (Released)

Tatoothy123 said:

SpacemanDoug said:

s4ndr0w said:

SpacemanDoug said:


I met someone on reddit who’s reconstructing the episodes using a variety of recordings and DVD footage, right now he just started on season 5

Very interested to put my hands on it.
Do you have a link to the reddit page or user?


yes I do

can you please show me where to go i love tori!!!

Do you want a PM?

Transfer of The Beatles - Yellow Submarine 1987 Laser Disc! (Released)

Venny said:

SpacemanDoug said:

Is it finished now?

The transfer is finished, but I’m still waiting on the encode to be done for the movie. Once that is finished I’ll set up a download in my Discord server for both the raw transfer, and a “remastered” version. Is sharing links to Discord here against the rules? If not I’ll edit this post with a Discord link for further updates.

it is on the public forums yes, but you can PM others a link if they’re interested

Help: The Sting (1973) - original mono track preservation

The Sting was originally released with mono audio and that’s how it was retained up to the first DVD release. When the movie saw a widescreen DVD release in 2005 it got a remixed 5.1 track that changed a lot of sound effects, fortunately the original track was included as well. Unfortunately when the movie came to blu-ray the original track got excluded and we only got the remix in English. Then there came a 4K release with some hoping the original mono track would be restored but sadly once again has been excluded.

I decided to make this thread in an attempt to preserve the original mix. It would be preferable for there a rip exist of the very first (open-matte) DVD because it reportedly had a better audio mastering than the 2005 DVD, but even the 2005 DVD would be fine with me.

If anyone has anything please let me know.

Info: Spider-Man 2 35mm - for sale up on ebay

ThatPixarGuy said:

JayArgonaut said:

I’m curious, what’s wrong with the home video versions which would require a scan of the 35mm?

The original/current BD heavily screwed up the color timing and contrast, reminds me of The Matrix’s original BD in a way.

I assume they used the 2.1 transfer as a base, as the credits use the SM3 font rather than the original. Ironically, the 2007 Blu-Ray was way too “Blue.” These issues were fixed in the “Mastered in 4K” BD release in 2014, but only for that BD and the eventual 4K release. So the 2017 legacy collection uses the 2007 transfer, unfortunately.

There was actually a small change made after the theatrical release that was in all home video editions

Whenever you see the hospital exterior earlier in the movie the cross was changed to white unlike how it was in the theatrical release where it was red colored, due to complaints from the actual red cross corporation

Info: The films of Sergio Leone - The best available versions...

The top fan choice for GBU can now be the 4K from Kino Lorber

With the exception of the opening producer credit (altered in 1998 for legal reasons) it is 100% the original US theatrical version, thankfully it also fixes the issue from the 1993 LD where a shot of an exploding wall was missing

Kino went as far as to use a 4K scan of a 1967 print and use the mono track from the laserdisc to restore the audio and missing shots (I’m sure they used a different source for the missing shot though)