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The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

TestingOutTheTest said:

That would literally undermine his redemption arc, since at that point he is conflicted between the light and the dark; that’s why the scene where he chokes an officer was removed from Return of the Jedi.

I disagree, this scene would be placed in the beginning, kind of like Kylo fighting on Mustafar in TROS, which didn’t impact his redemption arc.
On the contrary this would tie his character to the previous episode and allow the audience to see him change throughout the movie, as instead to seeing him changed in comparison to the last movie.

STAR WARS Episode III: A HOLLOW STRENGTH (Radical re-edit) (Finished)

This is a really radical restructure of the whole movie with more cuts than I can remember.
The goal was to create a different Episode III with a slower more complex, character driven version of Anakins turn. Apart from that I also intended to keep the big twist in ESB intact by removing any mention of the name ‘Vader’ before Anakin wears the suite and by keeping Grievous around for a newly created scene in which he tells us that Anakin fell.

I used ADigimans Edit as a basis and drew inspiration from many popular fan edit and most notably the clips over in the thread to NFBisms’ New Conon Cut, they are great, I love them 👍

In terms of restructuring, here is a quick overview (SPOILER):
-new red Crawl and title Crawl
-Anakin is put on the council and asked to spy on the chancellor, first glimpse on Anakins fears
-Opera scene, Anakin contemplates on his fears and the story of Plagueis and searches Yoda for help
-Yoda departs from Coruscant, Padme asks Anakin to talk to the chancellor to resume diplomacy
-Anakin arranges a meeting between Padme and Palpatine, who reveals himself as the sith
-Anakin Anakin is afraid to act on this as he believes Palpatine to be his only hope of saving his wife
-Dooku arrives on coruscant to meet his master and the battle over coruscant engulfs
-Anakin saves the chancellor and Palpatine’s growing influence on Anakin becomes evident
-After the battle Anakin wants to hunt for Grievous to escape his position between the Jedi and Palpatine is growing more and more tense
-Obi-Wan is sent after Grievous and in face of the recent attack on coruscant Palpatine declares the Empire
-The Jedi and Senators feel urged to react, but as Windu attempts to kill the chancellor Anakin breaks
-Order 66 happens and Grievous escapes Obi-Wan, because the Clones turned on him
-Anakin sends of to kill the Separatist and Yoda, Obi-Wan and Bail return to Coruscant
-Palpatine declares war on the Jedi and Anakin kills Nute Gunray and the other Separatist
-In Bail’s apartment the Rebellion is founded (dialog from The Force Unleashed) and Obi-Wan disables the emergency signal in the Temple
-Padme is poisoned and Obi-Wan’s message from Rebels is inserted here
-Obi-Wan looks for Padme’s help to find Anakin and her departure from Coruscant is rescored with the end of Across the Stars
-Because Padme’s condition suffered during the flight Obi-Wan brought her to Mustafar where Organa awaits them as the facility is now an early rebel base and the twins are born (the Separatist were sent elsewhere)
-Yoda duels Palpatine and Anakin arrives on Mustafar, but after the Tantive IV leaves he encounters Obi-Wan
-After the Duels were fought the movie closes as usual minus Anakin’s trnasformation into Vader, but with the Dagobah scene included and a new sequence, which frames Vader as Palpatine’s new frankensteinish creation
-the end credit song is changed to Elton Johns’ “The King Must Die”, because I felt it fits the altered story exceptionally well

On a second note, I have included some footage from Episode I and II (the poisonous slugs for example), which I intend to cut from my respective edits of these movies as soon as I make them 😛

In case your wondering, I used iMovie on my old macBook and thus there is only a 720p version and there is some background noise in some places which I couldn’t completely disable, so please excuse that, its partly due to technical and/or ability limitations, sorry.

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I recently had an idea to incorporate Vader’s hallway-scene into ROTJ.
It could serve as a starting point for a completely new subplot about Vader letting the plans and position of the new Death Star slip to the Rebellion, because he knows the Emperor will be there and is anticipating a chance to get rid of him. It would also add another dimension to Vader being stationed on the Executor instead of the Death Star, as well as the Rebel shuttle sneaking past the blockade as all of this might well be part of Vaders plan. And not just to turnLuke over but to destroy the Emperor as well. On a side note, him continuing to plot against his master would make Vaders character more coherent to ESB.
The twist to this little plot would of course be Palpatine revealing his puppet game and foresight.

Appart from this plot idea the hallway scene would further vilify Vader and thus add more to Lukes struggle to save his father and it would plainly give Vader something to do and be the Character he is in the ANH and ESB, as there are no officers for him to choke in this iteration of the saga 😉

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I just rewatched TPM and had a funny little idea for an edit, which I’ll just dump in here 😄

So I thought that the initial conflict concerning trade deeds might be exchanged for a growing tension between the Gungan and the Naboo. In this version the Trade Federation might have been summoned by the Naboo, who are unable to stay against the Gungan military and the Jedi would have been dispatched to prevent a civil war. Captain Panaka has a line about the Naboo security force being unable to face a battle-hardened army, which might be put to good use to expand upon this idea.

Overall I feel as if this would add a lot to both Amidala entreating for the Gungans support and the ending scene showing the Gungan and Naboo declaring peace. (why is this scene even in this movie, when they never were at war?)

So that’s it for now, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts, have a nice day.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

So do you plan on removing all allusions to the Clones being on the Republic’s side? Not only does that sound like a nightmare but I just don’t see the point.

Not exactly, in my head the clones would still end up fighting for the republic, because they simply paid more than the original customers, which were some later separatist in lead with Sifo-Dias.
Maybe there is a way to imply that Jango was supposed to receive the army for the separatists, he would tie the clones origin closer to the separatist and the war in general.

The point is mainly that I just dislike how the Jedi do nothing to investigate the clones shady origin, which includes the completly unknown Tyrannus, the bounty hunter Jango Fett, who later works for Dooku, who disappeared roughly around the time of the creation of the clones and the death of one of their fellow Jedi knights.

And on top of this stupid behavior on behalf of the Jedi, Sidious big Masterplan is just not thought out and rest upon Obi-Wan finding this army by accident, although the Sith tried to hide Kamino in the first place by erasing the archives memory.
So Sidious Plan is apparently expect-the-unexpected to the power of C3POs stochastics, and I just don’t buy that.

In my opinion cutting the plot about Kamino being wiped from the archives memory and giving some sort of cover up story for the clones would lift most of these inconveniences. Atleast apart from Obi-Wan hitting on this crucial part of Sidious Plan by accident, but maybe he used Jango to guide him there or something. Overall I think that this would be much easier to follow for the audience, once we learn that Dooku is Tyrannus and yet raise less suspicions that should be obvious to the Jedi and everybody in the Senat.

P.S.: I’m not yet finished 😄
On top of that, Dooku turning in this movie would show him change from an unifier trying to settle a war into a tyrant starting a crusade against his former allies, in whom he lost fade, due to them being responsible of the conflict he has just settled and the lack of support they refused to offer him.
I think this would make for a very interesting read of Dooku and give him some graspable motives, which he was desperately missing in AOTC and the prequels as a whole.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

An idea for AOTC:
Establish in the opening crawl of AOTC that the events of TPM and the sub sequential fall of Nute Gunray caused the Trade Federation to crumble and sparked a civil war. Furthermore republic forces, lead by the former Jedi Count Dooku, have been tasked to settle the conflict. The footage from the Battle of Geonosis could be used to show Dookus crusade, maybe in a montage or something.

Now here comes the actual clue, tell that the Clone Army has been ordered by former members of Trade Federation. This resolves the mystery around their creation and prevents any more investigation by the Jedi due to urge to weaken the enemy, by snatching their army.
Disconnecting the clones from the republic army, shown prior in the edit, should be doable, because there are actually just 2 shots of the Clones wearing their armor while on Kamino.

To top things off, Dookus alliance with the the separatist could be hidden until after Obi-Wan got captured, and played as a twist when Anakin and Padme go to Geonosis (which would now be a warzone) to rescue Obi-Wan and seek out Dooku for help. Dookus turn would sort off mirror Landos in Empire and especially the deleted scene where Padme tries o bargain with Dooku would fit perfectly, albeit some adjustments would be necessary.

What do you think?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I had an overly complex and hilariously ambitious idea on how to fix Anakin before and during the final battle with Obi-Wan. But let me point out my thoughts 😛

Restructure the end of ROTS, so that after Obi-Wan went to ask Padmé for help in is quest to duel Anakin, 3PO contacts him during the night, because Padmé was poisoned. Obi and 3PO fly her to Mustafar, where the early Rebel alliance has been formed (note, the separatist were sent elsewhere). After their arrival the medical droid attest that she has been poisoned and that they have to operate quickly to save the babies (cut Yoda and R2s presence).
After the birth of the twins, Anakin shows up and confronts Obi-Wan, during their fight we see the Tantive IV leave, Obi-Wan follows soon after.

This way Anakin would have an actual reason to fight Obi-Wan, who denies him to see his dying wife and new born children and it would explain his hate against the jedi and show the manipulative nature of his relationship to Paladine: Although it seems unreasonable for the jedi to kill Padmé, it is the only thing that Anakin can allow himself to believe. Because otherwise Palpatine, the only other person involved with this whole mess, needs to be responsible, but that would mean that there is no way of getting her back, which Vader does not dare to believe.

P.S.: Although many of these switches seems impossible to pull off, I have managed to both change Polis Mesa to Mustafar and create an alternate beginning for the duel.
The only thing still missing is 3PO informing Obi-Wan, haven’t got an idea yet, maybe I could use some footage from the assassination attempt from AOTC, idk… Anyways I would be very grateful for any help or response in general, stay safe to you all, I appreciate anybody who took the time to read 😄

Idea &amp; Info: Episodes 1-9 into ONE cohesive Fanedit?

Based on the structure Nev outlined I tried to make 1-6 into a cohesive story.

Everything up to Yoda sensing young Skywalker’s pain and Shmi’s funeral including R2 interrupting.
Luke decides to become a Jedi and the party speed to Mos Eisley and stop in front of the cantina.
Obi-Wan discovers the factory and hears Dooku talking about the Death Star.
On board of the MF Obi-Wan senses a disturbance in the force, Luke makes his first steps and the party lands on the Death Star.
Obi-Wan and Anakin board the Invisible Hand and R2 locates the chancellor.
On the MF the party leaves their hiding, Obi-Wan leaves to deactivate the tractor-beam, R2 locates Leia and Luke, Han and Chewbacca go to save her.
Anakin and Obi-Wan enter the lift aboard Grievous’ ship.
Luke and Han talk in the lift.
Anakin and Obi-Wan have trouble riding the elevator and R2 has to help. Anakin jumps back into the elevator.
Cut to Han landing inside the trash compactor before Anakin lands inside the elevator.
Keep the trash compactor sequence and Obi-Wan deactivating the tractor-beam.
Anakin and Obi-Wan engage Count Dooku.
Obi-Wan faces Vader.
Luke and Leia run from the Stormtroopers and nearly fall down the chasm.
Anakin, Obi-Wan and the chancellor hang inside the elevator shaft, drop and throw their hooks.
Luke throws the hook and Luke and Leia swing across.
Obi-Wan dies, the party escapes from the Death Star and Luke mourns Old Ben’s death.
Padmé comforts Anakin and he tells her that she’ll die in childbirth.
Anakin ask Yoda for guidance.
Match Anakin lowering his head and Vader kneeling in front of Palpatine’s hologram.
Luke realizes who Yoda is.
Anakin finds out about Palpatine’s identity. Fade to Anakin’s nightmare.
Luke trains with Yoda and has a vision of his friends.
The MF is chased into the asteroid field.
Cut from the MF flying through the ‘cave’ to Obi-Wan flying into the hole on Utapau.
Anakin and Palpatine meet in the opera, Palpatine tells him that Grievous has been found and about Plagueis.
Luke enters the dark side cave on Dagobah.
Vader employs bounty hunters to track down the MF, the falcon is found and disappears from the stardestroyer’s scanners. Captain Needa leaves to report Vader.
Anakin reports to Windu, who leaves to arrest the chancellor and orders Anakin to wait in the council chamber.
Luke leaves Dagobah.
Anakin contemplates in the council chamber.
Luke encounters Vader and drops.
Anakin interrupts Windu and turns. Yoda senses the catastrophe and Order 66 happens.
Yoda leaves Kashyyyk and Bail Coruscant.
The rebel fleet gathers and prepares for the attack on the Death Star.
Obi-Wan learns about Anakin’s turn and Yoda orders him to face him.
Luke is brought before the Emperor.
Luke’s lightsaber is recolored to be Obi-Wan’s and his fight against Vader is intercut with Anakin and Obi-Wan dueling on Mustafar.
The ending of ROTJ plays out as usual.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I was experimenting with a shot from TCW that shew Grievous fleet leaving hyperspace from the bridge of a republic cruiser.
Starting with the pan down on the cruiser followed by the separatist fleet approaching and Grievous introduction from ROTS (new dialog) turned out alright. Nonetheless it is a massive shift of pace and some shots of the space battle heating up would greatly benefit the flow. By now I have only experimented a little with TCW footage which obviously looked a bit off. But I might look into this again.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Idea for a radical edit of ROTS:

Move the reveal of Palpatine’s real identity to as early in the movie as possible and show Anakin’s struggle to stay loyal to the Jedi, because he knows that they would kill his only hope to save his wife and children.
The aim is to portray Anakin’s downfall as a result of his incapability to make a choice out of fear of the consequences and his unwillingness to accept his lack of control.

To achieve this I would open the movie on Coruscant with Palpatine’s scheming and the spy plot up to the opera scene, but minus any mention of Anakin’s nightmares or Yoda’s department to Kashyyyk. Directly after Palpatine’s “not from a Jedi” line soft transition to Anakin and Padmé talking at night and the following scene with Yoda.

After this cut to Anakin visiting the chancellor to ask him to hear Padmé’s plea to let diplomacy resume. Add implying dialog to the beginning of Palpatine’s reveal as the Sith Lord. Directly afterwards play Anakin’s second nightmare scene. (maybe I can make Anakin imply that the chancellor won’t react to the senator’s appeal)

After this we see Yoda leaving coruscant and show the third scene from the seeds of the rebellion plot line.
Then use Dooku’s arrival on Coruscant from AOTC as a transition to the separatist attack. Use Grievous’ “our hostage has arrived” line from the Malevolence arc and add “with Count Dooku” or something like that.
Then tweak Palpatine’s dialog before Anakin beheads Dooku to make him more “sith-y”.

After they have crashed on Coruscant cut most of Anakin and Obi-Wan talking and Anakin’s reunion with Padmé, cut directly to Grievous arriving on Utapau and the council discussing on who they are going to send.
I would like to keep Anakin’s wish to go, but without any advice from the chancellor. Ideally he would say something like “I want to go”, because he looks at it as an opportunity to escape the influence of both Palpatine and the Jedi.
It would also underline that the Jedi do not grant Anakin an opportunity to face his inner darkness for which Grievous serves as a beautiful allegory, since he is a literal proto-Vader and more machine than man.

Last but not least, change the councils reason to make a move against Palpatine. Let him create the Empire to force the Jedi to go against him and force Anakin to pick a side.

I hope I managed to express myself somewhat comprehensible, I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this slightly overambitious idea for a bad editor like me 😄
Well, you grow with the challenge, right?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Turn ROTS into a psychological nightmare for Anakin by moving the Palpatine is the Sith Lord reveal to earlier in the movie and show Anakins struggle not to tell anyone because he wants to save Padme all the while trying to maintain the status quo by keeping Palpatine’s identity a secret.
Palpatine would eventually force a choice on Anakins side by provoking the Jedi to take action against him through the creation of the Empire.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Maybe ad in a line to Palpatine’s dialog to Grievous that implies that he is planning to get rid of him.
Sth like:
“Your loyalty won’t be forgotten general”

Although I think that Grievous fate isn’t really important, but I would love to imply that Vader killed him.
This could be done with a close up of Vader’s fist, while hearing Grievous choking followed by the sound of metal hitting the floor. This little sequence could be squeezed in between the hologram scene and Vader’s first appearance on the star destroyer and you could ad Palpatine’s “you have done well Lord Vader” while they are supervising the creation of the Death Star, to finally conclude the chapter of Grievous.

While we’re at it why not include a reference to the clone wars episode about the giant kyber-crystal on Utapau to the hologram scene?

Anyways back to the question, I really think that Grievous fate is really that important and could well be left ambiguous.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

A little radical idea for ROTS:
Push the Grievous plot back and let Cody shoot Obi-Wan during the chase scene so that Grievous survives.
Then cut Palpatine finding Anakin and use the hologram scene with Darth Sidious and Grievous and alternate Grievous line to: “…the loss of Skywalker”

Because Order 66 doesn’t happen before Anakin’s turn and Windu went to make sure that Palpatine returns his emergency powers after Grievous death, let Palpatine declare the empire as a reaction to the separatist attack on coruscant. This would explain Windus move against the chancellor and would also play well into Padmé’s politics plot.

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Delpheas said:


Luke arrives to Vader unarmed, takes Vader’s saber to attack Sheev, Vader defends with Obi-Wan’s lightsaber.

End on Luke burning Vader’s body

Why shouldn’t Luke attack with Obi Wan’s blade?
After all, Obi wan and Yoda ask him to fight Vader and Luke dropping the saber would conclude this conflict well.

On the other hand: what would be the motivation for Vader to fight with the very weapon that made him the machine he is?
Is it him holding on to the though of himself as irredeemable?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

What do you think about opening ROTS with Dooku and Sidious discussing their plan, sth along the likes of: “The time is near for the Sith to rise once more, cleansing the galaxy from the filth of the Jedi”
The interrogation scene from AOTC might work, if Obi Wan could be replaced with a hologram of Sidious.
And then cut to the scene from AOTC with the Jedi and the chancellor discussing the (possibility of a) war and why it’s still lasting on. After this establish both Anakin’s visions involving his fear of losing Padmé and the spying on the chancellor plot. And then when the core of the conflict within Anakin is set, let the separatist attack coruscant and capture the chancellor. (off screen due to a lack of options)

How easily the separatist took the chancellor hostage might also work as the excuse for Windu to arrest Palpatine.