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Del Toro's at the mountains of madness ILM Previs

Pre-Vis from scrapped at the mountains of madness a decade ago.

He’s considering agreeing to a PG-13 version which would still be good to se this project finally put to film yet If you are going to do a kid’s horror flick perhaps it should not be made at all? Or you produce a Harder R-Rated version as well as a softer kids version.

I think studios, although they do the numbers and economics. I can’t see hordes of kids flocking to an Antarctic Horror flick in their droves, so I’ll say no point on making kiddie horror flicks make proper horror flicks and be done with it.

Also to see this I think it’s a shoggoth? Nothing wrong with the design that’s pretty cool but if it was to be done this way it would have been pretty lame. Seeing to much of the creature no mystery about it’s form, the angles. It should be done in a way that rarely show’s the creature as a whole showing the various parts in a more close up fashion I feel. Anyway it’s a previz of a rig.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

This is a very interesting article on the history of the many cut’s of Dune and the Unrealised and unknown Directors cut.

Apogee (John Dykstra) production binder before they left the production and another Effects house Van der Veer took over

Found the story board for Keynes (Max Von Sydow) death scene spice blow perhaps this was to go with the water of life from the baby worm scenes?

This site also has many storyboards and some real interesting ones too. Angels seen in Pauls Dream. Jessica floating in the water. It shows the hole on the Heighliner was meant to be where the Navigator was to come out obviously missing effects on that one too. Paul Atreides puking Earth wind and fire. Navigators swarming Pauls face There is some fascinating stuff there.

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - 4K Dremastered (Released!)

Fullmetaled said:

I wish the original film prints of the extended edition of the lord of the rings trilogy were out there and somebody could scan them in 4k and the cgi effects as well. so we’d get a release without digital tinkering and with a proper Dolby vision hdr grade. 😦

Yeah I kind of wish for that but the extended edits of the films are not the true extended edition and not how they were originally conceived.

Whilst not wanting to take anything away from Dr Dre’s work here… To assemble the original extended cuts of the films would be the holy grail to fans I think yet there is nothing that can be done about this as the deleted scenes are suppressed and remain under tight lock and key.

This is my reconstruction of the original prologue with the original music… However Gil Gallad is not included as how could I do that? But aside from that it’s not a bad attempt at restoring how it could have went before they chopped it up.

I would hope if Dr Dre attempted the extended editions he would put a bit of a different hat on although there is only so much that could be done to restore the Original extended versions never released but something could be done it’s just a very tricky impossible thing but you could get it some of the way there. And some of the way there might bring the film makers back again 😃

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

SpookyDollhouse said:

Ronster said:

SpookyDollhouse said:

I feel if this actually got off the ground he’d inevitably reconstruct his 4 hour cut as it was before Fox went in and did their own thing. Cuz as we know they pushed him around on set but he did what he could in the editing room before the top dogs went “nope.” I don’t think anything SFX would get changed really. Lynch isn’t super into that sort of thing to be honest.

Whilst I agree with your sentiments the fact of the matter is let’s take for instance I think it’s the 6th Draft after the Jamis fight. The Fremen with paul and Jessica set out from the rocks at dawn and go to “Sietch Tabar” chani points whilst they walk in the desert and says (sorry if there is spelling mistake) “Sietch Tabar” So this relies on having an image of this place which they may or may not have filmed. Although you could say ok don’t include the scene because we don’t have the fantastical location that does not exist. Of course it can be remedied by creating it. These sorts of films are like chicken and the egg. You can argue all day which one came first but the reality is that the egg needs the chicken just as much as the chicken needs the egg.

A Special effects film needs special effects constantly and consistantly especially one like Dune with blue eyes roto in on loads of shots but the actors and the performances are just as important. The World is important and that is something Dune did tremendously well with it’s production design.

I think the amount of work it probably would requite is daunting but at the same time it makes it much more plausible that people would want to have a go because it would be a challenge and that makes it more credible. A challenge is something that people can get behind.

It’s a beautiful film and exists how it is and doesn’t “need” anything visually redone to it. I stand by the notion that all Lynch would do is restore his initial cut and leave the rest be. He might request some minor seam corrections like what recently happened to Poltergeist but that’s all I’d realistically see. Everything else is do-it-cuz-we-can-current-year brand presentism tbh.

I don’t mind you havig that opinion at all.

Did you read the Ron Miller Article? Where he says that the effects budget was totally chopped down before they had even started shooting the effects scenes…

The physical shoot was all in the can. He was one of the main artists on the shoot.

He said that there are key effect scenes missing. That is his opinion and from his knowledge of being there. Do you think David Lynch would put the Blue eyes on the Fremen and stuff or just not bother?

I think he would but I’d like to know why you think he would not color in the Fremen eyes blue like he did before?

I myself looked at this problem previously regarding Ron Millers Comments and how to try and not CGI the film or as little as possible…

Production art of Caladan

Good Match by original Special effects artist Albert Whitlock from “The Island”

The Way West by Albert Whitlock

Creating Sietch Tabar

These 2 I think were pretty good Ideas and it would retain the Albert Whitlock look whilst also creating shot’s that they may not have. I appreciate there could be rights issues over attempting something like this but I think it would be a better approach than CGI it’s a sort of pseudo CGI but for good reason and a good cause. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. So It’s possible to do things without going down some horrible revisionary crusade and try to fill any blanks in a modest and more genuine fashion whilst retaining the look of the original film.

This Ron Miller painting may have been the “Weather… See Storms” visual for the film book. I’m not sure but it would have been better with that I feel.

The Key Special effects… I don’t know what they are exactly but I have a strong feeling the Heighliners dissolving in simply as a transparent object is nothing like what Lynch had planned. I Believe that the Image of the Heighliner was to be projected on to a water tank and then you put a drop of water to disturb and distort the image until it settles. Then you take that footage and dissolve that blurred distorted Heighliner in with the water ripple effect over your matte painting of the destination. Thus creating or showing that displacement in time and space. There are shots in the film that do use this technique it simply was not applied to the Heighliner arriving at Arrakis.

Let’s look at the trip to Arrakis in more detail…

Here we can clearly see what Caladan was to look like.

Here is the Original Painting from the film book.

So looking at the film this does not look correct at all in terms of Color.

It’s almost as if that is also Arrakis in the background and if you were to travel without moving you would change everything around the Heighliner without touching the Matte painting of the Heighliner. So the one constant would be the tube like ship and everything else changes around it? Can you see what I mean it sort of feels like the whole way this sequence works is incorrect. It’s still lovely in it’s own right but I could see potentially a numerous different ways that this could of or should have gone.

Either the ship is the dissolving distorted object if you are at the location and it is arriving or if you “travel without moving” then all of the exterior planet elements distort and dissolve so everything else changes around the Heighliner vessel ship.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

SpookyDollhouse said:

I feel if this actually got off the ground he’d inevitably reconstruct his 4 hour cut as it was before Fox went in and did their own thing. Cuz as we know they pushed him around on set but he did what he could in the editing room before the top dogs went “nope.” I don’t think anything SFX would get changed really. Lynch isn’t super into that sort of thing to be honest.

Whilst I agree with your sentiments the fact of the matter is let’s take for instance I think it’s the 6th Draft after the Jamis fight. The Fremen with paul and Jessica set out from the rocks at dawn and go to “Sietch Tabar” chani points whilst they walk in the desert and says (sorry if there is spelling mistake) “Sietch Tabar” So this relies on having an image of this place which they may or may not have filmed. Although you could say ok don’t include the scene because we don’t have the fantastical location that does not exist. Of course it can be remedied by creating it. These sorts of films are like chicken and the egg. You can argue all day which one came first but the reality is that the egg needs the chicken just as much as the chicken needs the egg.

A Special effects film needs special effects constantly and consistantly especially one like Dune with blue eyes roto in on loads of shots but the actors and the performances are just as important. The World is important and that is something Dune did tremendously well with it’s production design.

I think the amount of work it probably would requite is daunting but at the same time it makes it much more plausible that people would want to have a go because it would be a challenge and that makes it more credible. A challenge is something that people can get behind.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

If we go by the actual pacing employed on the actual Werewolf shot’s it’s a pretty sure thing that it would be pretty much over in a flash and a “Jump Scare” what ever it was. The Outtakes of the wolf running through Picadilly put text all over them rather than leave them as raw. That to me says the following.

  1. They don’t want that footage being used by people to make their own versions of the film.
  2. They might actually want to do it themselves one day

The Wheelbarrow Werewolf shot with a guy palming along in a suit is pretty impressive and it goes quite a while possibly the longest in duration of the wolf, and I guess they know the very things we have been talking about.

Request “We want a bit more of the Wolf!”

“Ok, but It’s our Wolf not yours”

Bit of a Bummer too really.

Well the point of the transformation scene was to break the mold entirely and do it like it’s never been done so yeah good shout on it perhaps being less bright but that really was the challenge not to hide in the shadows and be really shocking and not be tied into that cliche of following a standard horror formula.

And going back to the Alex Kitner raft plan view shot… Obviously the Silhouette would not have been Bruce mechanical shark but probably hand drawn animation of the Silhouette.

But I hope that sort of helps explain my views on less is more until you end up with actually less than you should have… Happens all the time though using other footage to cover up what you don’t have or can’t have or simply can not get to work.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the shot of the Raft underwater only that we stay on that for far too long and the Music does not match as it’s building we needed to change perspective about 3 or 4 times in the build up to the sad moment Alex Kitners life is taken. That does not mean we need to see anymore gore either only that the Pacing is way off and it seems they had no alternatives.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Yeah "bullshit’ I contemplated getting an old VHS and then just understood there was no point… There won’t be any differences except the red phone booth scene seemed to be omitted in some versions where he calls home to America. In other versions it was reinstated.

But those small little extra shots do feel pretty genuine although I think or atleast it looks like they shot it and then changed the design of the werewolf a bit? I think Rick Baker ended up modeling it a bit off of his pet dog in the final iteration. So I think there could be some truth that it was trimmed a bit but only like as in that clip.

So to make the actual thing work in terms of continuity it would require giving the werrwolf either a bit of a face lift or perhaps simply darkening the shot. It works that bit better I feel with the small werewolf snippets. It is a good conversation this because it highlights how delicate film making is and how a single shot can really change a scene for better or for worse. Similarly getting the music and the sound right are equally important. I think Landis made a good choice to not have Elmer Bersteins “Metamorphasis” score however it seems to me that it works amazingly at the start especiallly the hand stretching part. It is possible that a simple shot of a Radio in the flat was needed to transition to “blue moon” so both would be included. Starting Intense and then the more satirical black comedy element. You never know with these sorts of things. I reckon it would have been a “Roberts Radio” if that was the idea.

Anyway this film in terms of actually requiring these changes it is not the case. It could be a small bit better but not by much.

Restoring Dune or even I suppose Reconstructing Dune would be a massive undertaking in comparison. It is possibly more complicated than “The Good the Bad the Ugly” and “Lawrence of Arabia” combined.

But if we consider “AWIL” I think yearning to see a bit more of Rick Bakers wolf Is natural, but only a slight bit more I think would have been good.

With Dune the same principle needs to be applied only a slight bit more. If any CGI reconstruction absolutely has to happen to make it work then it should look of the time and be seemless. I don’t think anyone wants another Star Wars on there hands altough both films are showing that disjointed lack of Special effect. The less of it employed the better only what is needed with zero ectravagence.

Showing less is sometimes more but less can also be truly less. If we take for instance Jaws which truly did a good job of less is more except the Alex Kitner death scene. Instead of the camera coming closer to the raft underwater this was meant to be a plan view of the raft and the Silhouette of the shark circling around. The same technique is employed in Dune when Atreidies reach Arrakis. Instead of the big scale shots we end up with “the prophecy” a lesser incarnation of what it was intended to be. So when you replace the big scale vast shots you end up with truly less. That is a fact.

The only other Special effect dropped from jaws was to have Chief Brody reflected in the sharks Black eye.

Otherwise I think Jaws got the balance about right and the shark not working was a gift.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Hmmm yes Jenny was quite a rose was’nt she 😃

The Film so Badly needs a complete soundtrack release I think perhaps with a bit of Audio Book Dialogue or Something.

Well I suppose we can deviate a bit from Lynch and Dune.

Here is the things I found recently regarding American Werewolf…

^ Teaser Trailer

Here is a Version of the Tramp scene with some stuff changed

I think that is pretty good to be honest

This next one was ok but it needed to trimmed down properly to include the werewolf before he says “Good Lord…”

  • The Subway Kill Re-Edit like the BLack and white shot needs coloring in though

^Elmer Bernstein Score Metamorphasis alternate taken from Michael Jacksons Thriller also directed by Landis and scored by Bernstein

Yes the things you mention also sound interesting about the Glowing Eyes and the Attack on the Moors and the copper in the gutter… I think the same thing was meant to be in the Subway Tunnel the glowing eyes.

Songs that were requested to be in the film but refused rights

Cat Stevens “Moon Shadow”
Bob Dylan “Blue Moon”

The Ominous Warren Zevon “werewolves of London” Fit’s right in too how in the hell was that not in also.

The Meco Albumn impressions of an American werewold in London included Alice Cooper “No more mister nice guy” aswell as an orchestration called “the boys” which is fantastic

You guessed It I really like the Audio stuff but yeah there you go 😃

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

That is the sad thing with films that you can know about stuff that was filmed and imagine what it might have been like yet also have no way of knowing what it actually was like…

I think like American Werewolf in London the out’s and trims have been binned off. Think about that for a moment a successful film like American Werewolf in London had it’s deleted scenes tossed in the bin.

Now with American Werewolf it’s not anything that is ruining the film but the things that are said to have been deleted are quite obscure like.

Teaser Trailer shows cut scene of rain puddles and werewolf paw dunking in. This is obviously to do with Jack and David straying from the path.

Jack as a zombie in the Hospital talking to David eats a piece of toast and it falls out his throat (unreleased)
When David wakes up in the Zoo in the wolfs den he was to spit out the bankers finger he killed (unreleased).

Snippets of the werewolf were cut on the underground of the wheelbarrow werewolf showing it coming around the corner of a tunnel and at the bottom of an escalator… This is on the dvd.

Then there is the infamous tramp scene which as far as I have been able to decipher had the werewolf with a tramp on a car bonnet mauling him (Unreleased) There is a also a pushback that this scene is a complete fabrication and never filmed. This scene was shot though down by tower bridge at the Guoman tower hotel I can see the filming location.

Lastly the decapitated man in Picadilly Circus you see the reverse angle of his head bouncing off a car bonnet which was cut and is on the dvd.

These things are small don’t hurt the film but sure make you want to see them but the ones released and on the DVD are not as nearly interesting as the ones you heard about that you never saw.

So with these things always bear in mind that it could be poor and deleted for a good reason but it does not help you from wanting to see it.

Tossed in the bin the outs and trims are for American Werewolf you will never see the Tramps the Bankers finger being spat out in the zoo or the tRamp being mauled on top of a car bonnet. THEY HAD THE FILM THE REST WAS NOT REQUIRED!

Highlander however is a genuine loss of material the out’s and trims burned down in a fire and the audio was also lost.

This has the whole extended recording of the soundtrack lost in good quality and numerous scenes like

Mcleoad and Kastigir talking in the nightclub bar
Kurgen fighting with a security guard in an office building

Although some footage was found and included on the DVD these 2 scenes and especially the lost fight in the office would be lost forever but images remain of this actually being shot and having been once part of the film.
It’s a real shame that this can never be recovered. This is a genuine lost material rather than throwing it in the bin but it’s the same effect. I want to see this stuff wether it burned in a fire or it was thrown in a bin.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Found an article on I09 with Ron Miller Production artist

Ron Miller says this.

"My copy is the one of the last shooting scripts. And, of course, I have a somewhat better idea than most where Lynch was going.

Spicediver has done a remarkable job…indeed, I helped to an extent by providing blueprints of the spacecraft and other material. The only problem for anyone doing this is that they are limited to the available live action footage.

Of course, it would be ideal if Lynch himself were to reconstruct the film. But given that the chances of this are pretty much nil, there are enough extant notes and other material that someone knowledgeable enough could do a creditable job."

“The reason for the opening is that so much got cut from the film itself, it was the only way to reinstate the. Information.”

"I helped Sasha with this by providing copies of some of the drawings and art as well as blueprints of the spacecraft.

One of the problems with any fan restoration is that it has only the available live action to work with…which even in the “restored” versions is incomplete."

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

This is the last shreds of info I can gain from this deep dive on Dune and what it might have been.

So in the Comic the Paul on Caladan looking at his film book, once we see Arrakis it goes on to mention the Palm trees that line the palace and how the Harkonnens flaunt their water wealth this I would assume is correct. This goes on to the weather and never one drop of rain on Arrakis That makes way for the Spice mining filmbook in Pauls room to be correctly placed. It is a shame this remains unreleased.

I have a feeling that the burning palm trees were to be a symbolic visual for the downfall of house Atredies in Pauls visions and the new 2021 version does this well to good effect.

The only other real other thing I can glean from the comic book adaptation is for when Kynes is killed and Paul starts to have his waking dream. Kynes when he has his suit ripped apart has an inner monologue about how “all his dreams of turning Arrakis into a paradise have come to nothing (dust?)” i think the mention of dreams is accurate for it is with dreams and waking dreams induced by the spice that possible futures are glanced at yet Paul seems to know which ones will come true.

When Paul has his Waking dream in the comic seems to suggest in the pictures the shots of the 2 moons with red smoke (Check German trailer) should go here and the moon cracking apart like an egg which comes much later only seen in the TV version I think. So this whole surreal sequence was rather different. This may also mean that some of the visions used in the waking dream as is released were meant to go when Paul lands by the Harvester with Leto and we hear “Spice, pure unrefined Spice”

Lastly the comic book includes Alias birth and being held up Rabaan in the bathtub and that seems correct as per the script and falsifying reports about Spice production at critical levels. This was the Secret report within the guild as originally intended before they pay a second visit to the emperor.

So thankyou for reading. Please let me know your thoughts on how things were changed or altered pleade look at the scripts the comicbook and anything else. I would love to hear your thoughts on what David Lynch’s vision might have been as only he can truly know but we can I think see the bit’s of it trickling through

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Slavicuss said:

WXM said:

Michael Mann should also revisit THE KEEP.

This seems to sum up the issues…


Well the alternate ending is found but the Special effects are obviously “never got done”.

So it is possible to salvage what remains to be found is if they kept the rest of the cut footage for the Keep which is unlikely.

At least with Dune they have everything.

I would hope that also means Dino kept everything for Conan the Barbarian also. Which personally I would love to see all the outs and trims and an uncensored version. Probably my favourite film it’s hard to have a 100% favourite I think.

Found an interesting still from Austrailian collectors edition dvd.

What is that device on the wall? This is from Geidi Prime. I don’t recall that being in the film and I am wondering if it was say a sort of intercom. Would this be Thuffers prision cell?

There was to be a scene where Thuffer does his best to screw up the Harkonnans whilst he is in captivity although there was only so much he could do.

Edit ok that device is in the choam ornithopter it is in the film…

But I have figured something out.

Duncan was meant to have his own ship.

Paul looking up when talking to leto he saw him leaving.

He may have also of meant to see him get to Aarakis whilst dreaming while he is muttering travelling moving before he wakes.

When Leto is in Pauls room the guy who knocks on the door “Unknown Objects on screen” although it’s a bit of an edit if that was “Unknown OBJECT on screen” cut to duncans craft then Duncan greets Duke Leto so although the Harkonnen fleet are approaching this kind of does a bait and switch.

The other thing I am wondering about is Leto’s inner monologue about “Jessica what is wrong, I should have married you” now the note Jesdica has when shadout mapes comes in with the Chrysknife was meant to be from Leto saying “I miss you…” I wonder if this monologue and that note somehow are meant to join together before Shadoubt Mapes enters.

D U N E - D E L U X E E D I T I O N ( R E L E A S E D )

hiphats said:

You probably know by now Lionsgate, DUNE’s international rights holder, has sanctioned the release of the SpiceDiver edit of the film for issue with the 7-disc box set now available only in Germany by Koch Films. In response, we may see even more “definitive” fan edits of the film pop up at any moment.

I doubt that it would be at all possible as a fan edit because to make a definitive version you would need to have in hand all of the unreleased footage and audio. It is with Both the Studio and David Lynch only a definitive version could be made.

What do you know of the version that has not been released? You are quoted on Duneinfo of knowing about certain scenes that were filmed not in the script regarding Nefud and the Lobotomy scene. Were you close to the production?

I have tried to make sense of the structure or intended structure and what goes where and MAF15 Deluxe version does a better job than Spicediver in terms of restoring rather than so much fan editing. But yeah both are good.

I suppose no definitive version exists yet. Will Lynch and the Studio do the proper Directors cut thing?

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Lynch spent 4 years pitting the film together. I think he did an incredible job with it.

Every media story praises Dennis Villenvue version as definitive and paint’s the lynchversion as inferior.

Dune was a remarkable achievement and is a Special film. It’s sci fi and it’s not. It wants to be a normal film but set in a time and place where things are very different.

I found a good sized image for the actual planet Caladan matte painting which is nice to see. So that particular piece is available online.

It does not look exactly the same as in color is wrong when we see it it is green in secret report and in filmbook it is blue but it is more pale white with green and blue in raw format.

Wanted to add my full observation list

The Opening Narration - Although Good seems like it should be intercut with Show don’t tell images or footage whilst the “hidden away within the rocks are a people known as the Fremen” should be spoken in the part where they land on Arrakis as in the TV Version. This gap would then potentially be filled with alternate dialogue possibly regarding the bene geserit and the guild. So the opening Narration is actually an edit which removed Irulan Naration from extended footage to lose other information from what should have been said and accompanying images.

Irulan Talking of the Red Sapho Juice and mentats should probably go in the place of the audio repeat of “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion” aboard the cable car.

As Paul Atreides is looking at the film book on Caladan once his mentors enter the room it should focus on the planet “Beneth thielax training planet of the mentats” then back to freddie Jones looking angry cut then with the audio "Know a mentat by his red stained lips. Cut back to Paul "I know Thuffer I heard you, Gurney (cut to patrick stewart from TV Version) and Yueh (cut to dean stockwell from TV version) coming down the hall. Then finally Freddie Jonnes “Those sounds could be imitated.”

This scene was trimmed down Note Patrick Stewart mouthing lines but silence and there was an extended scene involving THuffer on mentat traininng which is unreleased.

It should also be noted that the TV cut seems to correctly place the Spice Harvester footage from film book on Arrakis in Pauls Room also “Weather See storms” should be accompanied by sand storm storm footage not english text. So that actually should be excised from it’s placement on Caladan But the see storms part stays on Caladan.

The final filmbook sequence for when Duke Leto visits his son Is Regarding Sandworms to complete this sequence it would be possible to lift the Audio from the TV mini series as there is a Filmbook on worms in that. and show footage of worms. Note that it was “Sir Duncan Idaho is here” was the reason Leto left Paul’s side where as in the film it is not correct audio dub. Obviously then Leto meets Duncan… and looked in on Jessica which is unreleased.

During the Guild Navigator sequence on Kaitain there is a shot from within the tank looking at the emperor but there is no gas in the tank missing special effects.

I also noted an issue with when the Navigators Tank unlock the sound of the Tank unlocking is placed over Reverend mother Mohiam rather than on the actual Tank so I’m assuming there is shots in the wrong order here.

Upon Helen Guias Mohim saying "we need to have a look at Paul Atreides on Caldan the TV version shows ships taking off reused footage but the script states shots of the Universe now here is the thing I think the shots of Space and Pauls Dream is meant to be joined together or interwoven if you like, with some editing but of note because paul’s dreams are premonition based it seems seeing Feyed and muttering “I will kill you” is too early meaning that this should have shown Chani and the Reverand mother with fire and water. Also I would put Caladan as the opening of the film no secret report then we go to Kaitain after Duke Leto talks to Paul. The only way to make this correctly play out is to start the film on Caladan then go to Kaitain for the Guild visiting the Emperor and then Pauls Dream intercut with Space and water and dream images removing the secret report within the guild as it is redundant.

When Duke Leto and Paul talk a Harkonnen flag is seen as Paul looks up rather than the green Atredies flag Lynch must have been pissed! weather this was to be Duncan leaving for Arrakis in a ship? I don’t know…But it’s really bad.

From this TV version of trip to Caladan the extended footage of Reverend mother in the chair may have been where Jessica inner monologue talking of the Test and losing her son was meant to go rather than as she has this before she knows what the reason for the vist was all about. There is also a shot of Lightning Striking at the very end of the TV version in the sky. This shot I believe to be caladan storm so when the Reverend mother exclaims “He is Here” we cut to the Lightning Strike then to the Reverend mother in the chair then Jessica opening the door. Important that Mohiam and Jessica first go to pauls room and then talk about everything else.

When Duke Leto stamps the message for the Baron with the signet ring “Herald of the change” Note that the cylinder would resemble a highliner. It is possible that the cylinder was to fade through into a highliner above Geidi prime. It feels like an obvious visual cue the TV cut has a painting of the planet. Also this scene may have been intended to include a voice over from the Baron Harkonnan. The scene with the Baron was slightly trimmed but not by much but it did include the famous dialogue about Arrakis plot.

So in Pauls Room when he has the Spice vision in the script it states Paul dead on a stone Floor… This is the vision of Feyed “I will kill you” into the hunter seeker appearing from the wall. So it seems that they messed with the premonitions too as they are not in the correct order or sequence of premonition.

Some shots of shadout mapes creeping about where meant to go before the door opens and paul saves her from the hunter seeker.

The expanded soundtrack “secrets of the fremen” is the music for when Shadoubt mapes gives the Crysknife to Jessica when she screams I feel that a shot of a worm transparent overlayed as she yells for the understanding of “The maker” should be the open mouth showing teeth Spiral turn with sound effect.

The expanded soundtrack “The Fremen” is for Jamis funeral but segways in to Liets Kynes and his still suit being ripped apart. This gives us correct scene orders.

When Paul and Jessica are being taken to the desert to be eaten by the worms The shots of the cliffs below as the fight on the ship ensues are missing the model of the Harkonan Ornithopter ship
When Paul get’s control of the Harkonen ship after they hit the cliff it feels like the next scene of them in the cockpit was an insert and a poor one at that. It felt like Jessica shouting “Leto he’s dead” and Paul saying “I know” could all be done via audio while we see Paul from behind struggling with the controls. Now we can join the footage of the actual crash excising all the clunky inner monologue about altitude and getting to rocks… Upon leaving the ship “This crash might bring a worm” is another insert originally it was “hurry these men will have watchers” which tallies up with Piters remark “Continue reconnaissance” So we can assume that they were hiding from other ships for a while although this is never shown. It’s unclear weather Leto.s death was meant o be aboard the Ornithopter or when they get to the safety of rock and Paul has his visions.

Mother Ramallo exclaiming the prophecy would originally be placed after the crash rather than when they first arrive at Arrakis.

Then the film sort of plays out ok from here on out somewhat so sorry for the long post on observations but it just feels like it needs putting right and actually dissecting what the substituted was and what was moved about.

The secret report within the guild was actually meant to do with the guild visiting the emperor the second time without the 3rd stage navigator and was to be not Kyle Mcglaughan voice.

There is couple more shifted footage that I can cite the emperor was to arrive on Arrakis whilst Paul takes the water of life (removing ship on the echo “we come for you”) hence bene gesserit having the nose bleeds at exactly the same time Mohiam, Alia and Jessica. Also the shot of Alia with the Crysknife is before she is taken hostage by the Sandarkar not the Fremen Victory end of the battle.

MAF 15 Dune Deluxe edition I really think the standout moments were the box music restored the gurney halleck speech music score restored and to also state the Jamis fight was very good music restoration also.

You might be pleased that I just figured out the extended soundtrack “the betrayal / shields down” is missing music for the hunter seeker scene whilst the end part is for when the shields are down after Leto is shot. However there is a segment in a Special Edition documentary that is included right at the end that has the stand alone music cue for when Paul grabs the hunter seeker and thrusts it into the wall. The shots approaching the door were Shadoubt Mapes before the door opens not Paul going to his Room.

When we see the repeated shots of Sandarkar fighting Atredies on Arrakis This was to Omit an Atreidies Soldier being stabbed through his head. The Sandakar soldiers approaching battle are flipped horizontally and the shot where a Sandakar comes through a doorway is missing the Lasers or Special effects. There is a brief snippet from a trailer of an Atreidies soldier being blown in an explosion up not in the film.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Imperial Slug said:

I remember reading about this 6 months ago. Although it’s encouraging that Lynch is seeing things with Dune in a different light now, I’d be very surprised if we ever see anything more than just talk come of this (I hate to be the voice of skepticism).

Which version do you think is correct? or more correct?

I really like the the laser paradise edition look of the film the most however the desert scenes are not tinted…

So I would probably mix it up for discarding un-tinted desert but keeping the look of the laser paradise edition for everything else.

Astro films tint looks the best 1st one…

Color enthusiasts and experts might find this interesting.

I have this version in my collection.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Sorry for double post but it’s better to Separate.

This was one of my old edits…

Let’s take for instance the structure at the start.

Opening with Irulan Narration now apparently the opening shot of the film was meant to be a highliner seen through a drop of water.

David Lynch Surrealism is missing there.

Irulan fading in and out are there images missing?

Now the opening Credits we should go straight to Caladan this plays out until Leto and Paul talk about going to Arrakis.

Now from the stormy clouds we should transition to the Emperor and 3rd stage Navigator scene.

From after this scene we go back to Caladan.

This transition part was meant to have Irulan Narrate about the Bene Geseritt sisterhood and manipulating bloodlines.

Now Jessica monologue about “tonight I may lose my son” are probably meant to be placed of helen Mohiam in the chair from fake outtakes trip to Caladan. This then cuts to opening the door Jesdica saying “she is going to observe you”

This whole part scenes are in the incorrect order the Dune Purist edition get’s the scene order correct here.

So it remains to be sern how Helen Mohiam get’s to Caladan but with Irulan Narration it can be smoothed out.

If we take for instance the secret report within the guild. The graphics seem to me here to be how the spacing guild calculate 2 positions to fold space from and to. So removing the text saying planet caladan for instance and planet kaitain. This would be the guild map. The symbol of the guild then makes sense so that was the guild navigation screen I reckon for the heighliner.

Anyway without knowing exactly how they planned to get from Kaitain to Caladan will be interesting how they handle that and I guess “if” they handle that is also a question. Helen Mohiam ship however she got there needs to land after pauls 1st dream sequence.

One last bit about this part right at the end of the extended edition there is a flash of lightning that shot was meant for Caladan and the storm. Not Arrakis Rain storm. Perhaps the witch arrived in a flash of lightning I would not put that past Lynch either.

The Dune Illustrated story book has this structure. So it was at one time in this order of Caladan to Kaitain and back to Caladan. There is also an interesting text prologue that was posdibly prior to Irulan doing the narration.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Oh yeah I remember that documentary “legends of a world war 2 fairytale” some french guy sorry but his name escapes me has a an alternate version of the film in his possesion. Although it’s still heavily marred by the Special effects guy dying whilst in production.

I totally agree Michael Mann should go back in on that he has done so on everything else pretty much. However “the keep” is probably harder to salvage than dune IMO but not imposdible.

I think with Dune it is all there on film and unreleased but it’s structured incorrectly as in scenes are in the wrong order or trimmed. The Special effects are both tremendous and lackluster bringing a very uneven feel to the visuals.

It seems to me from what I am reading in those articles that the extended TV broadcast is based off Lynch’s 3 hour cut but has incredibly bad audio mixing with 2 pieces of music playing simultaneously on occadion plus the guy who assembled the TV broadcast kept using the same piece of music again and again. The audio mix is completely horrid. So even if David Lynch merely rectified that it would be still a good thing. Putting the correct music back for the scenes would really improve the extended cut.

What remains to be seen is when it comes to the missing scene cards displayed in the film reels is there actual footage or elements for these parts?

The extended TV broadcast simply puts up paintings which look terrible or re-uses a shot over and over. The TV broadcast obviously had zero budget for Special effects hence the lack of blue eyes in all the extended footage.

My feeling is there will be some things that are available and there will be some that are not. I know that the building housing the miniature shooting did indeed burn down during post production. So yeah that posdibly ruined things a bit. There was meant to be more shots of ships and backgrounds placed into the landing fields. A lot of that world building is missing even in the theatrical version.

I’m not suggedting to “George Lucus” the film but it’s clear that it needs some matte painting work based on the production stills.

If they did indeed scan the models and CGI them I can’t see Lynch doing that though. I am far more intetested in the actual scenes with the actors in them but the special effects are the glue in the world building I guess.

There Is a channel on youtube by a guy called “Omnivant” he has being doing work for years on scenes. They look a bit cartoony but I guess these are not final versions. The work on the Ornithopters is rather good.

The other option is to lift model shots from other films to fill those gaps or film new ones. For instance the models from Battle beyond the stars are in around 7 films. Putting them in one more film would not be a big deal either.

That was how I would handle any misding stuff but with always going with actual production drawings and plans over revisionistic choices.

David Lynch is up for doing a directors cut of Dune!!!

Now there is no project attached to this personally myself yet I have had a little dabble in the past as I have looked at various music cues and possible re-arrangements of scenes amongst gone into depth about what is in the script and is considered still not released and possibly filmed. There are also a great many users and people whom have produced edits and tried various ways to make it either better include discarded material and complete it in a some what better fashion.

What’s interesting Lynch want’s to peek at what was left out of the film and what can be done to reassemble something closer to what he was aiming for… Yet he can not remember much of it but he’s had a change of heart because perhaps he can not remember very well all those years back and exactly a good reason to go back with fresh eyes.

I am pleased he is considering this option.

So although this is not a project here that anyone is doing. I am wondering if we can’t help nudge Lynch in a good direction to perhaps help him find his ultimate directors cut.

I would like the thread to be a resource for The team that work on it should it potentially go ahead which I reckon it will as the invitation has been there a long time for Lynch to do this.

Here’s some resources on Dune-info where you can find the scripts which contain more scenes that have never been released

Although it will be Lynch’s Directors Cut what from any cut’s you have seen be it theatrical, extended edition or a fan-edit do you feel worked the best?

When considering the script scenes that are missing things to possibly look forward to mostly in the final act.

2nd Stage Navigator?
Max Von Sydow death scene Spice Blow
Terraforming sub-plot full inclusion
Carlo Rambaldi’s puppet Baby Alia opening it’s eyes and saying “Mother” as soon as she is born
Patrick Stewart (Gurney) distrusting Paul’s mother as the traitor before learning it was Dr Huey
Alia growing up very quick but a misfit in the tribe
Sting Killing the Sandakar Captain you can see the bloody remains being hosed away in the film
Rabaan in the bath tub prior to the true Guild report not voiced by Kyle Mcglaughlan
Nefud Labotomised

These are but a few there are many small things throughout the film that are not quite finished amongst special effects too such as.

Dr Yueh laser pen to cut open dead Harkonan Soldier
Elements missing in certain Composites
Cable Car scene missing shots
Signal Lights in the Cliffs

This is a good article about the planned 4 hours Directors cut vs the 3 hour Theatrical cut.

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

I was working on the Vader Scene this morning and it’s nearly complete…But I really wanted to test the theory that Luke and Treadwell were indeed catered for by John Williams and I think I got a rough frame work for that and I’d say yeah it’s there… It works and it’s fairly slick.

So here is that test and Frame lock. I also excised the repeated footage and have made this part make more sense it’s a bit slender and some might say “but you cut stuff out!” whilst adding extra too.

Well yes. but this is my system of working and making the film chronological or at least dupes out correct order not really brutal but strict. Workprint.

So as stated before the rest of the deleted scene of treadwell and Luke would feature when the Sandcrawler arrives at Lars Homestead (No music required just Sound effects and dialogue.

The shot of Treadwell blowing up does indeed work before Luke’s Realization and goes home in a panic after the Ransacking of the Lars Homestead.

And that is it really. This version will be deleted as my Vimeo is out of space and I already had to delete stuff so it’s a test not a final.

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

kg1977 said:

Sky_ said:
It’s Always amazing seeing other people tackle this awfully Damaged deleted footage
I can learn a lot from the process you’re doing in certain places on my Repair work

(if directed at me), then Thank you Sky_ …like I said looking at your 2018 kind of got me kickstarted in having a go at it.
I think restoration of this nature is also a process in which yes, you try something and then maybe come back later and try something else or see what others have done and it grows. I definitely understand the needing to walk away from a scene and do another after looking at the same image/s over and over 😃 as I think you may have mentioned in a post.

It’s challenging, that is for sure, sometimes I think these restorations are more work than shooting a new scene from scratch

I appreciate both your hard efforts and fruit572 for the work done so far sometimes only a small snippet of footage can make a scene work much better yet without sound it can also mean nothing. Whilst I don’t want to detract from the great work you guys are doing in anyway. The reason I am posting is to hopefully lessen your workload.

Pacing and timing are something very important and with Raw deleted footage some footage might fall away, similarly a piece of footage you might think is totally insignificant might become important to make something work.

The Footage and the Sound are inseparable however you can have sound without footage and footage without sound and purposefully so yet it is the two in unison that will truly bring these scenes to life.

I think I have found the music cue for Luke Looking at the Space battle through his binoculars… It’s a guess but an educated guess? But it would radically change the start of the film. There are many questions about the start of the film and trying to understand how it might have been originally planned to be put together or what the initial cut looked like and sounded like.

My technique I have developed over the years is similar to a Chinese puzzle where you have a single blank square in order to organize a whole complete picture, yet in this part of the film it is like a Chinese puzzle with many duplicated shots or repeated shots AND scenes in the incorrect order. All of this has to be taken into consideration but when you get say a couple of things right generally the rest starts to fall into place.

The Luke macro binoculars scene in Tattooine 1 may actually of been purposefully intended to be split out across at least 2 or perhaps 3 different parts of the film.

I have a few days off and I will be trying to sort as much as I can.

Be sure though keep up the good work you guys are doing 😃

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

Well it’s not a music cue because none exists it’s all music editing in the chance to make it work somehow, but wiping from right to left on the walk to the sandcrawler is a good bit of visual storytelling IMO.

The voice line part I fixed is when the crew member shouts “Go!” Making bast’s bit of “plan to” before “break her”

He is talking about the mind probe so is Vader if you go by the audio in the deleted scene. The Holiday Special being actually James Earl Jones and it linking nicely with the ransacking of the Lars homestead. I imean I prefer genuine if possible but it’s hard to achieve in this scene.

It’s another attempt another day. I think I can get it working well at the Sandcrawler if I’m not absoluteley satisfied that it is working I will share the work but I woould be thinking of discarding the scene personally as it was done so already.

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

Kg1977 I think the best option here is to send you the raw files and fix of Bast’s voice so you can put it wherever you want to. I personally think it’s ruining the film in that position between Garindan and them walking in the Alley It’s clunky and it’s contradicting the plot.

The music won’t mix with Lukes theme that’s why that still image is there.

If the scene comes before the slaughtered Jawa’s, that then leads up to the scene after Cantina where Bast’s line to Vader now makes sense because Tarkin is being Coaxed by others around him to change tactics.

However I will send you the files when I sorted out the gap in the walking and then you can use it with whatever Vader voice Line you want also.

But give me a bit of time as I took a break from that scene for a bit. However I will send you those files and also some other resources you might like or find handy.