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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Master Lawdog said:

Does there need to be consistency in how crackly the blade should be?

The problem is, if you use the same setting for the day training shot compared to the dark cave you cant see the effects as much. You have to rework the settings according to the light in the scene.

I tried a bunch of YouTube tutorials to get Kylos crackling effects but they weren’t that great. It tricky getting the frantic animation that agressive. I’ll try to find the test footage I did a while back.

Cheers Poppa,

It’s all installed my side. My computer just can’t handle after effects or anything labour intensive. Simple cuts in premiere pro seem to be ok but as soon as i start adding effect layers etc it crashes without saving. Im losing my mind!!

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

The Saber plugin is free but I can’t remember if you have to buy video co pilot first? I can offer the project files to anyone who would like to take it on?

It’s been so long I’ve no idea what state they’re in atm. I think I gave up last time as I kept finding better settings. They’re like a million options to get the right flow, glow, fractals etc

Even if my computer was up to scratch I doubt I’d have to patience to tackle the crackling saber effect right now. Its easy once you know how but a mentally draining job I don’t have the brain for atm. It’ll be one of the last effects I do before totally burning out and need a very long break.


I found a young guy on reddit that’s cleaning all trilogy deleted scenes. He seems to be doing some good work. He’s currently working of RotJ stuff so maybe worth reaching out?

I’m after the deleted calamari pilot shot so if anyone else takes this on would you mind sharing?

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I havent been able to open anything in after effects properly for months. It makes my computer turn red hot in a very short time

From what I remember people didn’t think the effect was strong enough in the day shots and I only finished one cave close up with the new filter layers. The final design has 5 different Saber effect layers so it takes forever to do a few seconds.

Also, I’ve since re-ripped the bluray but worried about replacing the current file incase something goes wrong. This also means I’ll have to redo the source files on all after effects shots I’ve made including the crackling saber.

Does anyone know an easy way to replace source files that haven’t been nested? I’ve tried render and replace but the file is greyed out?

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal, don’t take any negativity on Twitter or reddit seriously, dude. I’ve never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. So don’t take it to heart. You should see the abuse I get. 🤣 At the end of the day these edits are for us and people can take them or leave them. If they’re not happy then watch the original, if they don’t like either then I’ll wait for their link to a better version. 😉

I’ve only skimmed through comments but Kewfish did a good job at the crackling saber in the cave. He didn’t actually share that shot with me so I’m guessing he wasn’t happy or finished with it.

Unfortunately my return to events hasn’t gone well at all, in fact I’m losing money. So me returning to VFX work isn’t on the horizon.

I hope you’re all keeping well.

Godzilla vs Kong (Titan Truth Cut) (Released)

Well, hopefully I can do both movies you’ve mentioned justice. This isn’t as technical as my Rise of Skywalker edit. I’m making over new scenes for that cut but Godzilla vs Kong is a lot more streamline and watchable now.

The Movie is finished but it keeps failing when I try to upload it. I could be having internet dips so I’ll let you know once I’ve fixed the issue.

Godzilla vs Kong (Titan Truth Cut) (Released)

Original Runtime: 1:53:08
MR Cut Runtime: 1:44:34
h264 encoder
AC3 5.1 Surround Sound

I loved this movie but felt it was a little too busy with human subplots. In this edit I’ve shown that Josh’s character plays no part in this movie at all and reduced human activity significantly. In my early notes before this release I estimated that I’d remove 27 mins but it only needed 11 minutes removed and a few scenes shuffled around to make this movie everything I wanted it to be.

By removing Josh and Madison trying to find Bernie, and just having them be friends from the start stops any distraction from the action. Having this movie all about the Titans and not the humans keeps the audience locked in at all times. Obviously I’ve kept most scenes between Maddie and her Dad in order to link this movie to the previous Godzilla Movie but I’m happy with the new balance and flow of this edit.

Example of new scene removing Chinatown, Bleach and hunting down Bernie. The kids now already know who he is and have planned the Apex mission.

Godzilla vs Kong (Changes)

• Insert Fanedit warning

• Insert MR logo

• Add Movies Remastered title card

• Cut “at Apex” line from Simmons. From personal experience, anyone mentioning their own company name at any given moment is desperate.

• Cut awkward kiss between Ilene and Nathan. Nothing romantic happens between these two so why have it?

• Cut Ilene hiding as she goes to Jia.

• Cut Ilene pausing as she runs up to Jia. This makes no sense and removing it keeps the touching flow of the scene between Jia and Kong.

• Add tension building music to Madison doing research.

• Add new message graphic from Bernie to Mad hatter Saying about meeting the rendezvous point at 10pm. With the added tension music and messages this plays as a reveal that Bernie and Mad hatter (Madison) have been planning a mission together.

• Add new message graphics asking “Josh, come get me!”. This now changes the scene so Madison and Bernie have already got a plan to break into Apex but she needs Josh to drive them. Giving Josh a purpose for being in this movie.

• Add typing sound effect.

• Add Madison typing clip.

• Add new graphic “We’re breaking into Apex”. This text now ties nicely in with Josh playing Judas Priest – Breaking the law track as he arrives. Plus, the look on Madison’s face now indicates the speed at which Josh arrives. Instead of confusion.

• Add more typing sounds.

• Add new message graphic “tonight!”

• Rearrange research screen closeups to fit the scene better.

• Add mouse clip sound effect

• Remove mention of Chinatown

• Remove mention of Bleach

• Reduce introduction scene between Madison and Josh. This cut removes any hunt for “The internet Weirdo” and shows that Josh is along for the ride after stealing his Brothers van.

• Cut “Are you coming?” sequence. Julian Dennison is such a terrible actor he even makes Millie Bobby Brown look bad in this scene.

• Cut entire scene of Josh in the back of the van. Again, Josh is just annoying and this whole scene is pointless.

• Cut entire Chinatown scene. Again, pointless scene as I’m now having the kids know Bernie already without all this side story, so Bernie is the one who picks up Madison fro her house.

• Cut going to Bernie’s house to find him. Another pointless scene.

• Cut entire Café scene. Yes, this does help flesh out Bernie’s character but I’ve removed all the meaning of this exposition so it’s pointless in this edit. Some of the dialogue and acting here is awful too just to set up the hip flask ending. (That doesn’t happen in this cut)

• Cut straight to driving sequence. Deleting prior scenes removes the whole “finding the internet weirdo” and has Madison knowing Bernie from the start.

• Remove Nathan saying “The World needs him!” so overly dramatic line that pulls me out the scene.

• Remove Admiral line “This better work!” it’s an empty threat. What’s he gonna do? Honestly!

• Remove Bernie’s “Move it Tap Water” line. This makes no sense now.

• Bernie saying “Alright Mad hatter” indicates he and Madison have a friendship but they only met 2 mins ago. Removing the set-up scenes from earlier enforces the direction of this cut perfectly and the fact they nail a secret handshake also indicates they‘ve known each other sometime which again feels out of place in the original but helps to sell the new narrative that Maddie and Bernie have been longtime conspiracy Buddies.

• Remove Josh dialogue

• Remove Josh moaning dialogue

• Remove Josh bitching more

• Remove Josh “I don’t understand women” line

• Remove Josh being scared at everything

• Remove Josh “What are we looking at?” dialogue

• Remove Bernie “You believe me, right?” and following Josh dialogue

• Cut Elevator scene. Please stop trying to be funny!

• Petty cut but removed Josh saying “Wow!”

• Remove Bernie’s “Makes sense” line

• Cut Josh being awkward

• Cut Bernie “What, WHAT?” line

• Cut Josh repeating “Someone’s coming” line

• Cut awkward “comedic” walks

• Remove Josh “They look like eggs” line

• Remove Josh closeup

• Remove Josh “I think we’re moving” line

• Remove Josh “It says we’re moving to Apex headquarters” lines

• Remove Bernie’s “Hong Kong? lines

• Remove Nathan saying “It’ll be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen” line. His brother died doing this very thing. He would not be excited right now.

• Cut Nathan screaming closeup.

• Remove Bernie reading book

• Remove Josh waking up

• Remove arriving at Hong Kong to insert later.

• Insert Mega Godzilla eye closeup

• Add Beacon sound effects

• Insert Godzilla U-turn scene. Adding this scene here allows the kids more time to travel to Hong Kong. It also helps us feel the threat sooner.

• Remove evacuating the city scene. (use later)

• Cut Ilene pointing to Kong and saying to Jia “Look…” line

• Insert arriving at Hong Kong scene from earlier.

• Remove feeding pit scene for later

• Continue kids creeping through security. This is a maximum-security building and the original allows them to go straight to Level 33 unseen. Adding this scene here shows there are actual security guards in the building.

• Insert Ki Adora scene first. This helps us build towards the action scene later and introduces out protagonists to the facility slowly.

• Remove Bernie’s “Lizard people” line.

• Cut Josh closeup

• Remove Bernie’s “Bitch Whaaaaat!”

• Cut Josh dialogue

• Cut Josh closeup

• Insert kids entering the feeding pit scene

• Cut Josh being scared

• Cut Josh “doors hate us” line

• Cut Bernie scream. You’re in a maximum-security building and you’re gonna scream?

• Remove “Mr. Simmons. Systems are coming online now" line

• Remove closeup of Simmons

• Cut Josh “That’s Mega Godzilla” line. I wanted to keep this line but it makes for a better joke at the end if Josh doesn’t say anything through the entire movie.

• Remove Bernie screaming

• Remove Josh running

• Remove Josh and Bernie screaming

• Remove Simmons “I have faith in my creation” this helps give the “I have faith in my daughter" line more gravitas

• Remove Josh reacting to slime

• Cut beacon scene from here which I used earlier.

• Insert evacuating the city scene.

• Remove Ilene expression of the Axe charging (weird face)

• Remove Nathan expression of the Axe charging (weird face)

• Cut straight to Jia childlike expression for better reaction shot.

• Remove Simmons “Start your engines” line. Detracts from the action

• Lower volume of Madison saying “Whaaaaat!”

• Cut Josh silly face closeup

• Cut Josh “I don’t like this, guys” line

• Cut Josh “Madison, we should go” line

• Cut Josh “Madison, they have guns…” line

• Cut Josh reaction to gun in his face.

• Remove Nathans screaming closeup

• Remove Ilene weird face acting.

• Remove Bernie’s “Not that you would notice” line. Simmons wouldn’t give him time to speak and cuts Bernie off mid-sentence now. This shows Simmons has dominance and respect in the room.

• Remove Ilene looking at Nathan. Slight continuity error in Nathans head position.

• Add beacon sound effects to Mega Godzilla clip

• Cut Simmons “This is how we, a species, WIN” line

• Cut Josh putting on glasses

• Cut Josh “We’ll try to stop it ourselves” dialogue

• Cut Josh “This thing is still inked to their satellite” and everything else following in that scene. The kids don’t break Mega Godzilla in this cut.

• Cut scene between Bernie & Josh talking about Summer camp

• Cut Bernie “is that a password… IS THAT A PASSWORD?” line

• Cut Josh “I’m used to pirating movies online” dialogue

• Cut Bernie & Josh “I thought you were a hacker” scene

• Cut Bernie “If you’ve never had a drink before” scene. Removing this whole scene means Mega Godzilla just has a power shortage for a slight moment to allow Kong to gain control. No need for Josh’s heroic hip flask back story to save the day.

• Cut Kids screaming “YEAH!” distraction for the action again. The audience is already screaming “yeah”.

• Cut Josh “It was Madison’s idea” line. This allows Josh’s only line in the movie to be “Hi! Uhhh…” making the “Shut up Josh!” line hilarious.

• Add Titan Truth Cut end card

• Add MR logo to ending.

The New Mutants - Thriller Cut (Released)

Original Runtime: 1:34:03
MR Cut Runtime: 1:42:08
Extra Footage: 13:09

h264 encoder
AC3 5.1 Surround Sound

Due to this cut winning an internet Poll, I’ve decided to release this cut first. I’ve been editing for years but this will be my first release on this site. When the first trailer for this movie was aired it seemed to depict a more Thriller genre type of vibe. They seemed to not include some of the best trailer scenes and the over all tone of the theatrical release was a lot more diluted. I’ve kept the PG-13 rating but hopefully added more tension and scares along the way. This edit is finished in 1080p and all added deleted scenes have been made into 5.1 surround sound.

The New Mutants (Changes)

Insert Fanedit warning

Insert MR logo

Add Movies Remastered title card

Remove all the opening scene up to Dani running in the forest. Showing everything at the start loses all tension or suspense throughout the rest of the movie.

Remove Roberto laughing at Dani’s name (This shows fear of speaking out and creates more awkwardness when Dani enters)

Remove Cutaway to Sam and replace it with Roberto’s response.

Add Roberto & Illyana Sunspot (deleted scene)

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Insert Wolf looking up

Add Dani climbing ladder (deleted scene)

Use deleted scene score

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Extend looking down clip to feel more vertigo.

Add “She’s a Demon” (deleted scene)

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add Bowed pitch sound to Sam’s Vision

Add Roberta & Dani Cantina (deleted scene)

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Connects Dani doing laundry to Sam’s Vision transition

Delete Wolf looking up

Add “Too Hot” Roberto & Sam playing basketball

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add & Extend Dani’s Nightmare (deleted scene) audio mix

Use deleted scene colour grade

Add Demon Bear glowing eyes.

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add Nightmare score

Remove Wide Church clip (This breaks continuity after Dani breaks it earlier) I could’ve fixed it in post but it’s a completely different clock face.

Remove Illyana saying “It’s a lie detector”. The audience isn’t stupid

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana in her room.

Add Thriller sound fx to Roberto & Illyana pool sequence

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add Sharp resonance string effect

Add Orchestral stab Sound Effect

Add High pitch Demon Horse scream

Add Demon raw in rear channel

Add Demon exhale Sound effects

Add Demon scream sound effect

Add “Initiate Lockdown scene”

Add “We’re on Lockdown” (deleted scene)

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add opening scene reveal of the Demon bear & what happened to Dani’s father mixed with Dani’s meditation scene.

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana finding wall painting

Add Thriller sound fx to “…and like Christ I rise again”

Add crying Wolf sounds to shower transformation scene

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana pulling Dani into her world

Add Warping sound fx to Illyana being pulled out

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana vision as a child

Cut the struggle between Sam & Illyana with Smiley man to help pacing

Cut Sam saying “He can’t hurt you!”

Rearrange fight scene so Sam hits the floor first

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana fighting with Smiley man

Add Thriller sound fx to Roberto washing up

Add Thriller sound fx to Illyana running from all Smiley Men

Add “This way, follow me!” (deleted scene)

Fix 5.1 sound for deleted scene

Add tension building score

Add Movies Remastered to closing credits

Insert MR logo

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

*short interval

Awwwww, guys!! You’re gonna make me blush. I’m only swinging by to say thanks for the PMs sharing all the kind words being said me. I’m honoured you care so much.

PLEASE don’t let Testing take the credit for my departure. He’s clearly a sad little idiot who’s still gonna claw through sites he’s trolled to get a kick out people still talking about him. Hi Testing! 👋 Best thing to do is just forget he ever existed and carry on.😉

I’m still gonna finish the crackling saber vfx and other scenes for The Last Hope so I’ll share once they’re done but I can’t do much until I can buy a new computer that can handle long hours using After effects.

I have indeed unsubbed from a lot of threads/sites lately only because conversations seem to be going around in circles or crossingover too much with what I’ve already done in The Last Hope. I’ve been getting a lot of trolls saying I’m stealing scenes I’ve made myself or collab’d on but didn’t get credited. I’ve also had disagreements with other youtubers claiming my work as theirs and clipping my videos etc so this little disagreement with Hal was just the cherry on the cake.

Honestly, No hard feelings with anyone, I may return once I’m fully operational but for now I’m avoiding public interactions as much as possible because I’m too old for playground antics or conversations that don’t seem to lead anywhere positive.

If anyone needs help, advice or wanna run mock-ups/ideas past me I’ll still be on PM when I can.

“Now, back to regular programming…” ✌

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

My last 6 Trolls ended up being autistic. We’ve since come to a better understanding.

It was a valid question based on his inability to pick up on social cues and relentlessness. There is nothing wrong with autism or any disablilty comes to that but its helpful to understand someone’s point of view if that were the case.

I signed up to this site to avoid negativity but it’s all I’m seeing these days. I’ll leave him as your problem from now on.

Good luck with the project.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I’m not sure how that is relevant to your attitude but try not to blow your rare second chance by constantly going up against people who actually care about this edit, ah!

You’ve made it clear several times that you don’t care about this cut so it’s really profound that you insist on constantly shitting on everyones posts and causing so much negativity. I’ve been away for a month and you’re still playing the same tune. Change the record, dude! It’s boring AF!

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I was supposed to return to work last Saturday but 80% of my staff caught Covid from Fridays event and we had to close before I even got to run my event. I can’t do anything until I can return to work and afford a new computer unfortunately.

Yeah, we all used video co pilot plug-in. It’s awesome but a nightmare to get all the layer effects looking good as it’s a frame by frame task plus animating masks. I can’t even open after effects to give someone my settings. Sorry!

I appreciate those getting in touch and asking after me but life really sucks right now.