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Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

TheHutt said:

Dr. Cooper said:

The old German VHS of „Nightmare on Elm Street“ contained the Unrated Version with some extended footage of Tina‘s death (blood splashing when she falls from the ceiling and an additional shot of her body).

The German VHS of Hitchcock‘s „Psycho“ also had some alternate/additional material: A shot where Marion takes off her bra, alternate footage of Norman‘s bloody hands after he cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and Arbogast is stabbed three or four times instead of just once. It also has an alternate shot of Sam‘s letter to Marion where the text is written in German.
Unfortunately the shower scene is cut in these German tapes, only old TV-airings included the full uncut version.

Now this uncut version is available (only) in Germany on Blu-Ray.

Where? Which release? How to get? Bootleg?
Edit: oh, I see, “Psycho” … Not nightmare on elm street… 😦

Stephen King's IT (1990) - Original two-part version! [RELEASED]

marioxb said:

SpookyDollhouse said:

marioxb said:

Hey, TheHutt, something I haven’t noticed before, any reason why the movie is window boxed, shouldn’t it take up a full 4x3 monitor on my PC? Also, the end credits for both parts are “jumpy/ interlacey” was the original laser disc like that?

it’s window-boxed because 16x9 televisions are the norm

it’s 4:3 picture in a 1:78.1 container

Yeah, I just thought it would have the bars only on the sides, not top and bottom.

You have a 4:3 monitor?

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

The Squeeze Edition is a Japanese laserdisc release for some movies.
It is literally an anamorphic LaserDisc release with the whole 1.33:1 formatted video being used, but stretched, as with Anarmophic Widescreen DVDs. So they need to be Squeezed to fit on the old format.

Only Japan had such releases.
There where two different squeeze LDs for Terminator 2,the first one had a not processed color timing, the second one has the known color timing.

I think on you may find cover artwork images of both releases, because they did not share the same cover design.

Blood Simple original cut

riftamos said:

MrBrown said:

The end credits have “The Same old Song”… Did not find the jukebox scene…

Edit: jukebox has the same old song, too.
It is the Theatrical Cut… On the ildnukd DVD…

Which DVD release are you referring to exactly?

The theatrical cut should have a run-time of approximately 99 minutes, edited versions about 96 minutes.

The first UK DVD release:

It is PAL, so the running time is 4% reduced, due to its 25fps speed-up.

Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing

kchrules said:

MrBrown said:

IIRC, somewhere was said that they made an error on the first squeeze LD release: they forgot to grade the colors. I think somewhere was stated that James Cameron was not amused.

Its not the intended way to watch T2 sure, and I don’t have a problem with the original movie (one of my favorites ever), but in my opinion it’s nice to see a more varried color pallete throughout

That’s for sure.
I also would love to get the link. I have the LD myself, and got it ripped, but each side one file, and having one file version would be nice.
Which audio track did you rip? The digital track is said to be really powerful on that disc.

Gold Standard Collection #1: A Fistful of Dollars

Charles Threepio said:

and considering this is my first real project thread I can expect nothing but beligerence from either side to turn pre-production on anything I touch into a trainwreck. …

You destroyed any beligerence about one year ago, when you did exactly the same thing you do here:
Announcing a list of projects, said something about a planned time schedule, thrown that time schedule away…announced another time schedule…
After that and your behavior, I personally think the German airport BER is more likely to be opened and finished, before you even get anything into any preview status, that shows your work.
Not a half backed, aspect ratio desaster you had once as a preview, with some kind of internet downloaded Anime episode and movie trailer “DVD preview” that not only showed that you do not care about what you present, nor about any tried help.
How can you even expect to be taken serious when coming up with the same nonsense again?

So, why are you insulting, wwoth word and behavior the ones doing hard work in their project?

Mulan (1998) - 35 mm

timemeddler said:

available only to donors, how is this different than selling copies than?

Let’s see, that question is easy:
The donors are needed to obtain and scan the thing at all, so that not only one person, but a group of persons can share the price.
So every just pays a bit of the price to preserve the print.
While selling copies is intended to make more money, than just the essential needed amount.

Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

At the moment all my three UK Roar tapes are in Italy to be digitalized as soon as temperature dropped and possible… My fourth tape unfortunately is teared apart (edit: just checked: my vcr is broken, and kills tapes now…) … So at the moment I cannot even make a small mobile device video. But as soon as some proof has been digitalized and avaible.

Another movie:
At least old German Warner VHS tape contained the Theatrical version, with longer erotic scene.

There also exist an DVD release in Germany that is based on a bootleg that brought these scenes into the so called “director’s cut”… But it is a horrible work.