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Ranking the Star Wars films

Omni said:

Yes, Tartakovsky’s series. It’s widely regarded as a very good series, especially around these parts. I consider it to be much better than the 2008 series, and I think many other users share my opinion.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. I remember not being able to get through it because I hated the animation style. Maybe I should give it another chance. Not sure how available it is though since it’s not canon.

Ranking the Star Wars films


1.Rogue One
2.The Empire Strikes Back
3.Star Wars
4.Return of the Jedi
5.The Last Jedi
6.The Force Awakens
8.Rebels (animated tv series)
9.Resistance (animated tv series)
10.The Clone Wars (animated tv series)
11.Ewoks (animated tv series)


12.Star Wars Holiday Special
13.Caravan of Courage (Ewoks tv movie)
14.The Battle for Endor (Ewoks tv movie)


15.The Phantom Menace
16.Attack of the Clones
17.Revenge of the Sith


18.Droids (animated tv series)


19.Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated movie)
20.Clone Wars (animated tv series)

The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations

So what are everyone’s box office predictions for TRoS? I’m keeping mine at $700,000,000 domestic and $1,400,000,000 worldwide for now, but I fully expect to revise that upward depending on the hype.

Here is a list of the Star Wars movies domestic box office adjusted for inflation with Endgame thrown in just for fun. The numbers correspond to where they rank on the all-time domestic adjusted list.

2.Star Wars - $1,604,857,600

11.The Force Awakens - $974,117,000

13.The Empire Strikes Back - $884,607,500

16.Avengers: Endgame - $858,041,646

17.Return of the Jedi - $847,475,300

19.The Phantom Menace - $813,711,800

44.The Last Jedi - $609,026,300

62.Rogue One - $544,579,000

69.Revenge of the Sith - $534,514,500

100.Attack of the Clones - $481,750,900

Here’s where they fall on the all-time unadjusted domestic list:

1.The Force Awakens - $936,662,225

2.Avengers: Endgame - $858,041,646

9.The Last Jedi - $620,181,382

12.Rogue One - $532,177,324

16.The Phantom Menace - $474,544,677

17.Star Wars - $460,998,007

41.Revenge of the Sith - $380,270,577

77.Attack of the Clones - $310,676,740

79.Return of the Jedi - $309,306,177

95.The Empire Strikes Back - $290,475,067

184.Solo: A Star Wars Story - $213,767,512

If TRoS only makes the $700,000,000 that I predicted, that would put it in a decent spot on both lists, but good reviews, positive word of mouth, and marketing it as the end of the Skywalker saga could boost it considerably.

Looking at these lists, I think the demise of Star Wars has been greatly exaggerated. Galaxy’s Edge will open at the end of this month in Disney World, which is a considerably larger park. I think both will do well once all rides are fully open.

Multiple live-action shows are coming to Disney+ as well as animated series. We have video games, novels, and comics as well. In the world of today with such a wide variety of instantaneous entertainment options that are only a click away, I think Star Wars is doing great and couldn’t be in better hands.

Even when it comes to Star Wars, some of it has always been less popular than other parts. The Star Wars Holiday Special, The Ewok Movies, the Droids animated series. But the sky didn’t fall then and isn’t falling now.

Life is short, and there are only so many Star Wars movie premiers I will get in my lifetime. I’m going to enjoy each one to the absolute fullest. I’m going to make The Rise of Skywalker a huge part of my holiday season. I am already excited and the real hype hasn’t even started! Can’t wait!

The Force will be with you, always.

The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations

I’ll predict The Rise of Skywalker to do $700,000,000 domestic and $1,400,000,000 worldwide. That’s more than The Last Jedi and less than The Force Awakens, very respectable.

This is of course before seeing a full trailer and experiencing the full marketing hype. Some positive word of mouth combined with the holiday season could considerably increase those numbers.

Not everyone who didn’t like The Last Jedi is a hater or a troll. Likewise, not everyone who enjoyed it is a undiscerning fanboy who just eats up whatever they put out. Broad generalizations about large groups of people are bound to have multiple flaws, so why not just ignore them.

4K restoration on Star Wars

What will it take for you to purchase a new boxed set?

  1. The Original Trilogy special editions in 4K.
  2. 3D versions of the prequels and special editions.
  3. A new updated version of the special editions with improved CGI.
  4. Previously unreleased special features.
  5. Completely restored Original Trilogy digital copy only.
  6. Completely restored Original Trilogy on a bonus disc in 720p.
  7. Completely restored Original Trilogy on a bonus disc in 1080p.
  8. Completely restored Original Trilogy in 4K.
4k77 released

ChainsawAsh said:

1080p Blu-Ray copies would certainly be doable, but I don’t know of anyone (including the members of the 4K77 forums) who is capable of authoring and burning a 4K Blu-Ray that is playable in a standalone player. I for one put my 4K copies on a flash drive to plug directly into my TV and watch them through my TV’s built in media player software. Most UHD BR players are capable of this as well.

May I borrow your flash drive? lol

4k77 released

Nien Nunb said:

Is there anyone who may possibly be able to assist me in acquiring disc copies of 4k77 and 4k83? I can provide whatever materials necessary, I just do not possess the means to obtain and burn these projects myself.

I need the same assistance, please. I just have a chromebook and an iPhone. I don’t know anything about torrents and such. Someone burned me copies of the Harmy Despecialized and I love them, but I really want to see the movies in 4K. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Disney+ streaming platform : <strong>Star Wars content</strong> &amp; various info

Disney Plus: Every show and movie you’ll be able to stream – and when

Launch Day:

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
The Force Awakens
Rogue One

*The Last Jedi, Solo and the Rise of Skywalker will be added over the course of the first year.

The Mandalorian

Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (New episodes in the first year.)

Cassian Andor Series (second year)

4K restoration on Star Wars

Cobra Kai said:

Rodney-2187 said:

joefavs said:

Digital Bits has TFA and R1 coming out in 4K at the end of this year, and everything else (both in a saga boxed set and as individual releases) in “the first half of 2020”.

How reliable is this source?

Digital Bits is very reliable.


I don’t plan on buying it if it’s not the unaltered version. If somehow the restoration was superb, I could possibly be convinced to buy the special editions again, but definitely not if Vader still has a pink lightsaber.

I’m most often excessively optimistic, but my expectations are low regarding this subject. No one in charge seems to care about it enough.

I don’t know, seeing CGI Jabba and Jedi rocks in 4K doesn’t sound pleasant. I really don’t want to see bad colors in HDR.

I’ll definitely get Rogue One and The Force Awakens.