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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo

Beside all the negativity on Trump… I somehow doubt that Hillary Clinton really would have been a better president, in her own ways…

Maybe even then Trump situation could be something, that may bring some positive effect to the way politicans start to think and see ther damn duty as politicans.

In one way, even if I don’t agree with Trump in more than 99% of his statements, he may be right in one thing: It is time to rethink what politics should be about, and how politicans should see their duty.

Alien saga [Fundamental Collection] (Released)

Beber said:

I noticed an issue on “Alien 3” : the French dub starts okay but during the movie, it goes way out of synch. As if there was a confusion between the two cuts. I have not tried it yet, but if this is a perfect Blu-ray sync match frame for frame, I can mux-in the track from my own Blu-ray to repair this on my side.

Could you check at what time the asyncronity started to occur?
The faulty audio tracks where exactly 30 seconds shorter, as the regraded version, and I want to check if either it was just a ripping fault (like eac3to skipped a small segment) or if the BD itself has a faulty Playlist entrance…

Info: Which HD-DVD is better than Blu-Ray?

Mhmm… okay… (hundrets on technology required seems a bit… high assumed… I recently got a X-Box 360 HD-DVD Drive with 11 german HD-DVDs for under $ 20 here in Germany)

But don’t having the disc is quite a problem. If you can get the disc cheap, and send it to Germany, I think I would be able to rip the bonus features.

MAybe it won’t be nessecacry. I try to get the german HD-DVD at eBay.
Seems as if it got the same bonus Features, as the US one. Would be much cheaper to get it inside Germany, than getting a movie in the states, and ship it to Germany.

Info: Terminator 2 - in search of the theatrical sound mix...

I just stumbled over an Theatrical Cut Terminator 2 DVD, with an someway odd sounding italian 2.0 Sound mix.
Maybe it is just me, and my ears, but the Audio seems in some spots different compared to other tracks. And no, it is not the italian language, that seems strange to me 😃

I try to grab an example scene, maybe someone here who has better equipement and experience could check, if it is just the audio quality, or is the mix a bit different.

Dungeons & Dragons Requiem - my attempt on creating the final episode... (Released)

Dungeons and Dragons is a Pen and Paper Role play game.
The numbers indicate the edition of that RPG I am referring to.

Each edition got its own writing of the Name of the game.

3.5 was the Edition that was the actual one, when the DVD limited edition was released, while the 1st edition should be the one, when the show was aired, if I am correct.
The 2nd Edition of the game got another name “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Fullscreen Laserdisc / DVD Preservation

T2 Theatrical Version on of the best Audio Option is, afaik, the oop japanese DVD in Full Bitrate DTS.

Regarding T1 Audio, there is already a thread discussing it:

The T1 remastered BD should be easily avaible at

Nice Terminator 1 and theatrical 2 Project with great Audio options are discussed and presented here:

Discussions regarding T2 optically aree here also I think it cross over with the Audio thematic:

regarding T2 Audio Versions there is also a thread: