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X-Men 3 trailer
Originally posted by: skyjedi2005
One david Hayter also known to gamers as solid snake did not write the screenplay he did a wonderful job with the first two, secondly no bryan singer involved. It will be a miracle if they don't screw this one up, I mean the last film was just too good on all levels how can It be topped?

I agree, X2 was perfect, even if singer was involved there's really no way to top X2
First look at new indie film: "ROAD HOCKEY"
This is just an album of Production Photos, the best of which are omitted to be part of the offical presskit this summer, but this is the first glimpse of the cast and crew working away.

ROAD HOCKEY features an assemble cast of rising Canadian talent. Unfolding over the course of a pivotal saturday afternoon playing ball Hockey in a neighbourhood parkinglot, we meet our characters as each of their personal struggles are coming to a head. Mike Raleigh (Ryan Dias) has just returned from his first year playing pro minor league hockey in the OHL, but has suffered an injury which has sidelined him and cost his team the championship. His childhood friend Melanie Greensborough (Erin O'Neill) has a secret she wants to tell him but can't. She's a devote catholic but has also recently realized she's a lesbian and is afraid what her friends and more importantly her strict parents will think. Mel's girlfriend Marianne (Jules Ross) is a vivacious young woman who speaks her mind and isn't afraind of anything, but she is growing frustrated with Mel and her inability to be open with their relationship. Marianne's best friend Terri (Seana McFadden) was Mike's highschool sweetheart, but they broke up when he went pro, now that he's back in town she's eager to win him back, but her interest may be motivated by larger issues then is first apparent. Oblivious to Terri's apparent love for Mike, or Marianne's sexuality is Leon (Erez Bowers) a hopeless loser who is bent on seducing the two girls into a menage et trois. Leon's foil is Donny, who moderates all the hockey games and serves as sportscaster, which leads to some hilarious misunderstandings.

Click HERE for the photos.

There is also a trailer cut together but we need to secure the copyright on the music we are using in it before it can be put online. I'll post a link to the offical site once its up.

Story, Script, Produced, Directed by
Lawrence Krysak

Executive Producer, Story, Editor
Matthew Popowich
Well yeah we know Walt is special and its been alluded to that there are others. after all the dharma initiave's fields of study are:

meteorology (the weird rain)
electromagnetics (the compass being off balance, all the crash landings there, etc)
psychology (the way people are being tested)
para-psychology (ESP)
zoology (the polar bears)
and utopian social engineering (the others)

6 stations, sex fields of study. thats how I see it anyways.

BTW, tonights episode was great. The show is finally back on track. It seems the problem was the intercutting to the raft people, as soon as that was taken out of the equation everything got better.
Episode 3: Fan Editing Ideas Discussion
It just seemed unnecessary to show Vader going into the suit. I had the impression from the OT that he had become who he is over the years, rather than in one fell swoop

There isn't anything in the OT to indicate this.

I assume that sidious had the suit ready because I assume there are other people in the galaxy with similar injuries who are encased in similar suits.