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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Hello there, at the moment I am trying to remove Kamino from AOTC, because it just raises questions that do not get answered in the movies (who ordered this massive army?) and in my opinion it is a major plot hole, that NOBODY is curious about the creation of the clones.

In order to achieve this, the toxic dart which let Obi-Wan to Kamino will be an Geonosian design instead (although the aesthetics do not match up). I will redub Dex with an alien language and ad subtitles to explain everything we need to know.

The problem I got is that Obi-Wan never says Geonosis (apart from the holo-message).
Does anybody know where to find a voice line of Obi-Wan saying ‘Geonosis’? Or has an idea on how to work around the problem in a better way than him constantly referring to ‘a planet’ or ‘a system’?

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day!

Star Wars flaws (a to do list for fan edits)

Sorry for the Delay.

Well, maybe this vote for the creation of a Grand Army of the Rpublic could be changed to a vote whether more Clones should be acquired or not (like in this Clone Wars episode about bank deregulation).

As you mentioned parts of the plot focussing on Obi-Wan would not fit anymore, but I think the main structur could remain.

Currently I am more worried about how to integrate the creation of the army into episode 1, idealy together with the Separatist and Count Dooku.
For this purpose I took the sceen with the Senetors in Palpatines office listening to Obi-Wans discoveries on Geonosis and “replaced“ Obi with the hologramm of Sio Bibble, telling them about the invasion (showing that they were thinking about an army at this time).
In Episode 2 this sceen wouldn‘t be needed anyway, because the army already exist (no need to persuade Jar Jar to give a Speech in the Senate) and a simple call between Anakin and maybe Windu would be enough to inform them about the droid army.

Back to episode 1: Maybe Palpatine could promise an army, if he gets elected?

Anyways thanks for linking these Threads RogueLeader and oojason.

Star Wars flaws (a to do list for fan edits)

One of the biggest flaws of the whole saga is in my opinion the way the clone army is discovered coincidentally by the jedi and them not questioning its creation.
They are facing the threat of war and don’t question the secret creation of an army and how could Palpatines plan to subjugate the galaxy include coincidences.

Well the idea that I had to resolve this mistakes is to change the plot of episode II (and maybe episode I) so that it resembles the July Crisis, which started World War I.

There are already some similarities between episode II and the July Crisis, like an assassination attempt on a prince/senator (former queen) or a political tension of alliances falling apart/the Separatist leaving the Republic as a circumstances leading to the crisis and eventually World War I/the Clone Wars.

The creation of the clone army could be moved to episode I, as a reaction to the crisis on Naboo and to mimic the arming the German Empire did in the early 20th Century. It would also imply that nobody was expecting the Clone Wars, but something like another Battle of Naboo (like nobody was expecting World War I, but another Balkan War).

Star Wars flaws (a to do list for fan edits)

Star Wars is one of the greatest stories of our time, combining a good movie with an intriguing, thrilling story, good action and believable characters and great ideas and lessons for life, that evolve throughout the saga, providing a great metaphorical, symbolic read of this events a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Unsuprisingly we find mistakes in these movies, that are trying to include all these details and ideas. And the more we think about them, the more flaws we get.

But to erase these flaws and plot holes, isn’t it the main purpose of fan edits?

And the best way to start doing so should be a list containing these flaws and ideas on how to fix them.


LILIAN02230 said:

I have an idea to use Nute Gunray who wants to assassinate Padme by recruiting a bounty hunter, the beginning of the film will start as AOTC, at some point in act 2 when Padme and Anakin leave Naboo to go to Tatooine I plan to insert the invasion of Naboo by the separatist alliance there.

I am currently working on a similar fan edit.

And I believe that a good way to connect the two movies would be a plot by the Trade Federation that intends the attack on Palme to fail, to force her to go to Naboo into hiding, so the Trade Federation can take her hostage.