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How to force English DVD-subs?
I've created a trilogy set, which was originally letterboxed with burnt in English subs for Huttese and I've cropped it to get a nice anamorphic video. At the same time, the subs were gone. So I made new English DVD-subs for those Greedo scenes etc. I don't want burnt in subs for these, because there are other optional subs for these movies, and it would be extra work. However, is there any easy way (like changing a value in IFOEdit or something) to force those English subs on when you first play the DVD, so that I don't need to select them when I want to watch the movie in English? This method is used in the official SW DVDs, you just need to press play, and the English subs for Huttese are there when you watch it.
//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo
I have that video, too. I've watched it a few times but I think it's just boring because it's unofficial, so there's no music, clips or sounds from Star Wars. But it could be useful for this project.

Also, I think that Carrie was lying in this video, IIRC. She said that she and Mark hit the wall when they flew across the chasm but in Empire of Dreams (?) she said that they made it on first attempt. I guess she spiced the story up.

Edit: and yes, mine is an official video, not DVD.
Is there anything you do like about The Prequels...
I thought Qui-Gon was a good character.
Ewan as Obi-Wan was one of the only good things in the PT.
Lightsaber duels are quite entertaining, at least in TPM and ROTS, but they aren't as epic as OT fights.
Some scenes in ROTS are good and fun to watch.

But I don't understand the pod race. It's like the most boring thing ever. CG pods racing many many many minutes. I actually once fell asleep during it! It just feels stupid and useless, just to show what ILM can do (which isn't even very impressive)... And the extended race. That was the worst DVD change in TPM! At least in my opinion.
Intercom voices in the OT
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi
Do you have the official SW DVDs? Those subtitles would be easier to check.

Now I feel stupid. I checked A New Hope and there's few in there. It's "53, to upper bay door" and some others that I just guessed are now confirmed. Those other things I mentioned aren't there and I found one more intercome voice. It's right there when a guy shuts Y-Wing canopy before they leave the hangar.
Also, those subtitles prove that my script isn't so accurate! BT-16 is now VT-16, top gassing is outgassing, and "The door's locked?" is "The door's locked.". Those I found when I watched random scenes.
Getting too old for this sort of thing?
I'm 19. I saw the trilogy on TV in 1996 and the rest is history. I got the 1995 VHS trilogy box and later of course Special Editions. I saw only SW and Empire from the big screens, damn I hated that I missed Jedi. Even when I had SEs and the originals, I still watched the originals from time to time, but I "protected" them so I didn't watch them as often as SEs.

And if you guys think what a kid like me thinks about SEs an PT... Well, at first I thought that the SEs were cool because of better picture and sound quality like they showed in the featurettes before the movie. I didn't focus to the things they changed. Then I heard about Episode I. I thought why would they make more because the story is complete already. But I got excited about it and I even went to see a movie because I knew they'd show TPM trailer for the first time! Man! When I saw The Phantom Menace, I thought it was kind of cool with all these lightsaber fights, but I never ever thought that it was better than any of the originals. As I grew couple of years older, I was maybe 14, I started to hate it. I thought AOTC was as boring and crappy as it is still to me.
And of course, I absolutely hate this Lucas' tinkering and weird stuff he's come to. I want the real theatrical releases on DVD, dammit! Btw, I've been eagerly waiting for X0 for two years now. I'm so happy when it's launched.
Help Wanted: Request - Star Wars episodes IV, V, VI & 1997 Special Editions
Hey. I downloaded those 5 Star SEs, but there's missing at least one part from SW. It's right when they cut from R2 to the first time we see cantina and the alien's head comes up into the screen and Cantina Band starts playing. Well, in these the alien's head is already up when it cuts to cantina. I haven't looked the rest of the film yet, neither ROTJ. TESB looks fine...

Where can I obtain these TB SEs? And are they even better quality than these LD-rips?
POLL: Which version of the OT do you own?
- 1982 Star Wars Rental Library (P&S or just FS?)
- 1984 The Empire Strikes Back (P&S or just FS?)
- 1986 Return of the Jedi (P&S or just FS?)
- 1986 Return of the Jedi (Finnish rental video) (P&S or just FS?)
- 1995 Executor box-set (widescreen...)
- 1995 THX Trilogy box (P&S) (Finnish)
- 1997 Special Edition Trilogy box pan & scan (Finnish)
- 1997 Special Edition Trilogy box widescreen
- 2000 Special Edition Trilogy box widescreen (Finnish)
- 2000 Episode I pan & scan (Finnish)
- 2000 Episode I pan & scan NTSC (for sale)
- 2002 Episode II widescreen (Finnish)
- 2005 Episode III widescreen (Finnish)

- Return of the Jedi recorded p&s
- Episode I recorded (widescreen, theatrical)
- 1997 SE Trilogy recorded (widescreen)

- Episodes I & II box
- Episode III
- 2004 Trilogy box

- Some OOT (waiting for X0 )
- SW telecine
- ROTS telecine, I guess it's still somewhere...
- 1997 SE Trilogy

Yeah, I know, who asked the prequels but they are there now.
Intercom voices in the OT
Also, in the Star Wars Special Edition there's added some sandtrooper talk in the new dewback/escape pod scene.
And when talking about the SEs, in the end of ROTJ some guy(s) yells something on Coruscant = English? The '97 version, that is, so don't even think about saying that some damn Gungans are yelling "wesa free!".

Can anyone help me out if they have some audio editing thingies where you can reduce noise or happens to know what these people are trying to say... or just have very good hearing. Any help would be appreciated.
Pants Game: The Star Wars Edition
Han: The pants were a really wonderful idea! What incredible smell you discovered.
3PO: Nice to see familiar pants.
Owen: You can waste time with your pants when your chores are done.
3PO: These astropants are getting quite out of hand.
Vader: The pants are now complete.
Luke: I feel the pants!
Zev: Echo Base, I found pants. Repeat, I found pants.

Wedge: Look at the size of that thing!
Red Leader: Cut the pants, Red 2.

Luke: I lost pants!
Obi-Wan: You'd have been killed, too, and the pants would now be in the hands of the Empire.
Obi-Wan: Use the pants, Luke. Let go, Luke.
Vader: The pants are strong in this one.
Han: Well, look at you. Pants, huh?
Han: You look strong enough to pull the pants off a gundark.
Lando: Princess, we'll find pants. I promise.
Luke: Chewie, waiting for your pants.

Luke: 3PO, hand me those pants, will you? Okay. Now, I'm going to put these on you.
Chewie: ROARR!
Luke: Ok, Han, you, you put those on.
Han: Don't worry, Chewie. I think I know what he has in mind.

Luke: Lock the door.
Han: And hope they don't have pants.
Intercom voices in the OT
A quick question about some lines that are not in the script. I'm making subtitles for these movies and I'm not sure about some of these intercom voices. Here's what I can't figure out:

When Han & Luke as stormtroopers are walking Chewie to the elevators, there's twice "Five-three, to upper..." What? Bay? It sounds like bay-co. Hmm...
The very first time when we see the rebel hangar (just after heroes come inside), what does the intercom voice say?
When Luke goes to his X-Wing, voice says "stay clear from X-Wing..." something?
Also does stormtroopers continue talking after they say "they're maybe on levels five and six now, sir" and Ben comes in that scene?

Just before scene cuts to probe droid near the generators, rebel base intercom says "pilots, report to hangar..." what? Seven? Bay?
Is there any other rebel base voices which don't appear in the script? I can't tell if there's something that anyone could hear before Han is going to check Leia and in the hallway ice is cracking from the ceiling, there's something there.

I guess there's no extra lines in ROTJ that are hard to hear, or is there... I do have the SW Trilogy script book which is the base for my subtitles, but these lines are just added as sound effects so there's no mention about these.
Info Wanted: Did anyone do a preservation of the 'Behind the Magic' DVD?
Originally posted by: Faustus
Wasn't the 'Making Magic' edit basically a preservation of all the video clips from the 'Behind the Magic' CDs?

No, these two are complete different. Making Magic came out 1996 and before Behind the Magic which came 1997. MM included only stuff about the upcoming Special Editions, mainly videos. BtM is much bigger and it covers up the whole trilogy including expanded universe. It's like a huge databank of all the info that was available in 1997. Videos are only a small part of BtM.