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The Sequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread (Radical Ideas Welcome).

Anakin Starkiller said:

Am I the only who feels like it isn’t really Star Wars without Palpatine pulling the strings? The thing is I can’t think of any way of bringing him back that doesn’t cheapen Vader’s redemption. The best I can think of is Palpatine survives the fall (he IS a Sith Lord, so I think it’s totally plausible), but is seriously injured, meaning Vader’s sacrifice still had an impact, causing Palpatine to remain in the Shadows for 30 years. Still, you can see how it devalues that moment in RotJ. The thing is, with Palpatine gone, everything else feels super post-script. Now that’s fine if you really want to tell a brand new unconnected story, but clearly they don’t. Besides, with both Palpatine and Snoke out of the picture, the trilogy just lacks any threatening villain at all.

If you absolutely must have Palpatine in some form, simply have his spirit (or the combined spirits of all murdered Sith) wander the galaxy after ROTJ before inhabiting Snoke sometime before TFA. Then when Kylo murders Snoke, he ‘inherits’ this Sith essence.

<em><strong>Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge</strong></em> (Disney Theme Park)

timdiggerm said:

oojason said:

‘Millennium Falcon Ride Details Revealed on Target-Exclusive ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Blu-Ray’…

And George thought the ESB cockpit was too big

The Falcon was only a light freighter, this one is clearly a Corellian workhorse.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

Thanks! It’s definitely a work in progress though.

Moving right to the end of the film, I have had the idea for a while that Rey alone is able to find Luke through the Force. There would be some vision when she touches the lightsaber of the completed map to Luke (along with the other visions), and this is what Kylo senses in her. When they fight over the lightsaber in the snow, it can now support the interpretation that Kylo wants the vision of the map that the saber first imparted to Rey.

Since Rey has this vision, there is no need for R2 to have the rest of the map. I tried making a version without the map scene, with mixed results:
Password: fanedit

I feel like it might work better if the scene of R2’s reveal happens in place of the one where he wakes up. We would see R2 again, but our hopes would be dashed when 3PO says that he’s in low power mode and probably doesn’t have the rest of the map. Move Chewie’s mourning to after this scene, and then this despondency implies that Rey must act on her vision and find Luke.

Another benefit of this change would be to save R2 waking up for TLJ, where we get a more powerful reunion.

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

SparkySywer said:

OutboundFlight said:

Completely cutting the Death Star would be interesting.

I was working on a fanedit like a year ago where there was only one Death Star, which wasn’t destroyed in ANH. It’s been bogged down and completely restarted from scratch a couple of times, but I haven’t completely thrown it away, if this is close enough.

I think that’s the best way to go, honestly.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

With the day off, I had some fun taking apart the Starkiller Infiltration and putting it back together (somewhat).
Password: fanedit

I intentionally didn’t spend a great deal of time finessing the scenes or transitions, so it’s a very rough idea. Kylo begins the interrogation the same place as in the Theatrical, but it then transitions to Hux and the Starkiller charging, then the Resistance briefing, and then finally back to the interrogation to imply that it has been going on for quite a while (it definitely needs an establishing shot though). I would like to have some indication in this scene that implies that Rey’s connection to Han is what defeats Kylo, which is what Snoke picks up on later.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

Hal 9000 said:

It strikes me is breaking the rules of the universe this story is setting. That seems like something only a force users should be able to do.
See also: Han Solo as a non-badass who relies on bravado and luck to get by.

Alternately, see:
-Anyone is able to gain aptitude in the Force.
-Two of Han Solo’s closest confederates are strong Force users.
-Han has clearly gained an acceptance of, and appreciation for, the Force in the decades since ROTJ.

In this way, his extrasensory blaster shot is a microcosm of Luke’s journey in ANH, and removing it would be as egregious as altering other instances of Han shooting his blaster, if you get my drift.


The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

adywan said:


No offense guys, but you were the ones who were insulting him and berating him behind his back, I’ve just gone through this thread after the link was posted on a Star Wars Reddit (SaltierthanCrait) thread, he isn’t forcing anyone to give him money, or pay for the edit, if people want to give him money in appreciation for the work then that is their prerogative.

If he loved doing the work so much he wouldn’t be asking for people to pay him so he can do it full time. He wants to be paid a wage for doing it and pay others in the process. That goes against everything fan editing is about . And the quickest way for Disney to crack down on fan edits and shut them all down. He is profiting from material he doesn’t own the copyright to.


Explain Your Username / Avatar / Title / Signature

NeverarGreat said:

Username: A slightly ironic misspelling of Nerevar (+ the word Great) from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which was carried over from the Elder Scrolls forums. Not super applicable here, but it serves.

Feeling nostalgic, I tried to find some of my old posts from the Elder Scrolls forums. Turns out that the forum sank into the swamp years ago, was replaced by another which again sank into the swamp, and finally replaced with a third one which eventually stayed up. The only evidence which still exists is the Wayback Machine, and from after my join date in 2008 there is only one page capture:

I wonder, will the same thing eventually happen to

Like Tears In Rain

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:

It’s very very hard to cut around Han in Jedi. Believe me, I’ve tried. He does a lot of the action and has a lot of the exposition.

I remember toying around with having Han getting saved AFTER the Battle of Endor, but it messed with the flow too much.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s possible to make the Endor scenes work without Han. What do you think of the condensed idea, where the Shield Generator subplot is dropped entirely?

4K77 vs. Despecialized - Tatooine Outdoors

theMaestro said:

Does NeverarGreat’s version match to a digitized IB Tech print or to a projected IB Tech print?

Digitized. I don’t have access to a film projector, unfortunately.

However, since the grade is very precisely matched to representative digital frames and balanced scene by scene, it would still be a far better place to start than the uneven blu-ray, and get you a lot closer to the look of the Tech. If someone had access to a print and a projector and wanted to correct it fully to what they saw, it would probably only take a single LUT. Dre was trying to do something like this if I recall, putting his custom LUT’s on my project.

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

You could combine ESB and ROTJ:

It is a dark time for the
Rebellion. Although the
Death Star has been all but
destroyed, the Rebellion is
scattered to the far reaches
of the galaxy by the dreaded
Imperial Starfleet.

Guided by the voice of
his master, Luke Skywalker
journeys in search of Yoda,
a warrior with the power
to defeat the Emperor and
his sinister agents.

With the Starfleet deployed
against Skywalker and his
friends, Darth Vader awaits
the arrival of his dark
master aboard the Empire’s
ultimate weapon…

-Open with the Emperor arriving on the Death Star, where they talk of Vader resuming his search for Skywalker. Omit talk of Luke getting stronger. Cut to establishing shot of Emperor’s tower, and Vader asking of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust. The Emperor dismisses this talk and tells Vader to go to the command ship.
-Luke arrives on Dagobah, and meets Yoda.
-Establish Hoth, and Han deciding to leave. They discover the Probe droid and destroy it.
-On board the Command Ship, the Imperials find the Rebel Base. Vader doesn’t suggest that Luke is there.
-The Rebels evacuate the base under duress, without Luke’s presence (This incidentally avoids the issue of Luke escaping with ease while his friends are chased).
-The asteroid chase is cut, going straight into docking on the Star Destroyer bridge. There is no Emperor hologram, since he’s already been established.
-Luke trains, fails, etc etc.
-Much is the same until the Carbonite, where Han dies.
-Shortened fight with Vader, leading to the revelation and the end of Act 2.
-There is a single establishing shot of Yoda’s hut, and a robed figure materializes out of the mist in front of it, making its way forward as darkness surrounds the hut.
-Vader returns to the Death Star, using the scene from the beginning of ROTJ, shortened to simply that Vader will motivate the workers.
-Luke returns to Dagobah to find Yoda already in bed and at death’s door. He admits that Vader is the father, then insists that Luke not underestimate the powers of the Emperor. Luke’s sister is not mentioned.
-The fleet is assembled, and Mothma explains the attack. Han is not present, and it is edited to make it seem like Leia is joining Lando’s attack force. Luke joins as well. They take off in the shuttle.
-The landing and speeder chase happen, sans Han. Leia meets the Ewoks, who recognize her from the Rebel base previously on the planet.
-There is no roasting of Luke and Chewie, instead 3-PO tells the story and they are admitted to the tribe, then Luke and Leia discuss Luke’s parentage. Luke turns himself in.
-The ending happens pretty much the same, except without Han.

There could be a short version of this, however:

-Emperor’s arrival on the Death Star
-Events of ESB as described above, except that Luke allows himself to be taken prisoner by Vader after the revelation.
-Leia and Lando escape with the help of R2.
-Closeups of Luke in the Bacta tank, colored with an evil red light signifying Vader’s dark purposes for him.
-Vader returns to the Death Star to much fanfare, cutting right to Vader and Luke in the elevator to the tower. Vader hands a lightsaber to the Emperor, but this is Obi-wan’s blue lightsaber, not Luke’s. Luke says that he’ll soon be dead, and the Emperor suspects that there is an imminent attack, which then emerges from hyperspace.
-The shield around the station is generated from within. As the Imperial fleet engages the Rebels, the Emperor orders the station to fire, destroying a capital ship.
-As the ships keep going down, Luke becomes more and more angry, until he attacks the Emperor. They fight and then Luke disengages, going into hiding.
-Vader reads Luke’s thoughts, saying ‘Your feelings for them are strong, especially for…’ (We see an image of Leia, and the exact Rebel ship which holds her. ‘…so, your feelings have now betrayed her too.’ Luke snaps, cutting of Vader’s hand. He then realizes what he has done, looking at the hand that Vader bequeathed him, which in this version is cold, metallic, and lifeless.
-Ackbar orders the Command Ship be brought down. When it crashes into the station, it does enough damage to shut down the shield protecting the station. The fighters go in.
-Vader is redeemed, the Emperor defeated, Luke escapes, the station explodes for good, and Luke takes Vader into the forest on Yavin 4 for a proper funeral.
-The final scene is from ESB, where Luke gets a more human hand and Lando leaves in the Falcon, now truly redeemed by his heroic acts. He could even be searching for Han, if it is decided that he doesn’t die in Carbonite.