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Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition (BACK ON TRACK WITH EMANSWFAN AT THE HELM--SEE POST 1488 OR OP FOR A LINK!)

It sounds like you have most of the ideas you need to get started with this and the structure you are suggesting is definatley the way to go dagobah before tatooine and cut back on the endor battle whist expanding the space battle.

Not killing Bobba Fett is an interesting idea also only just read this one and for him to carry out a later sub plot is even more intriging.

I would like to ask that the music that plays at the end of this edit should be across the stars and not the main star wars I think this would work better, during / after seeing luke cremating his father and make it alot more dramatic and give it more heart whilst tieing it to anakins past.

I do not like the prequel trilogy all that much but this particular piece of music was just amazing

thanks for reading anyway and good luck with this. If you don't mind I might chip in some ideas but I am not talented enough to do all the Art/ video work but i do get good inspration from time to time.

Info: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

Hi all who frequent these Forums,

Making sense of Hoth - Strucural Edit

I have been trying to work out another way to structure  the Hoth battle In my head for the last few Months, my main ambition was to show Vader coming down to the planet and snow troopers doing a ground assault. Now this is an extremely crude / rough cut think of it more as structure than what I would hope to see. Unfortunatly you will need to use your imagination in this as any scene without a Hoth Backdrop or Matte you will need to imagine it is composited there lol :)

Any footage used from the original Trilogys consider the main object on screen / Character composited on Hoth and a good shot to use perhaps(Bar Obi-wan).

I used some footage from Imps chapter 2 just to get the feel of when the ground assault should happen and certainly do not propose using this footage but you would have to film people dressed as snow troopers to accomplish a true assault with planned shots.

I used a couple of peoples cgi footage namley Alanfae for the gun shots you posted just to improve the feel and starchoob for a downed AT-AT because I think they are good ideas so complete credit to other talented people I do not do CGI obviously, but hope I would inspire people who do CGI to perhaps play with this idea. Hope you don't mind me using your work / rough cuts but I agree with your ideas that is all and I hope you do not slag me off for doing so.

If you think the idea I had is crap / good then just say so, but this is along the structure lines of what I want to see for a Hoth Battle someday and try to make the battle a bit more logical in a way I hope whilst bringing Vader into the battle somewhat by killing a rebel will give the impression that he would want to kill Han / Leia at this point and not capture as we learn later to ultimatly get to luke before any intervention later by the emporer.

It would be alot of work though to do this properly... But not impossible there is a way and probably somone may have a better idea than me after seeing this.... That is the main purpose or you may feel it is pointless.

Try not to Laugh too much :)

Change list

1.Chewbaccas stolen AT-ST footage from ROTJ inserted for assaults on trenches. needs composite to Hoth

2.Rebels destroy that AT-ST again from ROTJ but Flipped needs composite but works well as an exchange as the dish gets targeted and destroyed by AT-AT's immediatly after the AT-ST is Destroyed.

3.Alanfae idea of guns fire back footage used because it needs it.

4.Star Choobs Downed AT-AT FX because It works well to show the shield is down on the AT-AT.

5.Opening Shots from  ROTJ Flipped lambda shuttle approach to echo base on hoth also needing composite to Hoth

6.Lukes Crashed paused at last frame but would also benefit from slowed reversed video of first few frames before grabbing the saftey harness in the next exterior shot to make more "real".

7.IMPS Footage to help attempt to show ground assault by Snow troopers. Difficulty with the AT-ATs as no distinguishing marks on them as this would be happening in a seperate place not above luke as it looks here. Completly new Snowtrooper footage at this point. I know this is a little bit jumbled but i was only considering it as a marker. Stormtroopers don't always miss!!

8.Retreat from the trenches footage moved to this point.. This would mean new Rebel footage retreating on the open ice fields and / or snowspeeder later and not trenches...

9.ESB SE 2004 Footage of Vader Debarking Lambda shuttle flipped needing composite and rebel lasers incoming.

10.Vader kills a rebel (Flipped shot of final blow to Obi-wan) replace Obi-Wan with a rebel to slay perhaps he could even bounce a laser bolt away from him.Needing Composite.

Vader is now in the battle Empire Victory is off screen from radio transmission "Imperial Troops have entered the base." This gives continuity to the scene where Vader Actually enters the base later on. we also know that he fought to get there and was a key part of the Empires Victory.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

RE Bespin escape

at 0.52 you have added a spark type thing to the storm trooper that gets hit and in the original no effects were inserted at all so your obviously aware of the neglect in the original.

I found some footage of pyrotechnics you could perhaps use that does seem roughly equivqlent to what was used probably on set when filming or alternativley you could hire a pyrotechnic detonator and buy the actual pyrotechnics for not that much money and green screen the actual pyrotechnic detonating. Find a stage Lighting Hire company for this.

anyway the clip that might work 720p white air bursts

I like the 3rd one personally, but this is the sort of effect needed at 0.52 in your clip I think to keep it the same as the other storm troopers getting hit by lasers. Hope this helps....



STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

doubleofive said:


Captain Antilles said:

Ady, would I be correct in assuming that the audio in the Christmas clip is just temp audio?


That would explain it perhaps. It needs to be alot louder being that close to the POV.

the lower frequencies of the sound should be increased at that close range also... if it still does not sound right then use a different sample alltogether. .


STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
Thanks for the reply adywan, I understand that there are issues with modern films today, and they way they feel you need to be spoon fed everything and yes this is bad, but there are also problems with old films too, whatever you end up doing with ESB Revisited is up to you, as it is your project ultimately. The posts I have made are only for the purpose of how to stop vader from springing up in places constantly in this movie like a jack in the box. The only one that works is when Lando opens the Door and he is in the dining room on Cloud City. The rest of it are big Gaps in the original even with taking it back to "bring my shuttle" Vader practically is star wars, it is all about his life more than anyone elses... That does not mean we need to follow him around constantly in this movie or any other but he deserved more transition than was allocated to him. Why do we need to see luke fly from hoth to dagobah? or Dagobah to Bespin? So that we can see the transition.... Lucas tried to address Vaders transition at the end and messed it up... I hoped you could fix it, Lucas did not do what he did it just for the sake of it either... but overdone it thats all of all the things that needed fixing it is Vaders transitions more than anything else in Empire strikes back...Oh and the Wampa lol everything else is superfluous, and simply taking it back to the original.... Search your feelings you know it to be true lol Bringing ESB up to date unfortunatly means Hankering a bit to new film making too?. I want to figure it out ... it can be done though somehow even if you do not think it neccessary. There is a way to fix Vaders Transitions proper. And it would be cool to see also! How would you do it, if you wanted to bring Vader down to Hoth?
STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

ImperialFighter said:

Some interesting ideas in your post there, but just to confirm a couple of things, in case you're unaware - adywan has already decided to remove the solitary AT-ST altogether for his version, as it isn't seen before or afterwards in the footage (although someone had the notion to 'blow it up' in the second shot it's seen in, which I quite liked, lol...)

...and he's also decided he'd rather remove the SE additional shots of Vader's shuttle flying towards the Executor (which I kinda like - apart from the wrong 'Executor' colouring - as they only appear before the brunt of the Falcon/TIE chase and don't really interfere with the pacing of it this point)...and is also removing the SE shots of Vader's shuttle landing in the 'Executor' bay, along with Vader disembarking afterwards (which are shots I despise, as those absolutely *do* destroy the overall pacing of the chase/score at this point), and Vader will simply be heard to say "Bring my shuttle!" once again.

While I quite liked the initial brief extra sfx of the shuttle/'Executor' (and music cue) in the SE, I personally never had a problem with originally just seeing Vader aboard the 'Executor' later on without them...and I personally never had a problem with not seeing how Vader got down to the 'Rebel Base' on Hoth either, to be honest...

...however, you've inspired me Ronster! - You've made me realise there *is* a potential, simpler way to show how Vader got down to the planet, which wouldn't really affect the pacing too much I reckon...but it would come earlier than what you've described in your post.  So just for speculation's sake, I'll post the screenshots/details over the next couple of days for you when I find time. :)

Thanks for your reply Imperial Fighter.

I did not know about the exclusion of the AT-ST, and it was actually the reason I mentioned that it would help continuity to see it again, and would by it's design be more at the front line with the AT-AT sitting further back on the battle field. If it's not in then it's not in and can see why that decision was made as it probably helps continuity more to get rid of it all together.

I think the transition to the executor is a mess in the Special Edition and my thoughts on it are use "bring my Shuttle" and only use the shot of the lamda shuttle departing bespin and flying towards the executor probably inserted just after Luke drops onto the falcon. But if it is all going to be cut then so be it, I think it does help keep continuity though, and thats my take on it.

I am glad my posted Ideas inspired you... I would love to see any mock up image / video you could throw together to see if there *is* a way it can be done to bring Vader down to Hoth. Especially the omitted SE Docking bay scene with Vader walking down the ramp on a replaced hoth background / Shield generator in ruins. I would be Forever grateful :) and worth it just for fun!

As you can probably tell, my ideas do not want to ruin the pace but try to be crafty with it, without trying to do any new shots at all only to add subtle elements but I am really not in the know on this subject and what can and cannot be done and look good and not ruin things in the process. I look forward to seeing whatever you can come up with!

One more idea I have had as you proposed to perhaps show the shuttle earlier in the battle sequence there is an opportunity I spotted but it would be a new shot immediatley after luke crashes his snowspeeder [REF VID 3.01] as the music piece ends and would not affect pace at this point, and luke could just be unconscious almost a little cliff hanger, perhaps even pause at the last frame just a bit longer to make him look out cold. then Perhaps insert a flip shot from the begining of return of the Jedi with the Lamda shuttle and 2 ties fly towards the camera composited on a Hoth Matte? then cut back to Luke scrambling to free himself from the cockpit but also slow the first few frames and cue the music a bit later so it looks like he is just coming around to consciousness again.

Any way hope this extra input may inspire you furthur? Good Luck Imperial Fighter

just watched the new vid and it is really good although I think the sound of Vaders Light Sabre retracting needs to be more prenounced in the mix. the core looks so much better though.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Mithrandir said:

Davnes007 said:

aalenfae said:

...a little video of suggestions for Adywan the other month, if anybody cares to take a look:

(Fixed da linky - there was an extra space at the end)

I really like the idea of Vader having his saber lit up, and ready for action when he enters the base.


On a slightly off-topic, techie note: Why was the frame rate of the video so...bad/weird?



I like the idea of Vader being more willing to kill in the shots, though I don't think having him have the lightsabre on is a very subtle way.

Remember OT is almost medieval-like in some aspect (before PT came up with more shit), with knights, princesses, etc. I always figured out that, unlike the Jedi, Vader only drews his sabre against other knights; as if only someone of his status deserves to die by his blade. A rather superb, an ancient-regime thought btw, something that someone over confident and fond of his ego like vader or any sith could believe. In fact, I think that's something that could be eventually pulled out as an interesting line in future PT:R.

We see Obi Wan attack the guy in the cantina with his sabre. Luke uses his sabre for chopping out the AT AT in Hoth, and later he uses it in the whole Jabba thing. But we never see that of Vader.

Those who are "lesser beings" always die choked, or in some other way that doesn't imply the sith lord moving a finger.

Again, a very medieval thought, and an interesting approach to what Jedi and Sith could believe of knighthood.


But even if this video is nice and insteresting, there's one thing I don't really like, cause it brings Vader down to real life. It's between 1:23 and 1:26, when he walks and has to evade an obstacle, passing between two pillars of the base. I always felt that part, even in the theatrical release, looks ackward and TVish. NOTHING can stand in vader's way if we don't want him to become some quotidian villain.


Hi all Revisited fans

My first Post on here but, like some of these ideas on the video posted above... I know what people are saying about vader walking through the base with his lightsabre on but I actually think it does make him more scary and menacing so well done on that, it does work in this respect even if people feel it is not aesthically correct for vader to do so. I Like the troops disembarking because it was a very fresh idea.

Reference Video -

I have posted on the you tube channel for revisited but thought I would post my idea here to also see what others think of seeing vaders shuttle approach towards the end of the Hoth Battle.with reference to Vader getting to Hoth to Enter the Base he Obviously arrives via Lamda Shuttle probably with Tie Escorts. A Vader shuttle reveal might work in the scene immediatley after the AT-AT destroyed by luke falls over...  there is a shot of an AT-AT shooting at troops fleeing [5.01 REF VID]. Perhaps to  see the Shuttle with tie escorst in the  far distance in this shot and they could be travelling from the  right to the left and down in formation and then turning towards still in the distance with escort ties departing up this should be only very subtle though. The final shot of the shuttle only should be after the line "distance to power generators" it then cuts to the scene of the AT-AT shooting the snow speeder... [5.11 REF VID] Basically the shuttle should pass behind the AT-AT but fairly medium distance and carry on off screen to the left and this would make it look as if the snow speeder was attempting to pursue the shuttle only to be shot down by the AT-AT as it turns to chase. I think this would up the ante because the general has it in mind that he has already told vader to make his approach and the shield would be down in momments.


We will then have the new footage of the destroyed power generator model which presumably will cut to han and leia falling over after the explosion then running through the tunnel past c3po.


[5.55 REF VID] Immediatley after this, take the added docking bay executor scene from the ESB SE 2004 For Vader returning to the Executor from Bespin (which is being omitted I hope) and composite as foreground element only the Shuttle when Landed shot of vader walking off the shuttle. The background matte could be of the smoldering shield generator model Adywan has meticulously put together or destroyed for that matter ; with perhaps some snow troopers and a cut and paste AT-ST from ROTJ to come into frame as the camera pans and Vader walks down the ramp onto Hoth the best AT-ST could be the one that Han radio's in from to finally get into the ROTJ shield generator for the death star on Endor. I say put an AT-ST in the background only because we saw it marching ahead earlier when luke hits the ground  The AT-ST Should shoot after it's head turns to either blow open a hole or door if that footage could be used.  Finally Resume the footage of the rebel base invasion with Vader and the snow troopers coming in after the explosion. The Docking bay footage should probably flip so it looks like new footage but the feet of the AT-ST are not visible so some rocks or somthing might be needed to hide that in the composite....or whatever would work best. I feel these additions if they would work would truly bring Vader into the Battle on Hoth because for me it's a big gripe and I have thought long and hard about a way of possibly Bringing Vader Down to Hoth instead of just appearing out of nowhere. Sorry but do not have the skill to do this video compositing  but if anyone wants to give this idea a try then great! Or thinks they have a better way to do it?

Even if there is another way to bring Vader down without adding too much it would be good to see.

I hope Vaders shuttle leaving Bespin flying towards the executor stays in this edit of ESB because of Continuity also.

I cannot wait to see the final version of the hoth battle even if none of this stuff happens to be in the final edit. Just hoping it will be equivalent to what Adywan did with battle of Yavin