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what is everyones musical influence and any musicans here

Death metal (and by extention, it's brothers thrash and black metal, not to mention its distant counsins crust punk, grindcore, and hardcore) is a passionate form of music, it's all about the energy and atmosphere far more than technical ability.

Even then, there are still plenty of bands who pride themselves on the complexity of their music:

Point is, you're the only one so far who's felt the need to take a gigantic dump on a music genre that you don't understand, don't like, and aren't even interested in completely unprovoked.

I listen to this sort of music all the time, I've ran into plenty of people like you who don't understand this stuff and think they need to berate people who get any kind of enjoyment out of it. 

You don't understand it, thats fine. You don't have to like it. There's plenty of music I don't understand and I don't like (a lot of electronic music falls into that category), the difference is that I don't go around unprovoked talking shit about them.

what is everyones musical influence and any musicans here

haljordan28 said:

As a musican I respect all music. Even those styles I can not stand  listening to.  With the exception of death metal.  That is pure garbage that takes no skill what so ever to play.  Always makes me laugh when I start discussing music with some   kid  who thinks death metal  i so  difficult to play


Death metal sucks...its easy..punk is decent to listen to  but it is always childs play...most rock n roll in general is  fairly easy to play. that is why when you go to a bar  most bands play the same tired easy songs  . stuff like ac/dc  stone temple pilots, nirvana..etc..etc  and why you never find bands that play styx,yes,ELO,genesis,REO,RUSH,etc,,etc. I am not a big fan of those guys either but their music is complex and not easy by any stretch of the imagination to play.

Yeah I bet it's easy to criticize a music genre when you obviously know absolutely nothing about it.

People like you make me laugh.

the reasons why episodes 7 8 and 9 will/should be made

haljordan28 said:

WhatsMyName said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Any ST Lucas would make would suck just as much as - if not more than - the PT, especially since characters from the OT would undoubtedly feature in it and suffer character derailment in the process. 


Too late for that. Unless u exclude Harrison Ford.

And as much as i would like to see a VII VIII IX, i don't see how it can be done. if any SW movies should be made, it should be a novel from the Old Republic or something before or during the Clone Wars.

I have always thought an episode between 3 and 4  would be a good idea  as there is much that can be shown  and  their is a back story to take  to it.

There is much  an episode 3.5 could touch on.


That's what the upcoming live action series is.

GOUT viewing tip.

rockin said:

xhonzi said:

rockin said:

Another thing to try, is using the PS3 (if you have one) to upscale it. There are also some video options on the PS3 to make the picture fit to 16:9 and remove some noise. It's not perfect but it's very easy to do and doesn't look as bad as the way some DVD players upscale. :-)

I've never figured out how to make my PS3 zoom in on a windowboxed (Letterbox 4x3 in a 16x9) image.  Stupid non-anamorphic DVDs...

If you can tell me how to do this... I'll let you into the secret forum Illuminati clique.

You just press triangle on your controller when the DVD is playing and it should give you some options, goto screen mode and press it a few times and it should zoom/shrink the picture to your liking. It's not perfect but I consider the zoom and upscale better than most DVD players.

Even doing this, the best I can do is a stretched image.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

artego said:

Hello, have been visiting this thread over the past few days, and I had a few questions I was wondering if anyone could clarify.

First, about the THINGS NOT BEING DONE:


   1. Not adding landing crafts to deploy AT-ATs.
   2. Not making the AT-AT lasers green.
   3. Not making it so the fleet jumps to lightspeed just before the credits.
   4. Not adding Mon Cal ships to the Rebel Fleet at the end.
   5. Not adding music from the prequels or music that wasn't originally in the movie.
   6. Not adding Luke's vision so it can be seen like Anakin's in ROTS.
   7. Not adding anything just because its in the Expanded Universe.  The EU doesn't exist for the purposes of this edit.


Are these not being done because they'd take too much effort, or are they things that exist but have been chosen for directoral reasons not to be added (besides #7 of course)?

Just my own observation, but I imagine #6 isn't being done because those scenes look fucking atrocious.  I hated Anakin's 'visions'.