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Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

BTW, Pasaana as a desert planet feels really stupid on reflection, since the plot dictates a large, crowded celebration in the middle of nowhere. It would have made a lot more sense to combine Pasaana and Kijimi, since there would be visible cities on the planet and now we would have met some actual civilians before it got blown up and there would have been some interesting twists in evading the First Order while seeking out the droid mechanic and getting the Falcon back.

I wonder if that’s at all feasible, just to make Kijimi a different city in a different latitude of the same planet. The planet could be called Pasaana and the new Star Destroyers would use their not-quite-Death Star laser to destroy the city of Kijimi, implying that they can just destroy the capital cities of each world without the needless Death Star overkill.

<em>The Mandalorian</em> Discussion Thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

adywan said:

Z6PO said:

idir_hh said:

If they start veering down the Snoke/Palpatine/Exogol thread. I’m out.

It may very well be the backdrop of the story…

Exactly. Ever since we saw the kamino symbol on the doctor, when Mando delivers the child, it’s been pointing to the child being the important factor in the creation of Snoke and the resurrection of the Emperor.

God that would suck.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) <strong>WORKPRINT RELEASED</strong>

Sorry about the late reply, Zig!

ziggyonice said:

NeverarGreat said:

Here’s a rough version of the new sequence I’m considering for the Hosnian Destruction. It’s closer to Restructured, but unlike that scene there’s actually too many shots to fit into the music duration.

Hey, I know it’s been awhile Nev, but I checked in just to see how the project has been coming along.

It’s going in fits and starts. The latest addition is a change to the end credits music to include Williams’ 2018 Han & Leia Theme, which I think musically evokes the story of Han & Leia’s relationship that we never got to see on-screen, and this transitions to the Kylo theme to give that story its necessary tragic end. It’s not a super necessary change, but I like it.

The clip you shared above back several weeks ago is really well done. I think that flows very nicely and is probably the best take so far at the Hosnian destruction.

Thanks! It’s still a work in progress. I’ve found that the Hosnian destruction is just so weak on its own that it only gains any power from the events surrounding it, so I’m considering how to continue the Oscillator scene around the destruction kind of like the Luke vision was intercut with R2 finding the map. We’ll see. 😃

For the pilot reactions, you might be able to use a shot of Poe from either TLJ or TROS. I know there’s a couple shots of him in TROS final battle that might match the emotional weight of the scene.

That’s a good idea. I assume he has a similar-enough costume for that to work?

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

hinventon said:

Has anybody heard this?

I don’t know if there’s ever been a studio recording of this version but I love it and it would be a nice song to fill in some of the musical gaps, or even for TFA or TLJ


I’m hesitant to click music links these days because of the danger on hitting yet another Samuel Kim video, but this was a pleasant surprise.

I’m tempted to put this into my TFA edit as is.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

To be fair, the problem goes beyond just Snoke. The whole ST (particularly TFA and TROS) seems to be made by people with no sense of object permanence, whose understanding of the previous story began and ended with the base objects present during the runtimes of episodes 4-6. The Emperor and the Death Star were just table-setting in the originals to show the overwhelming power of the dominant government in the universe, so they are here as well despite being the ostensible underdogs. You want thousands of Star Destroyers? The originals had that, so why not? Stormtroopers are soulless cannon fodder too, except that one of our main characters is a Stormtrooper. No problem making Rey related to a powerfully evil Force user, except that her nobody status is her one unique character trait. And on it goes. The ST has a toddler’s understanding of storytelling.

Anyway, if you want to make Snoke compelling you have to strip him of his Force powers. Make him a person who has power through his ability to project the air of a Force user and his emotional manipulation of Kylo Ren, otherwise he’s just another Palpatine.

Socialism vs Libertarianism

Words are crazy. If I’ve got this right:

Communism is largely anti-capitalist, and is a classless and moneyless society.

Marxist-Leninism is an extremely statist and authoritarian form of Communism.

Socialism can be stateless or not, being the social ownership of aspects of the economy.

Libertarianism is a largely stateless, free market approach to capitalism.

Anarchy is the most extreme form of a stateless society.

So Socialism and Libertarianism aren’t that far apart in theory. However, most practical versions of Socialism operate via a centralized government, hence the confusion.

The Star Wars Edit Request Thread: Request the links to Star Wars fan edits here

Ed Slushie said:

NeverarGreat said:

Ed Slushie said:

Hal 9000 said:

Ed Slushie said:

Who was it that made an alternate opening shot for The Force Awakens where the “stars” turn out to be dust from Rey scavenging on the Star Destroyer? I have an edit idea that could really benefit from it, but I can’t find it anywhere.
I seem to remember it being on vimeo and having a really vague title like “fakeout” that made it hard to find by searching.

It happens so fast that I bet you could just cut from the opening crawl to the first motion frame of Rey pulling the thing away.
Dunno if he was the first, but I recall NeverArGreat doing that idea.

Just think of people seeing it opening night in IMAX 3D. Give people heart attacks, it would.

Found it, thanks!

If you want it in full quality, let me know and I will render it out!

Yeah, anything 1080p or higher would be much appreciated!

This is AVI 1080p, highest quality I have.

It’s also been added on my TFA thread links. 😃