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Info & Discussion: Fullscreen Laserdisc / DVD Preservations

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

crissrudd4554 said:

skoal said:

Is the RoboCop 4:3 DVD fully opened-up? Can anyone compare the 4:3 DVD to the Criterion DVD?

There is no Full Frame DVD of RoboCop, not Region 1 at least. The above images I believe are from a TV airing. The Criterion is the closest Open Matte RoboCop there is on DVD.

At least you type RoboCop correctly.
Myself I’m far more interested in open matte versions of movies instead of Pan and Scan bullshite. Interesting for alternatives, of course.

Well, why being so negative on the former poster then? The criterion is more open matted, compared to any newer 1.85:1 dvd and BD release, due having a 1.66:1 frame, the way it originally was intended.

Info: Films re-released with alterations

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

CloakedDragon97 said:

All modern releases of Amadeus feature only the Director’s Cut.

No shit.
The website I linked to is an excellent resource for this thread, this site, and for other sites as well.

The original German page is even better…
Analysing many more censored versions of different movies…

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

I am still in process of trying to find a better aspect ratio, the video is in 1.66:1, while it was 1.85:1 in Theatres. But I don’t want to matte it too much, as the raw file has not the theatrical AR.

Also, I’ll need to process some color grading, as the raw file has not as strong colors, as any shots I saw. Maybe because the print aged…

Also, I am tinkering with encoder settings and such.

So, there is no download for this at the moment.

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

well I am not very adept in such processing, but I am sure at some point in the future there will be a preservation arise. It’s not just that easy to encode the raw stream.
The aspect ratio on the raw image is off, as it is scanned with cell frame and audio stream.
Before there can be any real download there has work to be done on this. For my screen caps I did not respect original theatrical AR, or matting.
Also I have no clue how the colors where when projected, the scan (and print) seems quite unsaturated, while frames from the re-release print with the altered image, seems lot more saturated… But colors also might have been revised for the re-release…

At least: The Boobs are safe, and won’t get lost that easy again.

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

I’ll try to answer the flow of questions as good as possible:
I took them myself from a video.
The source is not from your links.
The caps are 1:1 from that video, they are not blown up afterwards.
The marks are scratches, and nothing digitally added.

There was someone who got a 16mm print of Knick Knack.
AFAIK it is not scanned, yet.

Back in that time, I just had a 35mm print of the altered re-release.

That had changed since then… I got a true 35mm print of the old version.

Info Wanted: T2 Best Transfer for Home Media

OMG, we are going down the Terminator 2 road, again?

Maybe I am blind, but I do not find a “search” in this Forum, so a manual collection of Threads regarding Terminator 2, is various releases and such:

Infos and Discussions on the WMV-HD Disc of T2, that accomanied a DVD release:

Infos and Discussions on the rare japanese Squeeze LD release:

Infos and Discussions on a fan release of Terminator and Terminator 2:

Another fan regrading with discussions on quality of releases:

Discussions on the sound mix of the Theatrical Version:

That should cover the most prominent discussions on the T2 road. I may have missed one or two threads… but maybe there’re also links in the discussions.

Idea: TOTAL RECALL (1990) - UNCUT Version Reconstruction

Okay, pal running time is about 108 to 109 minutes. Same version as the normal 113 minutes ntsc version.

The cut version in germany had a runtime of 106 minutes in PAL.

No country so far got the unrated lost cut.

The normal us rated-r Version was not for sell in public (not banned, just considered harmful for youth) so in regular stores people just could get the cut version. You had to get the uncut (rated r) version on stores just for adults,and online stores.

Few years ago the movie got removed from the list of considered harmful media, and was re-rated by the FSK.
The movie got a rating of 16,but because of bonus features there is the red 18 rating on front. But now the uncut (compared to us r-rated) could be sold in normal stores, so the big “Uncut” is on that fro t as a selling point.

The German “uncut” mostly is regarding original theatrical releases. Often seen when movies also got cut releases for younger target groups.

Idea: TOTAL RECALL (1990) - UNCUT Version Reconstruction

riftamos said:

A supposedly “Uncut” german dvd release. The runtime is listed as 109 minutes, and I see other PAL releases listed at 103 minutes… Not sure what to make of it, probably bogus. I can’t imagine that there is 6 minutes of additional footage.

I’ve got the original LD release, I’ll have a look at that, I thought for sure it showed Benny’s chest and the drill, but not any of the other clips mentioned.

Uncut German is normal us version… It was strongly cut in Germany back in times.
And comparing 109 minute HD BD with a 103 minute DVD… It’s just the same… PAL just runs faster than ntsc and 1080p.

Info: Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

TheHutt said:

Dr. Cooper said:

The old German VHS of „Nightmare on Elm Street“ contained the Unrated Version with some extended footage of Tina‘s death (blood splashing when she falls from the ceiling and an additional shot of her body).

The German VHS of Hitchcock‘s „Psycho“ also had some alternate/additional material: A shot where Marion takes off her bra, alternate footage of Norman‘s bloody hands after he cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and Arbogast is stabbed three or four times instead of just once. It also has an alternate shot of Sam‘s letter to Marion where the text is written in German.
Unfortunately the shower scene is cut in these German tapes, only old TV-airings included the full uncut version.

Now this uncut version is available (only) in Germany on Blu-Ray.

Where? Which release? How to get? Bootleg?
Edit: oh, I see, “Psycho” … Not nightmare on elm street… 😦

Stephen King's IT (1990) - Original two-part version! [RELEASED]

marioxb said:

SpookyDollhouse said:

marioxb said:

Hey, TheHutt, something I haven’t noticed before, any reason why the movie is window boxed, shouldn’t it take up a full 4x3 monitor on my PC? Also, the end credits for both parts are “jumpy/ interlacey” was the original laser disc like that?

it’s window-boxed because 16x9 televisions are the norm

it’s 4:3 picture in a 1:78.1 container

Yeah, I just thought it would have the bars only on the sides, not top and bottom.

You have a 4:3 monitor?

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing (Released)

The Squeeze Edition is a Japanese laserdisc release for some movies.
It is literally an anamorphic LaserDisc release with the whole 1.33:1 formatted video being used, but stretched, as with Anarmophic Widescreen DVDs. So they need to be Squeezed to fit on the old format.

Only Japan had such releases.
There where two different squeeze LDs for Terminator 2,the first one had a not processed color timing, the second one has the known color timing.

I think on you may find cover artwork images of both releases, because they did not share the same cover design.