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4k77 released

I think it would be a valuable discussion and as you have said, it’s not a case of calling out on any detriment on this or any other project but it seems you seem to have very valuable experience in this area. I would say yes please! It would be interesting for you to bring your own experience to the table and explain what is expected when an owner of a film asks you to restore their film and what they want and what they require and within their budget…

So these things are considered… At least I am on a simple level of understanding then.

4k77 released

If you paid attention to what I wrote that was exactly the sort of thing that needs to be avoided…

From my understanding when the prints are scanned they are scanned with light already protruding through the image anyway so that actually means that the light factor is out of the way in a sense.

I would discard specs for bulb brightness and so on because this would be for the throw distance accounting for the loss in drop off from distance to screen so the bulb brightness is simply large cinema Bright bulb small cinema normal bulb. Brighter bulb higher temperature to be expected really.

Screen material is simply trying to improve the surface reflection and better screen material would perhaps be used in the bigger cinemas but in smaller cinemas it would be a shorter throw so you don’t really get much from this one.

Color of bulb is all that it really rests on so you already shined a light when scanning but if it was not the same as a projector bulb which used to be yellowish. So in as much as in an un-technical way of saying it the cancellation occurs between the print and the bulb color only. Anything outside of this is sort of not worth considering.

4k77 released

Williarob said:

Ronster said:

Williarob said:

The DNR version is coming along quite nicely I think:



Ok so I get you are preserving the color of “the print” this is without the light shining through it…

So if this has a purpleish tone and the light from a projector has a yellowish tone would this not equate to the image looking more or less neutral basically what the home video releases tried to achieve?

I find it quite fascinating how when confronted with the problems the answers reveal themselves and you have to do the same sort of thing that has already been done but the full understanding becomes apparent?

But obviously not drastic yellow faces just it comes up neutral in most instances I would imagine.

Possibly, but surely it’s better if I give you the actual colors that are on the print than to pretend I understand the physics involved in shining a light bulb of a certain color temperature through the film with this color and reflecting it off of a white screen?

As Poita said:

poita said:

When it comes to colour, unless you are sitting in a cinema with the print, and doing your colour adjustments based on that, and revisiting them again by watching the print etc. then the grade is going to be revisionist, from a certain point of view.

However if you take a straight scan, and do a ‘one light’ correction to each reel, then the scenes will keep their colour relative to each other. i.e. you can see that the background space colour is lighter in scene 3 than in scene 2, but darker than scene 4. You can see that the Falcon walls are more towards yellow in shot 27 than in shot 14. The presentation will reatin the relative colour and shade values that the original had, so you are closer to seeing how the print looked originally.
Your base might be off, but each scene maintains its relative relationship to each other scene.

Trying to get to the original theatrical presentation colours is a very tricky exercise.

Besides, not all of the Home Video releases are neutral. This early 1982 laserdisc still has green in the wall panels, not the grey of later releases:


No complaints with your process at all, I just perhaps think that it probably overall comes in quite neutral with a light through it.

As far as projection goes there is no 100% value that could be ascertained.

You have various makes and models of projectors and their bulb counterparts which might vary in the light and temperature they put out. You also have to factor in distance drop off from the screen and also what the screen material was as some are more reflective than others. All in all there would be no particular average. All I am saying is if the bulb it slightly tinted yellow which they were… And the print is sort of purple then that would make sense as when combined they cancel out being a variant of neural with a bit of warmth.

That is all really, what I am saying is it’s nothing very drastic from what you have with a light through it. It won’t be radically different from what you have now just that it probably lands on neutral-ish color.

4k77 released

Williarob said:

The DNR version is coming along quite nicely I think:



Ok so I get you are preserving the color of “the print” this is without the light shining through it…

So if this has a purpleish tone and the light from a projector has a yellowish tone would this not equate to the image looking more or less neutral basically what the home video releases tried to achieve?

I find it quite fascinating how when confronted with the problems the answers reveal themselves and you have to do the same sort of thing that has already been done but the full understanding becomes apparent?

But obviously not drastic yellow faces just it comes up neutral in most instances I would imagine.

Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm


This is a slightly tweaked cap on the 1992 Mitsubishi LD

Home video Color but I think the skin tones are good.

Wonder if something along these lines would interest you for that part at the start?

Doubt it would apply across the whole film many of the stills you have are great medal shot and some of the others. Anyway I think this home video release might be worth looking in to?

Perhaps too saturated?

I just think this is totally channeling the 70’s and that is all I personally want that nobody ever does… I just can’t help but feel this has a Authenticity about it and that is really what people at home want.

Probably a bit less the Bias saturation and clean the blue crap out the walls.

4k77 released

ZigZig said:

LD Mitsubishi
LD Mitsubishi SWE

Not trying to take anything away from the achievement of your release but wow! Never seen anything of the Mitsubishi version…

I think that one looks the best color in my opinion on that shot.Obviously far less detail, but Curious What the rest of it is like.

Fancy doing another shot for fun?

Did anyone else vouch for going with the Mitsubishi color grading on this part? If you do shot by shot

Skin and cheeks looks the best although it still not 100% correct it’s pretty good skin tones.

The ANH:SE Redux Ideas thread (Radical Ideas Welcome).

Ronster said:

Sticking to what I do best…

Death Star Core Chronology Fix. (small edit)

Video now matches the sound mix when the video was cut together it was cut in the wrong order so the sound and video did not match. Simply re-arranging the footage and it now works seamlessly with the sound mix as it was intended to.

Re-did this video it now has the whole sequence (I Think?) in chronological order the sound mix was complete for the practically 90% of the re-arrangement. It’s slightly shorter but it’s also tighter and flows much better.

Anyway it’s the best I could do and I think it’s pretty pleasing. Although I wish I had of used different blaster sounds on the couple of occasions I added them but needless to say that is good as it shows where sound was missing. But I would choose different sounds and add sound for the stormtrooper Leia bags when he lands on the floor.

Anyway enjoy this sort of preservation / fan edit I can’t make up my mind what it is perhaps a bit of both?

I thought I had better add it’s only done in rough. But it’s about the timing and chronology and it does need a bit of smoothing out here and there (audio) but I never used any surround mix or center channels did it straight off a stereo track. So given that also it should be a doddle to get this polished audio wise impeccably, and also have a nice video track also. But rough edits are a good way to explore and discover.

I do realize I replied to my self but I found the missing audio part in this trailer so this Is could actually be quite a nice edit to do with the sound of the storm trooper falling on the floor.

For what it is worth I think it has more potential than just an edit as It would restore some audio also whilst fixing the order of events. Nice find anyhow.

Oliver Reed Final Interview

I recently got my hands on a press kit for Gladiator by Ridley Scott on the Disc contained an Interview with Oliver Reed which does not feature on the DVD releases so is a rarity.

I figured it was worth uploading and sharing for fans of Gladiator and of Course the Late Oliver Reed as I imagine this would have been one of his final interviews before he passed away.

Oliver Reed Interview link Below

Kind Regards

Movie Preservation and Home Media: An Opinion

Ryan-SWI said:

Ronster said:

This is why I like DVD so much still to this day.

Nothing had to be re-created as you say.

Are we talking about modifications from the original DCP to home media? Because I can name plenty of DVDs that suffered similar issues plaguing BDs, like DNR. Prime example given the website; The Phantom Menace.

Sorry let me explain I like older DVD’s where they were more straight up transfers not cleaned up with dirt and scratches and pops and so on.

I don’t mind watching films with pristine presentation either but most of my favorite DVD’s are totally imperfect and have not been digitally enhanced or scrubbed clean. Basically what ChrisRudd said and you have to find the best releases which you prefer.

It really upsets me that Most projects now are of very large file sizes. Anything SD for a project in the community is off the table. Most people I know download a movie to watch whilst travelling away or abroad on flights and so on. Nobody is going to carry around a 50 Gigabyte file on a USB stick or on their laptops, tablets or phones. But for all the good projects here and elsewhere only a small few have catered for the casual travel trip or mobile device or released in SD. Sitting there trying to download huge files for days is also irksome and I basically personally pass up most projects because of file sizes alone put me off not because I did not like or appreciate what a project for what they wanted to achieve.

Anyway not so much a rant but I have lost interest in it all now and have decided that it is now time to step away from the UHD video elite people because I don’t like it all anymore. I feel that all the new technology and digital video editing software has somehow driven the Heart and the sole of many old films from an effort to preserve also begins a new form of destruction. In a community that everything must be all pristine and of the highest quality.

Personally I don’t care what quality something is but to preserve the material in any form is the most important thing.

I bought a CD press kit for gladiator recently and it’s lower than SD quality even but it has more of interview of the special features with the late great Oliver Reed in it that you probably won’t have seen before. This is something perhaps worth preserving but for all my efforts they get lost in amongst the video elite who only care for UHD HDR 8k super video HFR mega TV. And this is why for me I give up with it all now.

Movie Preservation and Home Media: An Opinion

This is why I like DVD so much still to this day.

Nothing had to be re-created as you say. I don’t think anyone really budgeted for having to re-do every films color.

It was a severe under sight and as we continue to Ram higher Resolutions HDR HFR what ever other different methods.

As you say nobody gives a monkey’s what anything used to look like.

Perhaps people should start de-facing Leonardo Da-vinci paintings in Museums like coloring books or dot to dot 😃

This should be treated like Food Standards at the end of the day.

Blu-rays and 4K have no proper consumer Standards nor do they have to advertise themselves as cheap fakes. “This film has been modified from it’s original theatrical presentation”

Another one should Definitely be “This film no longer contains the original theatrical Audio it was presented with”

But on the flip side of this is that… Who ever said that a home video release was meant to be the same as going to the cinema? So in that aspect they can do what they want really and they don’t feel guilty about not representing the work of art in Home Video / Streaming and so on. Thus we don’t have consumer labels about the ingredients of any media release.

But if enough people complained then something eventually would be done about it.

Even physical media is a virtual representation of the art that is in a film can or on tape or whatever. Home Media has always been a re-production that is not the same as holding the actual Art in your hand. And there’s no budget for it to be such a quality re-production unless in a few rare instances.

The only thing all this new Technology is good for is Big Corporate and Advertising anything to do with Art is way down the list it’s probably not even given much consideration, just keep the machines churning out and getting you buying the next “best” thing.

Only when Broadcast even get’s better than 720p can you start considering a moderate budget fo all this early tech guimea pig shennanigans.

The Terminator (1984) - Original Theatrical Mono Preservation

well after listening again last night, It seems that someone else mixed the future war scenes, as they sound very different.

But across the whole mix it’s as though it has a really strong High Pass Filter.

I think the best approach will be to first Handle the Music and then look at any sound effects. It’s a real shame that it sounds the way it does. Not in terms of it’s content just that It was not done right.

The Terminator (1984) - Original Theatrical Mono Preservation

Owen Curtis said:

can someone send me a link to download this preservation please

I have not finished it yet.

This Part future remembered and the Infiltrator flashback are restoring music and remix sections

Preservation Parts are scattered throughout primarily to fix music. it’s around 7 or 8 total music issues of the soundtrack (Brad Fiedel) not being quite right. Perhaps a hint of Thunder.

As for any other Sound don’t have a proper list but parts that spring to mind are…

Teleport Arrival sound (have no desire to alter what is there but I would like for it to have some small amount of Bass at the apex)

When Reese reverses into the cop car in the alley this sounds a bit muted this may just need amplification or extra sound added for effect.

I’ll be looking at add in’s for the explosions but for again added bass or improved sound on these.

Changing… well added to the sound of Reese’s Pulse Rifle no other gun sound changed.

So the general idea is preserve the music score and fix those issues. Improve frequency range in the mix where it will count and give it a bit more oomph but without straying from the original sound effects if possible. I don’t want to change the sound of the film but supplement it with more range as and where possible.

I think really In summary it’s a way of extending the life span of the mono mix in the modern day and giving it more consistency but it is more focused on the music than anything else.

The Terminator (1984) - Original Theatrical Mono Preservation

I have been looking at Terminator Quite a bit recently and I don’t know if there will be much interest in this.

But I am looking at doing a Faux Stereo of the Mono that adds in parts of missing music and sound effects where they are either absent or sound “tinny” or “hollow” this is not so much a revision but a sort of remix, that the thinking behind it is, bring the mono mix up a couple of notches in certain areas.

There is not all that much to do on it aside from a few problem areas.

Here is a video of the main part that I felt needed a remix and the video below gives you a taste of the current state of this part.

Now you might say well it’s totally revisionist but It actually is only this part and a smattering of music restored (where sound was missing) that is actually present not fully realized i.e. you can’t hear it or has missing sound and the odd sound effect replaced. This part in the clip I posted is more of a one off compared to just restoring music.

What do you think of this idea?

Try and see past the point that it’s not quite finished but it’s close to being there.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Well that looks good so considering the old DVD and the new version share similarities of problems in the same spots, in my old DVD it looks worse than this and I had to handle these separately. I mean it was very different.

Here is what I am currently getting for Traxler and the police station (not saying this is correct at all) But it does match the scenes later. Bear in mind also that I have over saturated this as it’s what I do to see what is in there so yeah de-saturating this would be needed, but to me this is on the right track for the police station.

This is currently what I have for Technoir same as above I over saturated part of my process to see what in there and pull it about.

This is not altered very much from the original DVD it was just slightly adjusted.

My general feeling on the Hemdale dvd is in places it’s too saturated in others it is not saturated enough so I am trying to find the balance in that currently. Also I notice various shifts in green gain.

Although i have had a guess if it helps you more to have images with no changes made to them let me know. At the end of the day i am trying to help really. So if you want to see a certain shot from the Hemdale unchanged let me know and i will post it.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Dek Rollins said:

I didn’t have time to upload those this morning but I will get to it this afternoon. My grade in the shot of Arnold looking at the phone is actually really similar to the screenshot you posted here.

For the sunglasses, do you mean the shot I already have in the gallery I posted, or the puppet with glasses?

Whoops sorry man missed that pic of the Arnold in the Mirror. But instead of arnold turning around show me Sarah Connor in the street outside the pizza restaurant.

It could very well be it needs more saturation on those parts or it’s part of the issue. The Arnold in the Mirror does need the Shadow gain dropping as this was also over bright in the Hemdale DVD compared with the 35mm Frame I also pushed a bit more cyan in the mids than you I think. Red Contrast increase also springs to mind especially the arm repair scene.

Looking at it in gimp it looks like you need to drop Shadow Level (Gain Down) down push Shadow Blue Harder and possibly increase red contrast a bit. In the mids you need a small cyan tint.

I will post you setting later on for the Eye Surgery and Arm Surgery.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

When I get a chance I will post some some stills perhaps so what i Need from you is the shot of Arnie Looking in the mirror with sunglasses on (eye Surgery) and the shot of Arnold turning and looking at the answer phone after he Kills Ginger (the one I posted that still for).

Essentially it’s all about those parts where it seems this is the same master as all other versions seem to vacate the Color style at the same points. I won’t mind if you don’t agree with those bits but I am trying to find out whats going on with those bits.

It seems the later transfers sorted out the Hue Fluctuations anyway. What I will do is try and grade those shots the same as the 35mm cell and that image of arnie or close enough. And I will give you those setting and you can agree or disagree or fiddle with those settings how you like.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Yeah much better the gain levels are looking much better now.

I posted this over on Fanres as I have been looking at my Old DVD…

A few things I noticed while looking at my original Hemdale DVD of the Terminator. I think the transfer might be out on hue slightly

Some shots are more so in the Wrong Hue -

Dump truck at the beginning first shot after credits
Some shots in Technoir club
Future War Terminator Infiltration
Tunnel Chase with the Bombs
Terminator when he first get’s in the truck at the end

Basically there are various shots and parts littered throughout in the wrong Hue,

On the opening future war sequence 2 shots are placed in the wrong order… It should be Robot Tank flashlight then the Tank Tracks then back to the upper body with Gun Shooting.

When the Cops first try to call Sarah Connor the answer phone is Purpleish. As of this momment much of the correct Color for Gingers apartment and the Technoir Club is strangely missing up until they leave by the back door into the alley. It’s like the film is suddenly not stylized for quite a period of time. The purplish color is completely absent for the night scenes gingers apartment and the club in the transfer and I would also assume further transfers. I think this is an error. The Police station does not carry the purplish grade though that is meant to juxtapose with a different feel. A production still on the back of the hemdale DVD also backs up the outside of the Club should be blue lit and the original Teaser trailer with the concept art whilst inside we have reds pinks purples and blue lights.

Strange Color on Stop Motion Terminator shots.

I found that the film was very desaturated compared to the deleted scenes by about 40-50%

Bearing in Mind that battle at the end A still on the back of the DVD shows a cyan type of light which in parts the Hemdale DVD looks like this but the vast majority of the time it is more purple / blue. I think the Hemdale is correct mostly at the end but where it goes Cyan it is actually meant to be Purple / Blue like the rest of the film. So It seems that the film is shifting about a bit and it would also seem certain shots or parts were treated differently or processed in a different way. So in summary the film is a bit all over the place but stick with the purple / blue and you find it is what comes up on top and the image is good like this it feels intended. The later releases have the warehouse by and large devoid of this blue / purple tint and devoid of the colored light.

Where is the music by Brad Fiedel that features in the final trailer?

Interesting this official music video has the blue tint in the apartment but still not much difference in the technoir club, And various cyan vs purple / blue tints

This is basically what I got and I think this is correct or along these lines

This was from the Terminator fans

Also of note the Terminator eye Surgery scene need extra tint added (cyan) and darkening it’s over bright in the transfer.

Basically it’s a screwed up Master but there is evidence to suggest that certain parts need a little extra help to get it where it needs to be.

So FYI look at doing extra grading separated off from your current Grade especially Gingers apartment and Technoir sequence and the eye surgery scene in particular as these are way off from the master.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Dek Rollins said:

Thanks. I’m not a wizard at color correction, and I still can’t figure out how to bring back the colorful glow to lightbulbs.

I think what you have done looks good.

What do you mean glow to Light Bulbs?

Often If I am looking at color and especially Lights are a great thing to observe to get the right look and gain levels… Generally what I tend to do is look at the vector scope. I will put the levels of the High Color level up (gain) or I will reduce the level of the Mid’s gain to make the highlights pop more also. The Bottom levels I generally tend to use a combination of giving a slight bit more level so as you can increase the contrast and looking at your vector scope use the contrast to bring the line back to zero.

Hope that helps.

Looking at this it seems you need to raise the level gain a bit at the bottom and marry that with contrast but you will see when you do that which color is higher away from zero using the vectorscope.

I regraded your Technoir Frame to try to match the 35mm Print

Settings as follows

Shadows level +114.68%
Color Wheel - 307.01 degrees 5.82%

Middle Level +107.38%
Color Wheel - 264.53 degrees 29.25%

Highlights +139.29%
Color Wheel -105.74 degrees 11.82%

Saturation Master -0.98%
Contrast Master +15.31%

Red Contrast +3.26%
Green Contrast -4.56%
Blue Contrast +12.70%

Red Brightness -2.93%
Red Gain -4.23%
Green Gain -0.65%
Blue Gain -10.42%

Hue +4.46% (This was the most important as it’s in the wrong Hue)
Saturation 0.33%
Value 3.91%

This might get you on the right track but it looks like that shot is probably an oddity in the grand scheme of things or the club itself is out of Hue in places.

Interestingly there is a photo on the back of my Hemdale DVD that shows the light in the warehouse at the end has a turquoise or cyan tint in the video it is sort of purple so there might be a case for it being in the wrong hue in numerous parts.

Conan the Barbarian TV cut version (20 minutes shorter approx)

So here is the Battle of the mounds uncut reconstruction.

I labeled moved shots, flipped shots and so on. It plays out a bit differently as it was quite jumbled up.
Censorship card for censored shots
Missing scene Cards with photo of scene.

Never did a video like this before but I think it is informative.

Hope you enjoy it for what it is a reconstruction and It’s not far off being correct I think it took quite a bit of scrutiny to get to this conclusion. But I suppose this falls into the realm of fantasy preservation projects without all the material available but nevertheless a wish to show a framework and how it might have gone if it had not been messed about with.

Please do give your opinions, I think this is probably my favorite film or one of my favorite films and I like it how it is, but I would sincerely love to see it without the silly censorship and properly extended and re-cut.

I actually cant think of a better classic film to have an uncut version made for it?

This or American werewolf in London are probably the 2 most sought after uncut versions and Braveheart. That would be around top 3 in my book. But like I said dream preservation uncut project the only way to perhaps get any clout and support for it is to show what is missing try to figure it out!

But there is more than just the battle scenes missing.

Approximation of Full uncut Version

  1. Shot of Map over opening Narration = 0 seconds
  2. Shot of Conan over opening Narration = 0 seconds
  3. Shot of Moonset (Reddish) after The Riddle of Steel Sequence (Dawn) = 3 seconds
  4. Conan’s Mother Protects Young Conan Killing a Soldier after the main Battle = 5 seconds
  5. Earthquake (Alternative Freedom Sequence) = 0 seconds
  6. Extra Dialogue wolfwitch = 40 seconds
  7. Extra Dialogue Between Subotai and Conan (Exchange of Professions) = 30 seconds
  8. Shadazir Introduction Short Dialogue (city of thieves) Long Shot Matte Painting Missing (Civilization) = 0 seconds
  9. Thief tries to steal Conan sword arm chopped off and the snake cult procession = 90 Seconds
    Unused music -
  10. Water Wheel set on Cliff Top Missing “You know what’s in there?” = 10 Seconds
  11. Tower of Set Gardens and ascent footage missing Valeria introduces herself = 25 Seconds (unused music)
  12. Valeria Prizes a Jewel from the Wall = 7 Second
  13. Flash Back of THulsa Doom Condensed allowing Extra footage of Subotai to warn Conan and the snake to Lunge (Matching the sound mix) = 0 seconds
  14. Renting tHe Yurt and Sharing their past (Pitfighter Slave scars) = 20 Seconds
  15. Miniature of King Osrics Castle Day and and Extended Dialogue in the Hall of the King Dawn at Shadazir ditance Matte = 20 Seconds
  16. Extended Thulsa Doom Speech at the mountain of Power = 60 seconds
  17. Fangs of the serpent Suicide = 5 seconds
  18. King Osrics Castle Night Minature and Rexor asks for Princess Hand for Thulsa Doom leading to King Osrics Death = 60 Seconds
  19. Exrta Dialogue after so this is Paradise? Conan “What now?” Subotai “Let’s Watch a while they will tire” Replaces a couple James Earl Jones shots. = 0 seconds
  20. After great Pillar falls alternative footage of Conan taking the princess Subotai with his Bow = 0 seconds
  21. Replacing Moby Dick scene - Wizard asks “you plan to stay here?” Conan “until our Guests arrive” Wizard “Many Battles were fought here. The grass and Corn grow high because the land has drank so much blood.” = 9 seconds
  22. Wizard Run’s off to Hide = 4 seconds
  23. Numerous cuts to the Battle = 5 seconds
  24. Extra Guard Taken out at Thulsa Dooms Palace and Thulsa Dooms Body rolls down the steps. = 5 seconds

Uncut +7 minutes 36 seconds approx

Conan the Barbarian TV cut version (20 minutes shorter approx)

I have been Studying The Conan Completist Deleted and Alternate scenes found here.

In terms of the way deleted and alternative content works I wish to run through the film and estimation of how much is actually missing. you will have to open the link in a new tab to follow my descriptions on the points.

Conan Narration - Concerning the Shot used in Conan the Destroyer taken from Conan the Barbarian footage this does not work over the Mako Narration. Although we have a Black screen for the Narration A snippet of this shot may have been earmarked but assume if there was footage it was World Building and scenery or matte paintings Setting up Hyboria. No time difference swap black screen for footage.

Apparently It was meant to be a map of Europe Africa and Asia but then it would dissolve into a map of Hyboria…

Riddle of Steel - Nothing Missing

Riders of Doom - Yes Conan’s Mother Kills a soldier 4-5 seconds Nothing else is really missing

Wheel of Pain - Cuts but Nothing Missing

Pitfight - Cuts but purposeful montage / Alternate Montage is possible either way it’s brief.

Enslaved - Extended Montage again It’s Brief momments nothing much.

Earthquake - Nothing Missing (Alternative path to freedom)

The Thing in the Crypt - Nothing Missing

Lizard on a stick - Cut but ultimately not needed.

Mammoth Sighting - Nothing Missing but funny

Pickpocket - Short Snippet yes Missing scene showing lawlessness

The procession - Yes Missing Scene in connection with the lawless world comes a procession showing a different way of life although under the notion of peace is something more sinister. The scene above and this one is all part of the same sequence.

Tower of the Serpent - Yes Missing Scenes in Garden and tower ascent

The Beast with 3 eyes - The So called Beast with 3 eyes is the same type of masked Thug that stirs the human soup pot in the orgy chamber except that guy had his ears chopped off or missing. If he was up the top of the tower it was a quick kill But very doubtful… Valeria takes jewels from the wall yes small deleted scene here.

The Sacrificial Pit - It is not a Version A or Version B so much as the Flashback was over explained or over extended Possibly. Either Losing the shot of James Earl Jones or the Symbol at the village, when the Flashback is condense… This allows Subotai to come down the tunnel Point at the snake warning Conan; Conan turns as the snake lunges. The Audio Mix also reflects the sequence that the snake lunges with a hiss this then continues on to Conan Stabbing the snake. Alternative footage and scene order no time difference.

Love yurt - Small cuts missing showing each other there Slave collar scars potential Flash back of Valeria pit fighting here. This established what they had in common they came from the same sort of place.

King Ozric - Yes shortened Meeting with Max Von Sydow Kings Death is Missing and Snake cult Priest asking for Daughters Hand in Marriage. Also Not mentioned The Minature of King Ozrics Wooden Castle was not Shown in an establishing shot.

Back Home - Nothing Missing

Mountain of Power - Yes James Earl Jones Speech shortened

Tortured - Yes Shortened (But I got the gist…)

Fangs of the Serpent - Yes Missing Scene

Tree of Woe - Nothing really missing Comedy cut from tree of Woe for good reason

The Orgy Chamber - I am not so sure that there is So much Time Missing although Alternative Material is at play here (Censorship). Particularly the shot Thogrimm looking in confusion after the Big Pillar falls lingers far too long this replaces Subotai firing an arrow and Conan taking the princess on his shoulders.

The Princess - Cuts Shortened scene perhaps stronger for it? This touches on the marriage plot between Thulsa Doom and Yasminia. This was redundant as it would have been covered in the Death of King Ozric Deleted scene.

Moby Dick Scene - I think it should have remained cut

Battle of the Mounds - I have looked into this and a video will follow soon on various editing errors and cuts.

Finale - Although the article does not mention there is another Guard killed by Conan before He faces off against Thulsa Doom atop the temple other than that possible alternative material that was more graphic…

Epilogue - Nothing is Missing

In Summary as far as story goes the marriage sub plot between Thulsa Doom and Princess Yasmina was removed aswell as Valerias pit fighting Slave History.

In Terms of Censorship cuts We are looking at about +25-30 seconds tops without considering Conans torture as most will fall into alternate (cover) shots with a couple of exception.

In terms of some other shortening this is natural aside from (James Earl Jones) Thulsa Doom Speech and the Tower of Set Gardens and ascent and Death of King Ozric. The Procession and Pickpocket scene were I would imagine the point of realization that they would assault the Tower of Set, as they were high as kites and that does not tally up so the conscious decision was made upon a hilltop to assault the tower.

So all in all I would imagine it’s falling short of a uncut version by about 7 minutes approximately.

Whilst Looking at the Valeria’s Funeral Pyre scene I noticed that the music repeated itself awkwardly… As I looked into it further I also noticed that there was missing Narration by Mako the Wizard that ended up in Conan the Destroyer. So I put this rough Clip together although I think the footage is perhaps in the wrong order as per the original scene orders may need a shuffle the Dissolve is essentially missing (or it might not be?). The important note is that the Jewel (Eye of the Serpent) Flash and then the Pyre Erupt were simultaneous and this connection was lost slightly in editing due to the botched audio and the missing Dissolve.

Video here of Fix to Pyre scene.

Anyway I thought fans might find this small clip interesting. Interestingly at the end Conan has the Torch back in his Hand and throws it on the ground again on the last shot of the sequence… Basically what I think is that I got it slightly wrong but the narration is correct and it does make very clear a few editing errors on this part. Needs further inspection for correct scene order sound effects, continuity and so on. I imagine the last shot should be the Shot of the Pyre in the sequence so the last shot currently and magic eruption might come earlier? Wait a bit on this one. I thought it was important as “Valeria” is never mentioned in name in the film apart from this missing narration by Mako.

The Battle of the mounds battle will follow and that if far more interesting stay tuned for the analysis. The only Hope for a Further re-cutting of the Film would ultimately come to rest on Scwarzenegger as John Milius is Ill and it’s a shame further time was not invested into a full uncut version.

When you see the Battle of the Mounds analysis you will be crying for the uncut version!

The Purpose of this thread is going to change a bit… Going to explain the main censorship cuts to the x-rated version at the least.

copy of script below

Gone in 60 Seconds and the films of H.B. Halicki Preservation

funnily enough I just bought 4 Electronic press kits cd-roms and DVD and gone in 60 seconds is one of them with free preview of a game.

Anyway the other 3 other cdrom / DVD press kits were the main reason for the purchase.

Saving Private Ryan
Frost vs Nixon

If there is anything on it worth sharing I will share it here but keeping my fingers crossed for anything unique.

Next time you record VHS audio make sure you eliminate the HUM

Whoops I never knew there was a 2000 (Nicholas Cage) remake anyway thanks for putting it on the Radar.