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In the Gallery documentary regarding The Mandalorian, Chapter 16: The Rescue, Favreau and others talk about how extensively they prepared a Deepfake version of Luke Skywalker. It sounds as though it was extremely convincing, but they opted to go with a de-aged effect instead because they were uncomfortable with the implications of using the Deepfake.

This explanation didn’t make sense to me. They even said the use of such technology is inevitable and will soon be indistinguishable. Why hold back then? I’m wondering if it was more to do with the legality? I know Lucasfilm can use Mark Hamill’s likeness, but to what extent? Could they continue to make Star Wars movies using a Deepfake Luke without consulting him at all? Maybe Mark is the one uncomfortable with the idea and not sure I blame him.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable about Deepfake and likeness rights could shed some light on it all.