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Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Episode 7 would take place in a galaxy that has devolved into a cold war between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Leia controls the Senate as Chancellor and acts as master of the new Jedi council. Her son, Ben, is her star pupil and the public face of the Jedi as he seeks to bring ‘peace and justice’ to the galaxy.

The story begins with Rey, a young girl who has been adopted by an old freighter pilot with a robotic leg who lives in the outer rim. She returns from a scavenging expedition one day and sees that there is a visitor, the dashing young Ben Solo who has arrived on a New Republic shuttle and demands of the old pilot that he give up the girl. The old man refuses, and Rey causes a distraction which allows them both to escape in the Millennium Falcon. The man tells her that he is indeed Han Solo, and Ben was there on a hunt for Jedi students, of which Rey is one. She is astonished, asking him why he never told her, and Han says that it was for her own protection. They must now go to find Luke, who is living in exile in Imperial space, and along the way they meet Finn who is an Imperial trooper and Chewie, who is free from his life debt from Han and is captain of his own ship. Poe Dameron is introduced as a pilot for the elite strike force of the New Republic, and is tasked with tracking down our Heroes.

Our heroes eventually find Luke, who reveals that he found Rey at an early age but then Leia turned to a dark place in her attempt to hold the New Republic together before Luke could find more than a couple young recruits. Leia demanded more of the students than they could take, with Ben and the rest of the students being corrupted by the necessity of gaining too much power too quickly. Luke eventually went into exile, unable to destroy his own sister and her son. Han took Rey under his wing for her protection, as she was the youngest of his students by far.

Leia and Ben arrive on intel from Poe, and Leia confronts Luke while Ben confronts his father. Han and Chewie and Luke all die, Han and Chewie aboard the Falcon in one last act of sacrifice with Rey and Finn only barely escaping. The Imperial Remnant arrives through Finn’s help to face this threat to their territory, and there is a pitched battle between old Imperial ships and New Republic vessels, and Poe secretly switches sides to join with the heroes. The spirit of Luke arrives to aid Rey, and she bests Ben. The Republic retreats with Poe undercover and Rey vows to become a true Jedi and rebuild the Order.

The second and third films would continue this conflict, with Rey and Finn and Poe attempting to reconcile the two sides of the conflict guided only by the spirit of Luke.

Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)

RogueLeader said:

Wasn’t Nev working on something where he was trying to replicate the movement of the original
Star Wars crawl? I’d be great if you could replicate the speed, blur and shakiness of those original crawls in After Effects. Basically simulating all those little imperfections that give it character.

Yep, I had a version that was pretty similar to the original in timing, but for replacing a single word it might not even need that much work. It would just need a starfield tracked to the gate weave of the original and then just cut out the word ‘evil’ and replace it with ‘Sith’. This could probably be tracked automatically in AE with enough precision with the rest of the crawl as a sort of 3D surface negating the need for replicating the entire crawl shape for the project.

Is the font for ESB’s crawl text the same as the original SW? If so, I made a custom font that is almost pixel accurate to that one so it should work fine if anyone wants to use it.

Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)

I think that TPM alone shows the Republic to be a deeply flawed institution:

“I can’t beleive there’s still slavery in the galaxy, the Republic’s anti-slavery laws…”
“The Republic doesn’t exist out here.”

“Enter the Bureaucrats, the true rulers of the Republic…and on the payroll of the Trade Federation.”

“The Courts take even longer to decide things than the Senate.”

“It is clear to me the Republic no longer functions.”

These problems definitely existed before Palpatine was Chancellor, and almost certainly before he was a Senator.

What are you reading?

JadedSkywalker said:

I started reading Brandon Sanderson’s Wheel of Time trilogy, and it immediately dawned on me he doesn’t use the same word style as Robert Jordan I was taken right out of the book.

Not sure if i’ll be able to finish them. He admits in the introduction he wasn’t going to be writing in Jordan’s style.

Sanderson does have a consistent style.

I’m currently reading the Steelheart trilogy after finishing the Mistborn trilogy for the second time and reading the first two books of the Starsight trilogy. After that I’ll be reading Elantris. In his books I’ve found that he never fails to construct decent plots around believable worldbuilding. The characters can sometimes be a bit flat, but it’s not the worst problem in the world.

Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation <strong>(Final Version Released!)</strong>

Version 2 is now released, available on the 'spleen (No, I don’t have direct links, so don’t even ask)! The first post of this thread has been updated to reflect the completed state of the project.

I fully intend for this to be the final release, with some adjustments to a few scenes and specific shots that I felt were lacking in V1. It has the same 7.1 and 5.1 '97 audio mixes, and is presented in high bitrate 1080p.

The lightsaber replacement shots are identical to V1, but there is perhaps a beauty to a work forever incomplete. Regardless, the color is why we’re here, and on that front I am entirely pleased with the final result and would change nothing more.

Old Leia

New Leia

Old Sunset

New Sunset

Old Luke

New Luke

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

The shot of the old woman and man watching the scene at 1:37 looks pretty good to me, as well as the Scooby-do looking alien shot at 1:46 that seems to be another take of the one you re-used from the film.

You could start with an establishing shot like at 2:05 and cut to the final shot at 2:12, masking out the window to place a viewscreen. Then have two aforementioned shots of aliens looking over at it.

a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)

Something I’ve learned from color correction is that even if you’re changing the time of day to be much darker, it’s important to retain close to full brightness in some parts of the image, such as with artificial lights or simply keeping the highlights at the same level while lowering the overall gamma. Without these considerations, scenes can quickly go to looking like there’s a mistake with the monitor rather than an intentional effect, something I’ve done many times. I see some of this creeping into the Lars dinner shots and the Imperial conference, for example. Finding some places to keep a strong light source would really sell these shots.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

Chase Adams said:

emanswfan said:

I like having a wide variety of genres within future Star Wars projects instead of everything feeling like classic Star Wars.

I’m bumping this opinion since it’s sorta topical and has been bouncing around in my mind for a while now.
I feel like this isn’t talked about enough, but the more Star Wars films and TV shows Lucasfilm makes, the more often they’re going to be finding themselves treading the same ground. (Sometimes literally! 😉) I’ve heard some people complain about some of the recently announced, upcoming instalments being too ‘genre-specific’ like for example, Andor being described as a spy-thriller whilst The Acolyte sounding like a creepy, mystery series.

In my opinion, this is exactly what the franchise needs to remain a pop-culture staple. I know people hate the idea of Star Wars turning into the MCU, but if Lucasfilm really wants to keep making new things, it can’t just continue being, as emanswfan describes it, ‘classic Star Wars’

Star Wars has long evolved from being just a series of films, it’s now the name of a multi-media franchise, so why does everything have to be those same few films retold again and again? Honestly, go nuts Lucasfilm, I wanna see whatever random-ass story you can imagine just told in the Star Wars setting with the Star Wars name. Sounds crazy, but this is the unpopular opinion thread.

I believe Star Wars has only been great when it has broken new genre ground. The first movie was a classic romance, while Empire was radically different in tone, almost becoming sci-fi horror in places. Jedi was so mediocre compared to the first two because it was the first one to go back to the well, so to speak, and ended up being a greatest hits of the first two films without the freshness of either.

Phantom Menace failed because it didn’t go far enough into the political thriller which made it a weird hybrid political drama and adventure film, neither of which worked. Clones had a mystery noir and romance angle but again neither were done competently enough to work. Sith works mostly because the tragedy angle was competent, and it is almost an inverse of a Star Wars movie.

TFA fails because it’s basically a thematic retread of the original, and TROS doubles down on the OT beats without any of the supporting tissue. TLJ is the only film which succeeds, even if the postmodernist deconstruction angle deconstructed the franchise one film too early and wasn’t super well-executed.

We’ll never know how Solo would have turned out as a straight comedy, but I suspect it would have been better than what we got. Same for RO before the Vader reshoots.

All this to say, I’m all for new directions for Star Wars films.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

A fine idea, but where would it go?

JEDIT: It would be grand if it could be shown on Canto Bight, that way the Broom Boy scene would make more sense. There’s also some extra deleted footage of that location, though I don’t know if any would be suitable. You would also probably need a line from either Kylo or Hux stating ‘Let the galaxy see their final moments’ or something like that.