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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

generalfrevious said:

If they convert the films to 3D, they can release each film separately as some BD/3D/DVD/digital copy combo (think Disney), and then rerelease the GOUT on the reissue, and then by the third reissue they can finally have the OOT on BD, but it will be the GOUT up-converted to HD. They'll just release the same 6 movies every year, but conveniently miss the real anniversaries like they did in 2007. Fans expected a 30th anniversary release, but it never showed up because they decided to milk the dvd release of the OT. Bottom line, we will have to wait 20 years for the OOT that should have been in good quality 10 years ago. LFL is only in the business of milking SW beyond the point of business sense because the public is addicted to the OT.

I see your tune has changed from "WE WILL NEVER GET THE OOT" to "WE'LL GET THE OOT IN 20 YEARS"

...and WE get the bad rap!!!!!

ImperialFighter said:

It never ceases to amaze me how totally ignorant and juvenile some YouTube commenters are, that take the time to rant irrationally over certain movies.  There's plenty of dumb-asses out there in internet-land, it seems. 

This is why I try to find decent 'trailer' uploads for my thread that have their 'comments disabled', if possible.  This function isn't used often enough for my liking, unfortunately, lol. 

There are a couple of Chrome and Firefox addons that completely remove youtube comments from view.

@SilverWook: dunno if it's too relevant, but nearly every fullscreen movie I've found has a disclaimer on the back saying that it's been modified from its original version to be formatted to fit 'your screen' etc.

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Bobby Jay said:

Alexrd said:

It was on some review site. I'll search for it.

EDIT: Here it is.

Have I missed some sort of joke here? I read that article a few years ago and took it to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the prequels. Maybe I'm being naive but the author seemed to use humour (perhaps misplaced) to mock PT gushers.

That's my interpretation, it might be wrong. I personally wouldn't use it as evidence that the author is a PT nut.

Edit: Sorry, just read the comment section of the article and the author himself admits it was a joke. Now I need to know if you guys knew it was a joke and where playing along or if you just over reacted?

I could tell it was some tongue in cheek stuff the second I saw that Empire comment posted above. 

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Anchorhead said:

All goofing aside;  that is a very disturbing board to read.  There are people on that forum who have so fully bought into the Lucas "Original Vision" bullshit that they somehow see, and have discussions about, things that simply are not there. 

Nor were they ever there because they hadn't been thought of at the time the first three films were written. I saw a discussion of why Vader would torture his own daughter on the Death Star.  Leia-as-daughter was years away from being thought up by Lucas, yet these people are having an in-depth, very serious discussion about it - trying to understand it.  Trying to somehow make it fit in with the lies they've been fed.

It's scarey that people can be drawn in and fooled at that level.  They've completely let go of reality.  Fuck, man - it's the 1984 Ministry Of Truth and it's really happening.  Lucas changes shit on the fly and they buy it 100%.

Optimist in me says that they aren't actually buying into it THAT much, they're just playing along because they're obsessive fans of the 'saga'. Of course I don't really know TF.n like some of you guys do. 

Also, I guess kinda in response to an above post... I didn't migrate here from a Star Wars forum at all, I found this place via an off-topic post on a cover art website for video games. This place rekindled my interest in Star Wars, actually.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I don't think it has much to do with whether it was shot digitally (there are plenty of really grimy movies that were shot digitally, OT looking stuff could've been done easily and probably would've looked great), it's just all visual design problems with AOTC and ROTS.

Everything had to look hyper-slick for some reason. Wonder if it might've had something to do with Lucas overcompensating for losing the visual effects academy award to The Matrix?


Video Games - a general discussion thread

Bingowings said:

We had a playground game called Apple Sauce which was basically British Bulldog but played with a cooking apple.

I've finally bit the bullet and got a console upgrade.

I've entered a new age of Sony gaming and have finally got a Playstation 2.

Any recommendations as to essential games to play and essential games to avoid?

Essential games for the Playstation 2? You're talking about a console with one of the largest and most well-rounded game libraries ever, you're gonna need to give a bit of info on your tastes first...