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dahmage said:

Omni said:

Adywan, Projects 4K77 and 4K83 are definitely 4K. They have less detail than the 1080p BluRays, but they’re absolutely 4K.

Adywan clearly meant that the visible detail level is less that what is already in the 1080p blu-ray, which makes sense as one is from negatives and the other from old release prints.

Sure he did, but he said “even the team would admit these aren’t 4K” and… well, they most definitely are.

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

LordPlagueis said:

Hal 9000 said:

Well, here’s my full raw list I’m working from:

[Possibly remove audio for line “I’m not sure how much longer I can hold off the vote, my friends”

Readd the last part of Jar Jar introducing the jedi at Padmé’s HQ

Fix lack of audio channel 6 from 9:41ish to 12:06ish, perhaps just lazily copying channel 5]

[Put in “easy Jedi business go back to your drinks

[Try to remedy the abrupt scene end after “But I am grown up - You said it yourself”]

Include abbreviated Dex’s Diner, and original zam death line

[Place lines from Jamila scene about staying in the lake country to refugee transport scene]

[Fix the audio during landing platform deleted scene which abruptly goes to 2.0 stereo; the beginnig and end of the scene are okay]

Consider suggestion about ep2 continuity error from using lake house to establish Padme’s family house

[Consider using Mala’s version of Anakin leaving to look for Schmi, which has no dialogue]

Undo Dooku’s modified line of “a thousand more systems”

Replace 3PO’s line about never having flown before.

[Maybe reorder scenes like Q2 has it for where the droid factory used to be]

[Put in Yoda saying he is going to go visit Kamino]

[Put back in Mace sneaking up on Dooku in ep2]

[Look into TMTYC’s recreation of the Jedi reveal in the arena from AOTP]

There is a shot of Anakin in pain from lightning that should be moved away from right before Padmé in the sand to just before leaping to save Obi-Wan

Fix video glitch in middle of end credits

C-3PO’s line about never having flown before is ties into The Phantom Menace, where he says, “I can assure you that they’ll never get me onto one of those dreadful starships.”

He cut that line from that movie for his fanedit “Cloak of Deception” v6, while also adding a line of 3PO comparing some of his life experiences with R2’s, which gently implies some backstory to 3PO.

‘The Approaching Storm v6’ is a sequel to ‘Cloak of Deception v6’, not the theatrical TPM, I’m assuming.

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

The thing is, when we have so many high quality TLJ edits available already, which improve the film narratively (like you say) just as much or even more so than Ivan’s, his edit had to be at least just as good from a technical perspective, especially with all his claims of being a professional editor and all the hype he built around his edit. But no. It brought almost nothing new to the table while also being quite a failure from a technical standpoint. So while it may have been enough for his followers, it certainly wasn’t enough for us, who have stuff as well made as poppasketti’s or ForceGhostRecon’s TLJs, for instance.

There’s also the fact that Ivan monetized his videos where he worked on the edit - publicly utilizing an IP not owned by him to profit, thus endangering the entire fanedit community, among other offenses, such as using pirated material, which gave him a really bad reputation around these parts.

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?

RogueLeader said:

Well I just was thinking you could do that for an alternate version of Return of the Jedi that doesn’t take the other movies into account. Sort of like an alternate history where Jedi might’ve been the last Star Wars movie.

I still see it as the last movie, much like Godfather Part II is the last Godfather movie. The ST and Godfather III are really nice epilogues though 😃

Despecialized V 4K77: Dawn of Justice

DNR has 2 versions, that are identical in everything but the crawl:

  • the MKV has the upscaled 1080p SSE crawl.
  • the ISO has the 4K crawl.

But they’re essentially the same, same DNR settings, same color grade, same dirt and scratches, etc. They both utilize Williarob’s color grade. I’ll repeat what ChainsawAsh said: there are NO versions of 4K77 DNR with Sanjuro’s grade.

NoDNR has 2 versions as well, though they have more differences:

  • versions 1.0 (1080p & 4K) of the MKVs, the one released on May of last year. That has the original color grade which wasn’t really color corrected (mainly white balanced IIRC), and the 1080p SSE crawl.
  • versions 1.4 (1080p & 4K) of the MKVs, which have Sanjuro’s color grade and the 4K crawl.

I might’ve missed one thing or another but this is basically it.

Admiral Ackbar deleted scenes - new Tim Rose interview

Rodney-2187 said:

Omni said:

The Clone Wars is also EU because it isn’t in the movies. Everything that’s not in the movies is EU.

That used to be what they referred to as EU, but that term is not used anymore. It’s either canon or it isn’t. If it isn’t, it’s legend.

The term can still be used. Independently of being canon or legends, everything that’s not in the movies is EU. And a lot of people here couldn’t care less about EU.

Admiral Ackbar deleted scenes - new Tim Rose interview

Yeah me neither. And honestly I didn’t even think it was him until someone pointed it out to me. I’d forgotten about him in TFA enough not to even notice that he was in TLJ - or maybe I thought he was just a random Mon Calamarian (or whatever it’s called) since because of the RO admiral I guess I thought that species had tons of high ranking officers in the Alliance? I don’t know. All I know is that next day after coming back from the theaters for TLJ the fanbase was tearing itself apart and one of the reasons was Ackbar’s death, and I couldn’t believe that I’d missed it, thinking it had been something as great as it was being pointed out. Not the case at all, though.