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Star Wars Games

Fallen Order looks great.

I wish there were single player action games like this, but that followed the actual movies so we could play as favorite characters in familiar scenes. Right now the old Lego games are the only thing close to that.

I can’t believe we have this much Star Wars movie and TV content but so few Star Wars games.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Omni said:

Every time I show the original film to any of my friends the reaction is the same: “pretty cool, but slow and several effects look dated”.

canofhumdingers said:

Shopping Maul said:

ZkinandBonez said:

Shopping Maul said:

I remember when ANH was perceived as a SPFX milestone with breakneck pacing. Of course these days, especially to kids, it seems cheap and slow paced.

Really? It didn’t bother me or any of my friends when we were kids during the release of the PT movies. There were plenty of modern films to compete with, yet as far as we were concerned the OT was as good as it gets. (Ditto on the orig. Indy movies.)

I’m not saying everyone was/is bothered by it, but the perception obviously changed as the films and the technology evolved. In its day Star Wars felt the way something like Infinity War might feel today - just huge and fast and mind blowing. Now of course it seems so much simpler.

My two boys (ages 3 and 5) thought Star Wars was pretty huge and fast and mind blowing when I showed them 4K77 in February. Certainly quite far from simple.

Maybe it’s because at such an early age they’d seen nothing as mind blowing as Star Wars yet?

Are you showing them the special editions?

<em><strong>Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge</strong></em> (Disney Theme Park)

Park walkthrough:

Build your own lightsaber:

Galaxy’s Edge wallpaper:



George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator &amp; Time Travelling Revisionist...

Thinking about this thread got me to watch “The People vs George Lucas” again. That documentary could have been a whole lot more harsh. Perhaps it should have been. It’s such a conflicting situation. I admire him for creating Star Wars and am grateful for all his contributions to cinema in general, but some of his comments, and more importantly his actions, are so counteractive to everything I believe made it all great to begin with.

I guess if you take a perfectionist and storyteller, they will give you some quality entertainment, but you might not get the truth about anything.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

I find thinking about the prequels better than watching them.

I used to try and ignore them entirely, but since The Clone Wars animated series factors into Star Wars so greatly with characters like Ahsoka, that era is pretty much impossible to ignore. Also, there are some really great aspects such as lightsaber battles, soundtracks, and memorable quotes from the prequels, I find myself referencing them often.

Over time, my opinion of the prequels has grown more tolerant. I have an appreciation of them as being unique products of their time and circumstances, even though I consider them to be poorly made.

I tried watching them again and just couldn’t. They’re too bad. Best to just remember the fun times I had during the hype leading up to them and just recall the good parts from time to time. I’ll just rewatch The Clone Wars instead.

Can't be Bothered: justifying Rey's power vs Luke's

Rey has definitely been challenged. She just deals with it differently.

Her entire life on Jakku was a challenge just to survive. Luke had an aunt and uncle with a home, food, and jobs, and he had friends. He even had a Jedi master watching over him, waiting to take him under his wing. Even though Anakin was a slave, he still had Shmi and even Watto seemed to treat him decently. He even had his own racer.

Rey was left alone, got captured by the First Order, mind probed by Kylo Ren, watched her friend Han get impaled on a lightsaber and her other friend Finn get his back sliced. Luke was negative about training her. She felt helpless as the First Order targeted resistance escape ships and Kylo refused to call them off. Yes, Luke and Anakin both experienced adversity and great losses too. I’m just pointing out so did Rey, but she faced her’s without family or a mentor. There are no force ghosts talking her through anything.

Rey has had plenty of reasons to give up but she simply just does not quit. I love Luke Skywalker, but he was very whiny. Anakin was too. Rey just sucks it up and gets it done. She makes it looks easy because instead of complaining, she gets straight to solving the problem. I don’t think Luke or Anakin would have survived long on Jakku alone with their attitudes. If you dropped a young Rey, Luke, and Anakin into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, I’d put my money on Rey being the one who survives and probably becomes the leader.

The Force enhances your abilities. Rey was already shown to be a proficient fighter just to survive on Jakku. Of course she defeats an emotionally distraught Kylo who had just been shot by a weapon that we’ve seen can send bodies flying. She knows a lot about mechanics and ships from salvaging, so I have no problem with her being able to repair the Falcon. There’s no training better than experiencing something first hand. Kylo probes Rey’s mind aggressively, so her being able to get inside a weak minded stormtrooper for a second doesn’t seem surprising to me. It would be more surprising if she just sat there and did nothing while waiting to be rescued. Her abilities are no more surprising than a small boy being the only human that can pilot a podracer or a rural farmboy flying a combat mission in space or blocking lasers with a blast shield down just from a suggestion to reach out.

A great deal of the Jedi training we see in the movies deals with focus. Luke and Anakin both lacked focus. Rey is extremely focused. She is strong willed and determined. She is task oriented and has a can do attitude. All of that can take you a long way.

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film
  1. Jedi rocks from the RotJ special edition.

  2. Vader saying “Nooooo!” when he stands up in RotS.

  3. Anakin vs Obi-Wan lightsaber battle in RotS looks like synchronized swimming and jumping on a green screen Super Mario Bros game.

  4. C-3PO’s dialogue and antics during the battle in AotC.

  5. Anakin talking to Padme about their kiss.

*Honorable mentions to all things gungan and making R2-D2 cgi instead of practical.