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Star Wars Saga - Without John Williams (WIP)

So I was listening to some old playlists of mine and came up with a little list of suggestions:

1.“Dare” by Stan Bush for Anakin blowing up the droid control ship
2.“Numb” by Linking Park for the duel between Anakin, Obi-Wan and Dooku in ROTS
3.“One” by Metallica for Vaders transformation
4.“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen for Luke facing down the FO walkers

And another two that I am not sure whether they could work:
+“Saturday Night’s alright for Fighting” by Elton John for Han and Chewie chasing storm troopers on the DS in ANH
+“Zombie” by the Cranberries for the Attack on Maz’s castle

Star Wars Saga - Without John Williams (WIP)

I mean the sequence after Mace and the others head off to capture Palpatine.
In my head the music would start after the shuttle takes off, continue throughout Anakin and Padmé’s long stare and lead us into the fight with Palpatine.

Edit: Regarding the length: Maybe scratch the duel, might be better this way in general, because I don’t know how well the music would mash with the “I am the Senat, da, da, da” (which I had forgot about, I thought the duel was already spinning at this point, ups)

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Recently I ran once again across Emanswfan’s idea to restructure AOTC and start with the arena sequence.
And I picked up on it and build my own restructure around, which I’d like to share with you.

Episode II

10 peaceful years have past
since the crisis on Naboo, but
the peace grew frail and the
Jedi’s watch was dimmed by the
rising shadow of the Sith.

Albeit the sincere government
of Chancellor Palpatine and
the devoted service of newly
elected Senator of Naboo the
Republic began to split, due
to the challenge of Count Dooku.

The newly assembled Separatist
movement lead by the war hero
and former Jedi Master gathered
on Geonosis far out of reach of
the Republic, but not unknown
to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi…

-pan down; a starfighter approaches Geonosis; Obi-Wan investigates the droid factory and catches on to Gunray scheming to assassinate Amidala; meanwhile his ship is discovered and he gets captured
-Obi-wan is interrogated by Dooku while Padmé and Anakin arrive (minus 3PO) and are captured; Dooku interrogates Padmé and both her and Ani are sentenced to death
-the two of them share their feelings for one another, but are interrupted; the arena sequence (minus Jangos death and the 3PO stuff)
-Republic Troops arrive; Dooku flees and the trio catches on to him; as Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive at the hangar, Dooku takes off
-Padmé addresses the Senat (minus assassination attempt talk); Palpatine office, Palpatine ask the Jedi to protect the senator from Gunray
-Elevator scene and reunion cut short; no creepy ani stuff; the speeder chase
-Anakins new assignment; Dex’s Diner; Padmé packing; Younglings; departure from Coruscant; landing platform scene
-Arrival on Naboo; Padmé Parents house; Space battle over Kamino (color graded Geonosis asteroid chase); Picnic scene; meeting the prime minister; “I don’t like sand” (but without the line 😛)
-Inspecting the clones (the army was ordered for the trade federation, only mentioned by Obi-Wan later)
-Fireplace scene; Nightmare scene; meeting Jango; meeting Watto; Fight in the rain; the Lars homestead, search for Shmi; Obi-Wans message (sent from Kamino); Shmi’s death; Garage scene; funeral
-Message from Obi-Wan (he tracked down Jango to Geonosis and the clones were meant for the trade federation); Padmé and Ani leave for Coruscant; Separatist Meeting on Geonosis; Emergency powers for Palpy; Obi-Wan reports to Yoda and Mace, while their on their way
-Attack on Geonosis; Anakin and Obi-Wan surprise Dooku at the hangar; Ending scenes

I hope this hasn’t become to much of a cryptic crossword and that I managed to convey the broad structural changes I imagined.

Have a nice day 😄

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

What do you think of placing the asteroid chase in AOTC before Obi-Wan lands on Kamino.
This would add some lacking tension to Obi-Wan’s detective plot and give the viewer some questions to chew on, like: “Who’s behind the ambush?”, “Was Obi-Wan the intended target?”, “Why were the Kaminoans expecting him?”, “Did they put up the trap?”, “Did they expect someone else?”, etc.

But the real difficulty might be recoloring Geonosis and only Geonosis, that’s what I was struggling with 😛

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I am sorry, I am bad at explaining.

I’ll try to point out my idea as dry as possible:

-The Emperor developed a toxic weapon to kill everyone in the galaxy but humans and equipped a giant fleet with this weapon

-this happened in a research station hidden inside a giant gas planet neighboring Coruscant

-on the forrest-moon of this gas planet the Empire has build a shield generator to protect the research station that also contains the navigational systems to launch the fleet (the same plot point as in TROS)

-Han and the crew destroy the shield generator and Lando and the Rebels blow up the research station

-the story surrounding Vader, Luke and the Emperor is set in the Emperors room on the research station

-I am still thinking on how to incorporate the civil fleet, as it would fit brilliantly from a thematic standpoint

-note: TROS wouldn’t exist in this version as the second DS is gone and much of the footage of Exegol would be required

I hope my idea has become clearer.

I know that this might very well be impossible to pull off, but I feel as if this would make for a better final stand against the Empire and simply be different, new and exiting as opposed to another DS. And that’s why I would like to discuss this idea and hear other peoples thoughts on it.

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Yesterday I had an idea with what and how to replace the second Death Star in ROTJ and TROS.
I came to by rewatching the clone wars episode on the Blue Shadow Virus.

So I thought about replacing the Death Star with Exegol and the Sith-Fleet, but instead of minideathstarcanons, these ship would be equipped with some sort of chemical weapon, that employs a toxin that only humans are immune to.
So Exegol would be retconned to be a giant gas planet neighboring coruscant and we would establish that hidden in its depths the emperor synthesized a toxin made from the blue haze and equipped the fleet with this.
Endor would be Exegol’s only moon and contain the shield generator that protects the research station.
Now the rebel plan would stay the same: Han, Leia, Chewie and Luke will send out to disable the shield so that the alliance can blow up the station. The station would contains the navigational systems for the Sith-Fleet, which would afterwards be swallowed by Exegol.

On top of that I would like to incorporate the civil fleet too, as it would really fit theme as do the Ewoks and the whole opening with Jabba’s palace, for they show us the colorful universe that Star Wars is and fight the Empire that seeks to conquer and destroy it and each of its inhabitants.

And in particular I personally like how this would add a different feel of a final stand to protect, as opposed to another Death Star, which always made me question on how long they’ll take to build the third one.
Enter TFA 😄

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

RogueLeader said:

Hmm, I could see that. If you could alter Mon Mothma’s line about “Many Bothans died to bring us this information”, it would be like she would be referring to that attack.

Although, we could assume Bothans wasn’t necessarily an alien race, but could be a term for humans, like Corellian, Alderaanian, etc.

Yes, in fact I can see it very well replacing the opening scene.

Here is a quick mock up:

With some more tweaking this could well work I think

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

TestingOutTheTest said:

That would literally undermine his redemption arc, since at that point he is conflicted between the light and the dark; that’s why the scene where he chokes an officer was removed from Return of the Jedi.

I disagree, this scene would be placed in the beginning, kind of like Kylo fighting on Mustafar in TROS, which didn’t impact his redemption arc.
On the contrary this would tie his character to the previous episode and allow the audience to see him change throughout the movie, as instead to seeing him changed in comparison to the last movie.

STAR WARS Episode III: A HOLLOW STRENGTH (Radical re-edit) (Finished)

This is a really radical restructure of the whole movie with more cuts than I can remember.
The goal was to create a different Episode III with a slower more complex, character driven version of Anakins turn. Apart from that I also intended to keep the big twist in ESB intact by removing any mention of the name ‘Vader’ before Anakin wears the suite and by keeping Grievous around for a newly created scene in which he tells us that Anakin fell.

I used ADigimans Edit as a basis and drew inspiration from many popular fan edit and most notably the clips over in the thread to NFBisms’ New Conon Cut, they are great, I love them 👍

In terms of restructuring, here is a quick overview (SPOILER):
-new red Crawl and title Crawl
-Anakin is put on the council and asked to spy on the chancellor, first glimpse on Anakins fears
-Opera scene, Anakin contemplates on his fears and the story of Plagueis and searches Yoda for help
-Yoda departs from Coruscant, Padme asks Anakin to talk to the chancellor to resume diplomacy
-Anakin arranges a meeting between Padme and Palpatine, who reveals himself as the sith
-Anakin Anakin is afraid to act on this as he believes Palpatine to be his only hope of saving his wife
-Dooku arrives on coruscant to meet his master and the battle over coruscant engulfs
-Anakin saves the chancellor and Palpatine’s growing influence on Anakin becomes evident
-After the battle Anakin wants to hunt for Grievous to escape his position between the Jedi and Palpatine is growing more and more tense
-Obi-Wan is sent after Grievous and in face of the recent attack on coruscant Palpatine declares the Empire
-The Jedi and Senators feel urged to react, but as Windu attempts to kill the chancellor Anakin breaks
-Order 66 happens and Grievous escapes Obi-Wan, because the Clones turned on him
-Anakin sends of to kill the Separatist and Yoda, Obi-Wan and Bail return to Coruscant
-Palpatine declares war on the Jedi and Anakin kills Nute Gunray and the other Separatist
-In Bail’s apartment the Rebellion is founded (dialog from The Force Unleashed) and Obi-Wan disables the emergency signal in the Temple
-Padme is poisoned and Obi-Wan’s message from Rebels is inserted here
-Obi-Wan looks for Padme’s help to find Anakin and her departure from Coruscant is rescored with the end of Across the Stars
-Because Padme’s condition suffered during the flight Obi-Wan brought her to Mustafar where Organa awaits them as the facility is now an early rebel base and the twins are born (the Separatist were sent elsewhere)
-Yoda duels Palpatine and Anakin arrives on Mustafar, but after the Tantive IV leaves he encounters Obi-Wan
-After the Duels were fought the movie closes as usual minus Anakin’s trnasformation into Vader, but with the Dagobah scene included and a new sequence, which frames Vader as Palpatine’s new frankensteinish creation
-the end credit song is changed to Elton Johns’ “The King Must Die”, because I felt it fits the altered story exceptionally well

On a second note, I have included some footage from Episode I and II (the poisonous slugs for example), which I intend to cut from my respective edits of these movies as soon as I make them 😛

In case your wondering, I used iMovie on my old macBook and thus there is only a 720p version and there is some background noise in some places which I couldn’t completely disable, so please excuse that, its partly due to technical and/or ability limitations, sorry.

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I recently had an idea to incorporate Vader’s hallway-scene into ROTJ.
It could serve as a starting point for a completely new subplot about Vader letting the plans and position of the new Death Star slip to the Rebellion, because he knows the Emperor will be there and is anticipating a chance to get rid of him. It would also add another dimension to Vader being stationed on the Executor instead of the Death Star, as well as the Rebel shuttle sneaking past the blockade as all of this might well be part of Vaders plan. And not just to turnLuke over but to destroy the Emperor as well. On a side note, him continuing to plot against his master would make Vaders character more coherent to ESB.
The twist to this little plot would of course be Palpatine revealing his puppet game and foresight.

Appart from this plot idea the hallway scene would further vilify Vader and thus add more to Lukes struggle to save his father and it would plainly give Vader something to do and be the Character he is in the ANH and ESB, as there are no officers for him to choke in this iteration of the saga 😉

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I just rewatched TPM and had a funny little idea for an edit, which I’ll just dump in here 😄

So I thought that the initial conflict concerning trade deeds might be exchanged for a growing tension between the Gungan and the Naboo. In this version the Trade Federation might have been summoned by the Naboo, who are unable to stay against the Gungan military and the Jedi would have been dispatched to prevent a civil war. Captain Panaka has a line about the Naboo security force being unable to face a battle-hardened army, which might be put to good use to expand upon this idea.

Overall I feel as if this would add a lot to both Amidala entreating for the Gungans support and the ending scene showing the Gungan and Naboo declaring peace. (why is this scene even in this movie, when they never were at war?)

So that’s it for now, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts, have a nice day.