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The Criterion Collection Thread

Stardust1138 said:

Just added The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman and my first film by Stanley Kubrick, Barry Lyndon.

Barry Lyndon is so great, the first Criterion I obtained. My very modest collection, all blu-ray, current consists of

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
Paths of Glory
Mulholland Dr.
Blue Velvet
Dr. Strangelove
Barry Lyndon
Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits
The Elephant Man

The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)

Hmmmm, could be I do have an outdated version, though I obtained it the day the final update turned green… The part I’m referring to is the part right after Bilbo puts on the ring to escape the fighting in Dale transitioning to Thranduil and Dain fighting orcs upon their respective mounts.

Also, I’m not ruling out the possibility that some of these transitions I am only finding abrupt because I have watched the originals.

EDIT: And yes, there was one other scene in the battle where I was going to make a similar complaint about the battle noise, but then I heard the music swell and let it go.

The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)

I have finally got around to viewing your fanedit. Excellent overall, however, I have some minor notes for you to consider if you ever wish to update again.

For Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire, you attempted to remove the orcs, but then decided not to hide them. My only suggestion here is if you are no longer hiding the orcs, maybe 1 or 2 addition orc closeups are warranted? One whom may have viewed this edit without reviewing your updates may assume that you meant to remove to orcs entirely but accidentally left in a few seconds of orc footage by mistake. Dispersing a couple more orc shots throughout the scene would leave little doubt.

I can’t recall how it was exactly in the official version, but in Mirkwood the transition between the company’s battle with the spiders and being ambushed by the elves was quite abrupt. I was actually momentarily distracted during that cut having looked off screen for about 5 seconds, going from the fight to the ambush struck me oddly and kinda caught me off balance, lol. If you could manage to maybe throw in an additional shot of the company fleeing the spider’s den the flow of the cut would become alot smoother.

The transition between Barrels Out of Bond and A Warm Welcome lends itself a bit to the obviousness of cut footage. Partially in the somewhat quick cut from the company trying to keep afloat on raging waters to drifting on calm in the next shot. Not much can be done about that I imagine, given you can only work with so much footage available to you. But the thing I noticed most of all is the music transition with the orchestral track seeming to ramp up into something, yet fading away as the next chapter begins. You probably been over this yourself, but again, if you can find a way to smooth this transition, the editing seam here might be made invisible to those who may have never seen the originals.

The battle sequence around the 3:27:10-25 mark is oddly quiet. Quiet as in, there is a huge battle raging in the scene, yet the only sound we hear is of things in the shots that are obvious. This may be how the sound was in the official version, but the shots feel off because of this. I feel that these shots (and maybe a few others shots in the chapter overall, to a lesser degree) would benefit having additional battle sounds (the clang of steel, orc shrieks, etc) added to the sound mix to add to the fullness of the battle.

To restate, I thought the edit was overall excellent. If you somehow patched up some of these seams (some of which you may have already attempted to do previously) I would say that this edit could conceivable be found in an official studio home video release. Also overall, I to prefer this edit to the previous Hobbit edit I have seen, so great work!

Your DVD Collection

I recently obtained last year’s Arrow blu-ray release of Oldboy, which is one of my all-time favorite films. Knowing that the film has a new transfer approved by director Park Chan-wook and features a large selection of supplementary materials both old and new, I bought it on impulse. Of course, 2 days after receiving it, a 4K UHD release was announced and that annoyed me pretty well. But whatever, I can get over that.

What really gets me is that, while the new transfer is the most beautiful the film has ever looked, the “newly translated English subtitles” are actually inferior to the previous Tartan blu-ray release, which I also own. The grammar is a bit odd in places and there are a few lines that I know are just straight-up wrong. Even in the documentary on disk 2, they specifically talk about a line of spoken dialogue in the film that is a 100% different line than is present in the subtitles of the main feature. I don’t get how something like this can happen to, essentially, the definitive collector’s edition of one of the most revered films to come out of Asian cinema.

Of course, with foreign-language films, there’s bound to be some bits that don’t translate all that well, but this translation still could’ve been a whole lot better than it ended up being. At least the transfer and features are great, so I still don’t regret adding it to my collection. Now I just wanna rip the superior transfer from the blu-ray and hardcode some more accurate subtitles into the video file to get a more ‘true to the original vision’ version of the film.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

I’d like to add on to The Twin Snakes by saying that I much prefer the original release. What I honestly dislike about The Twin Snakes is that they have Snake do shit in cutscenes that he didn’t do (and honestly wouldn’t do) in the original title. For example, during mission briefing when I believe Snake mentions something about spy movies (I think) and he does this cringy finger-gun gesture that comes off as so cheesy (but not in the classic Kojima way). But what I REALLY dislike is when after Snake saves Kenneth Baker and he holds his gun to Baker’s head just because he forgot Meryl’s codec frequency. It’s so weird and wrong.

It should be noted that The Twin Snakes is NOT a Hideo Kojima game, he only served as producer I believe. A rule for me when it comes to the Metal Gear franchise is if it isn’t directed by Kojima, skip it.


I’d very, very interested to see what your edit, when a new one becomes available, can accomplish. I actually have some nostalgia for the film, Blair Witch 2 being a ‘pseudo-sequel’ to one of my favorite horror films, and it features some great ideas. I think it’s very possible to save this movie in the editing room and I cannot believe the theatrical cut was what they went with in the end, that they thought that cut of the film was acceptable in any way. The early 2000’s was a weird time for film.

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes

V.I.N.Cent said:

What We Want And How To Make It’ - article by doubleofive


^ Well worth taking the time out to give this article by doubleofive a good read, and then his other posts below it from the link above.

The thought of a Star Wars Original Trilogy Criterion boxset… man, what a wonderful fantasy of impossible things that would never happen because it’s too good of an idea.

What is your main way of watching the Original Trilogy?

My Despecialized Blu-rays if I wanna just enjoy the original trilogy and HAL’s Custom Special Editions if I feel like incorporating other films or more into the marathon. My letterbox VHS tapes from the old '92 Star Wars Trilogy boxset was my go-to before that. Bought that set after the Blu-ray Saga collection came out, having gotten fed up with the continuing additional changes with each release.

Do any of you happen to know some more obscure prog rock recs?

If you haven’t listened to Porcupine Tree, maybe try their penultimate album, Fear of a Blank Planet. It’s a modern prog masterpiece. Not exactly obscure, per se, but I feel Porcupine Tree have not achieved a legendary status like the bands you named above.

Also, give Opeth a try if you haven’t. Specifically Damnation and their latest 4 albums IF you do not like death metal. Most of their discography is of death metal/prog style, but the style of their previous 4 albums have been in style a love-letter to '70s prog rock. Again, probably not so obscure to those heavily invested in the modern progressive rock/metal movement, but they are worth mentioning. (If you don’t mind the death metal sound, their LP Blackwater Park is truly a masterpiece and I’d say easily one of the best albums of the past 20 years.)

Hopefully somebody else on here can give a more exhaustive answer. I, myself, am hoping to dive deeper into prog music, but I don’t know much outside of the few bands I listen to excessively (I.E., Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, Opeth, Devin Townsend, Gojira, Mastodon, Pink Floyd) and I do mean excessively.

<strong>Star Wars: The Bad Batch</strong> (animated series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Rodney-2187 said:

I hope this in the into:

"Ten years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Imperial underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The Bad Batch.

I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do the show in a similar way, lol

<strong>Star Wars: The Bad Batch</strong> (animated series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

I’m actually decently excited. This, I think, could be a good way to cover the early days of the Galactic Empire’s rise to power in the galaxy. It’d be very interesting to see things like the clone trooper’s final days in service to the Empire to their eventual replacement by standard stormtroopers, how the Empire dealt with systems that rebelled against imperial rule early on and maybe even get to see some of Darth Vader and the Inquisitorius, all through the eyes of a squad of “defective” clone troopers who, due to their defects, may or may not have obeyed when order 66 was issued. I think it may have the potential to be quite an interesting series IF they do not drag it on for too long. Maybe 3 seasons at most?

I’m choosing optimism and hoping for the best.

Upcoming Star Wars Release Schedule

I wouldn’t consider it totally unthinkable that, perhaps, Dark Disciple would be readapted into an 8 episode animated miniseries. After all, the book was apparently based on unproduced scripts from The Clone Wars after it was cancelled that didn’t get made only because of said cancellation. Not to mention that many Star Wars stories exist in more than one for of media, so it wouldn’t be entirely unprecedented and I see it being very possible, even quite likely, that Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm wouldn’t want the end of Asajj Ventress’ arc to be left to a novel that only exists in the first place because of the cancellation of Clone Wars.

Ultimate Star Wars Chronological Marathon

Rodney-2187 said:

There’s a thread on essential Clone Wars episodes. Here’s a link to my post. I tried to narrow it down as much as I could, but I really want add a few more episodes.

I have yet to view Lightsaber Lost. I’ve really come to enjoy Ahsoka’s character, so I’d be very interested to check that one out.

You basically nailed the essentials, but even non-essentials can add a bit to the over-arcing storyline, so I try to add them to the list, just as long as they’re not COMPLETELY dumb or pointless in my eyes (and there are more than a few that are so dumb, I can only exclaim, “why?!”).

Ultimate Star Wars Chronological Marathon

Rodney-2187 said:

There no such thing as too much Star Wars. Please share!

I included all of The Clone Wars in my list, but I suppose not every episode is essential to the overall story, even though they do add some depth to the characters. There are some episodes however I consider to be as essential as anything could be. Just my opinion.

That is an amazing list! Great job!

Thanks, and yeah, everybody I know who watches Clones Wars has no problem watching from beginning to end. My uncle, for example, likes to claim that every episode is top-tier Star Wars. But for me, I cannot stand the Jar-Jar episodes (whata shock!!) and the episodes that add practically nothing to the plot really stifle my excitement to keep watching, because I know there will be more bad episodes to come as I make my way through the series.

But I agree, there are MANY episodes and story arcs that add so much great textures to the Star Wars universe. I desire to really nail down a solid list of episodes I can get behind in terms of my own fandom to the series. I don’t wanna sit there groaning every few episodes if I don’t have to, I already have to deal with enough of my own groaning watching the prequel trilogy, lol.

Ultimate Star Wars Chronological Marathon

oojason said:

LeperMessiah117 said:

I have a chronological Star Wars list, but mine include various comics, novels and any current and future narrative driven video games, so it’s probably too bloated to share here. Been working on this list since 2017.

I am intrigued…

If you wish to ‘copy & paste’ it here feel free to use the…

spoiler type tags of ‘>>’ so text is not shown until the ‘Expand’ button is clicked on

…to give people the option to read through it or not - without it taking too much time / ‘mouse scrolling energy’ to scroll through 😉 👍

Alright then, thanks for the advice!

NOW, keep in mind that this list is still a work in progress. Some things may be on this list may be there as placeholders. There are also a couple assumptions on timeline placement, and placement in the timeline is usually dependent on how far in the the future the narrative of the media brings us. Any mistakes you note, I would appreciate you pointing out if you know for a fact that it is wrong.

A few other things to keep in mind is that I do not include EVERYTHING. Some stuff has been struck from my list at my own discretion. For example, The Clones Wars. In adding The Clone Wars to my list, I started with the popular list that excluded “skippable” episodes. Since I had never seen it before creating the list, I then viewed the show based on that list and even ended up removing a few episodes I deemed to be not good enough, unnecessary or contradictory to better stories. I am currently in the process of reviewing episodes that were not in the initial list for possible inclusion into the final list with a couple surprising reevaluations. Some stuff on the list may also be removed in the future once I actually watch/read whatever it is.

I also left off junior novels (because I am an adult) and short stories. Any novels or comics not found here are books of which I viewed the synopsis and deemed non-essential or unworthy of the distraction from the overall plot of the Star Wars saga and other important matters of the galaxy (or I have read it and found it to be pointless junk, sorry Kevin Hearne). If there’s a novel you find missing from the list that you consider list-worthy, it may be because I haven’t decided on appropriate placement yet. Lost Stars is one I am looking at, but don’t yet have a solid spot yet, as it takes place over many years and I’d like to read it for myself to decide where it belongs.

Anything you find missing but think should be included, I welcome the recommendations. Much that is excluded is based on my assumptions of low quality and/or importance (or may have been overlooked), so recommend away if you feel inclined to do so.

Big shoutout to the editors at Wookiepedia for providing me a blueprint to work within!

High Republic Era

Light of the Jedi [novel]

Into the Dark [novel]

The High Republic [comic]

Waning Republic Era

         {{40 BBY}}

Master and Apprentice [novel]

Age of Republic - Qui-Gon [comic]

         {{32 BBY}}

Darth Maul, pts I - V [comic]

Age of Republic - Darth Maul [comic]

Queen’s Peril [novel]

EPISODE I - The Phantom Menace [film]

Age of Republic - Obi-Wan Kenobi [comic]

         {{29 BBY}}

Obi-Wan & Anakin, pts I - V [comic]

         {{28 BBY}}

Queen’s Shadow [novel]

Age of Republic - Count Dooku [comic]
- Jango Fett [comic]

         {{22 BBY}}

EPISODE II - Attack of the Clones [film]

Dooku: Jedi Lost [audiobook]

Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu, pts I - V [comic]

Age of Republic - Anakin Skywalker [comic]

The Clone Wars, S2, E16 - Cat and Mouse [TV]
S1, E16 - The Hidden Enemy [TV]

The Clone Wars [film]

The Clone Wars, S3, E1 - Clone Cadets [TV]
S1, E2 - Rising Malevolence [TV]
S1, E3 - Shadow of Malevolence [TV]
S1, E4 - Destroy Malevolence [TV]
S1, E5 - Rookies [TV]
S1, E9 - Cloak of Darkness [TV]
S1, E10 - Lair of Grievous [TV]

Age of Republic - General Grievous [comic]

The Clone Wars, S1, E13 - Jedi Crash [TV]
S1, E14 - Defenders of Peace [TV]
S1, E15 - Trespass [TV]

         {{21 BBY}}

The Clone Wars, S1, E19 - Storm Over Ryloth [TV]
S1, E20 - Innocents of Ryloth [TV]
S1, E21 - Liberty on Ryloth [TV]
S2, E1 - Holocron Heist [TV]
S2, E2 - Cargo of Doom [TV]
S2, E3 - Children of the Force [TV]
S2, E17 - Bounty Hunters [TV]
S2, E5 - Landing at Point Rain [TV]
S2, E6 - Weapons Factory [TV]
S2, E7 - Legacy of Terror [TV]
S2, E8 - Brain Invaders [TV]
S2, E9 - Grievous Intrigue [TV]
S2, E10 - The Deserter[TV]
S2, E12 - The Mandalore Plot [TV]
S2, E13 - Voyage of Temptation [TV]
S2, E14 - Duchess of Mandalore [TV]
S2, E20 - Death Trap [TV]
S2, E21 - R2 Come Home [TV]
S2, E22 - Lethal Trackdown [TV]
S3, E5 - Corruption [TV]
S3, E6 - The Academy [TV]
S3, E7 - Assassin [TV]
S3, E2 - ARC Troopers [TV]
S3, E4 - Sphere of Influence [TV]
S1, E22 - Hostage Crisis [TV]
S3, E9 - The Hunt For Ziro [TV]
S3, E10 - Heroes on Both Sides [TV]

         {{20 BBY}}

The Clone Wars, S3, E12 - Nightsisters [TV]
S3, E13 - Monster [TV]
S3, E14 - Witches of the Mist [TV]
S3, E15 - Overlords [TV]
S3, E16 - Altar of Mortis [TV]
S3, E17 - Ghosts of Mortis [TV]
S3, E18 - The Citadel [TV]
S3, E19 - Counterattack [TV]
S3, E20 - Citadel Rescue [TV]
S4, E7 - Darkness on Umbara [TV]
S4, E8 - The General [TV]
S4, E9 - Plan of Dissent [TV]
S4, E10 - Carnage of Krell [TV]
S4, E11 - Kidnapped [TV]
S4, E12 - Slaves of the Republic [TV]
S4, E13 - Escape from Kadavo [TV]
S4, E14 - A Friend in Need [TV]
S4, E15 - Deception [TV]
S4, E16 - Friends and Enemies [TV]
S4, E17 - The Box [TV]
S4, E18 - Crisis on Naboo [TV]
S4, E19 - Massacre [TV]

Age of Republic - Padme Amidala [comic]

The Clone Wars, S4, E20 - Bounty [TV]
S4, E21 - Brothers [TV]
S4, E22 - Revenge [TV]
S5, E2 - A War on Two Fronts [TV]
S5, E3 - Front Runners [TV]
S5, E4 - The Soft War [TV]
S5, E5 - Tipping Points [TV]
S5, E6 - The Gathering [TV]
S5, E7 - A Test of Strength [TV]
S5, E8 - Bound for Rescue [TV]
S5, E9 - A Necessary Bond [TV]
S5, E1 - Revival [TV]

         {{19 BBY}}

S5, E14 - Eminence [TV]
S5, E15 - Shades of Reason [TV]
S5, E16 - The Lawless [TV]
S5, E17 - Sabotage [TV]
S5, E18 - The Jedi Who Knew Too Much [TV]
S5, E19 - To Catch a Jedi [TV]
S5, E20 - The Wrong Jedi [TV]
S6, E1 - The Unknown [TV]
S6, E2 - Conspiracy [TV]
S6, E3 - Fugitive [TV]
S6, E4 - Orders [TV]

Dark Disciple [novel]

Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir, pts I - IV [comic]

Age of Republic - Padme Amidala [comic]

The Clone Wars, S7, E5 - Gone With a Trace [TV]
S7, E6 - Deal No Deal [TV]
S7, E7 - Dangerous Debt [TV]
S7, E8 - Together Again [TV]
S7, E1 - Bad Batch [TV]
S7, E2 - A Distant Echo [TV]
S7, E3 - On the Wings of Keeradaks [TV]
S7, E4 - Unfinished Business [TV]
S7, E9 - Old Friends Not Forgotten [TV]

EPISODE III - Revenge of the Sith [film]

The Clone Wars, S7, E10 - The Phantom Apprentice [TV]
S7, E11 - Shattered [TV]
S7, E12 - Victory and Death [TV]

Imperial Domination Era

Darth Vadar: Dark Lord of the Sith 1-6 - The Chosen One, pts I - VI [comic]
7-10 - The Dying Light, pts I - IV [comic]
11 & 12 - The Rule of Five, pts I & II [comic]

         {{18 BBY}}

Darth Vadar: Dark Lord of the Sith 13-17 - Burning Seas, pts I - V [comic]

Darth Vader Annual 2: Technological Terror [comic]

Ahsoka (exclude flashback chapters) [novel]

         {{14 BBY}}

Lords of the Sith [novel]

Tarkin [novel]

Jedi: Fallen Order - Dark Temple 1-5 [comic]

Age of Rebellion - Darth Vader [comic]

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 18 - Bad Ground [comic]
19-25: Fortress Vader, Pts I - VII [comic]

Jedi: Fallen Order [video game]

Beckett [comic]

         {{13 BBY}}

Most Wanted [novel]

         {{11 BBY}}

A New Dawn [novel]

       {{13-10 BBY}}

Solo: A Star Wars Story [film]

Lando: Double or Nothing [comic]

Han Solo: Imperial Cadet [comic]

         {{5 BBY}}

Rebels, S1, E1-2 - Spark of Rebellion [TV]
S1, E3 - Droids in Distress [TV]
S1, E4 - Fighter Flight [TV]
S1, E5 - Rise of the Old Masters [TV]
S1, E6 - Breaking Ranks [TV]
S1, E7 - Out of Darkness [TV]

         {{4 BBY}}

Rebels, S1, E8 - Empire Day [TV]
S1, E9 - Gathering Forces [TV]

Kanan 1-6: The Last Padawan, pts I - VI [comic]
7-12: First Blood, pts I - VI [comic]

Rebels, S1, E10 - Path of the Jedi [TV]
S1, E11 - Idiots Array [TV]
S1, E12 - Vision of Hope [TV]
S1, E13 - Call to Action [TV]
S1, E14 - Rebel Resolve [TV]
S1, E15 - Fire Across the Galaxy [TV]
S2, E1-2 - The Seige of Lothal [TV]
S2, E3 - The Lost Commanders [TV]
S2, E4 - Relics of the Old Republic [TV]
S2, E5 - Always Two There Are [TV]
S2, E6 - Brothers of the Broken Horn [TV]
S2, E7 - Wings of the Master [TV]
S2, E8 - Blood Sisters [TV]
S2, E9 - Stealth Strike [TV]

         {{3 BBY}}

Leia, Princess of Alderaan [novel]

Rebels, S2, E10 - The Future of the Force [TV]
S2, E11 - Legacy [TV]
S2, E12 - A Princess on Lothal [TV]
S2, E13 - The Protector of Concord Dawn [TV]
S2, E14 - Legends of the Lasat [TV]
S2, E15 - The Call [TV]
S2, E16 - Homecoming [TV]
S2, E17 - The Honorable Ones [TV]
S2, E18 - Shroud of Darkness [TV]
S2, E19 - The Forgotten Droid [TV]
S2, E20 - The Mystery of Chopper Base [TV]
S2, E21-22 - Twilight of the Apprentice [TV]

        {{11-2 BBY}}

Thrawn [novel]

         {{2 BBY}}

Rebels, S3, E1-2 - Steps Into Shadow [TV]
S3, E3 - The Holocrons of Fate [TV]
S3, E4 - The Antilles Extraction [TV]
S3, E5 - Hera’s Heroes [TV]
S3, E6 - The Last Battle [TV]
S3, E7 - Imperial Super Commandos [TV]
S3, E8 - Iron Squadron [TV]
S3, E9 - The Wynkahthu Job [TV]
S3, E10 - An Inside Man [TV]
S3, E11 - Visions and Voices [TV]
S3, E12-13 - Ghosts of Geonosis [TV]
S3, E14 - Warhead [TV]
S3, E15 - Trials of the Darksaber [TV]
S3, E16 - Legacy of Mandalore [TV]
S3, E17 - Through Imperial Eyes [TV]
S3, E18 - Secret Cargo [TV]
S3, E19 - Double Agent Droid [TV]
S3, E20 - Twin Suns [TV]
S3, E21-22 - Zero Hour [TV]

Thrawn: Alliances [novel]

         {{1 BBY}}

Rebels, S4, E1-2 - Heroes of Mandalore [TV]
S4, E3-4 - In the Name of the Rebellion [TV]
S4, E5 - The Occupation [TV]
S4, E6 - Flight of the Defender [TV]
S4, E7 - Kindred [TV]
S4, E8 - Crawler Commandeers [TV]
S4, E9 - Rebel Assault [TV]
S4, E10 - Jedi Night [TV]

Thrawn: Treason [novel]

Rebels, S4, E11 - DUME [TV]

         {{0 BBY}}

Rebels, S4, E12 - Wolves and a Door [TV]
S4, E13 - A World Between Worlds [TV]
S4, E14 - A Fool’s Hope [TV]
S4, E15-16 - Family Reunion and Farewell [TV]

Catalyst: A Rogue One Story [novel]

Rebel Rising [novel]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [film]

      {{0 BBY-0 ABY}}

EPISODE IV: A New Hope [film]

         {{0 ABY}}

Princess Leia, pts I - V [comic]

Age of Rebellion - Han Solo 1 [comic]

Chewbacca, pts I - V [comic]

Star Wars (2015) Annual 4 [comic]

Han Solo, pts I - V [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 1-3 - Skywalker Strikes, pts I - III [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 1 - Vader, pt I [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 4 - Skywalker Strikes, pt IV [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 2-4 - Vader, pts II - IV [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 5 - Skywalker Strikes, pt V [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 5 - Vader, pt V [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 6 - Skywalker Strikes, pt VI [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 6 - Vader, pt VI [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 7 - From the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi: The Last of His Breed [comic]
8-12 - Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon, pts I - V [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 7-12 - Shadows and Secrets, pts I - VI [comic]

Star Wars (2015) Annual 1 [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) Annual 1 [comic]

Vader Down, pt 1 [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 13 - Vader Down, pt II [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 13 - Vader Down, pt III [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 14 - Vader Down, pt IV [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 14 - Vader Down, pt V [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 15 - Vader Down, pt VI [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 15 & 20 - From the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi [comic]
16-19 - Rebel Jail, pts I - IV [comic]

Darth Vader (2015) 16-19 - The Shu-Torun War, pts I - IV [comic]
20-25 - End of Games, pts I - VI [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 21-25 - The Last Flight of the Harbinger, pts I - V [comic]
26-30 - Yoda’s Secret War, pts I - V [comic]
Annual 2 [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) 1-6 - Aphra, pts I - VI [comic]

The Screaming Citadel, pt 1 [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 31 - The Screaming Citadel, pt II [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) 7 - The Screaming Citadel, pt III [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 32 - The Screaming Citadel, pt IV [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) 8 - The Screaming Citadel, pt V [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 33 - Rebels in the Wild [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) Annual 1 [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) 9-13 - The Enormous Profit, pts I - V [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 34 - The Thirteen Crates [comic]
35 - The Hutt Run [comic]
36 - Revenge of the Astromech [comic]
Annual 3 [comic]
37 - Imperial Pride [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) Annual 2 [comic]
14-19 - Remastered, pts I - VI [comic]
20-25 - The Catastrophe Con, pts I - VI [comic]
26-31 - Worst Among Equals, pts I - VI [comic]

         {{1 ABY}}

Star Wars (2015) 38-43 - The Ashes of Jedha, pts I - VI [comic]

The Last Jedi - Storms of Crait [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 44-49 - Mutiny at Mon Cala, pts I - VI [comic]
50-55 - Hope Dies, pts I - VI [comic]
56-61 - The Escape, pts I - VI [comic]
62-67 - The Scourging of Shu-Torun, pts I - VI [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2016) 32-36 - Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon, pts I - V [comic]
Annual 3 [comic]

         {{2 ABY}}

Doctor Aphra (2016) 37-40 - A Rogue’s End, pts I - IV [comic]

Star Wars (2015) 68-75 - Rebels and Rogues, pts I - VIII [comic]

Target Vader [comic]

Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett [comic]
- Jabba the Hutt [comic]

         {{3 ABY}}

Lando, pts I - V [comic]

Empire Ascendant [comic]

EPISODE V: The Empire Strikes Back [film]

Star Wars (2020) 1- - The Destiny Path, pts I - [comic]

Darth Vader (2020) 1- - Dark Heart of the Sith, pts I - [comic]

Doctor Aphra (2020) 1-

Bounty Hunters 1-

TIE Fighter 1-3 [comic]

         {{4 ABY}}

TIE Fighter 4 [comic]

Age of Rebellion - Luke Skywalker [comic]
- Princess Leia [comic]

EPISODE VI: Return of the Jedi [film]

New Republic Era

Shattered Empire, pt I [comic]

TIE Fighter 5 [comic]

Shattered Empire, pts II- III [comic]

Alphabet Squadron [novel]

Aftermath [novel]

         {{5 ABY}}

Shattered Empire, pt IV [comic]

Aftermath: Lifedebt [novel]

Aftermath: Empire’s End [novel]

         {{7 ABY}}

Last Shot [novel]

         {{9 ABY}}

The Mandalorian S1, E1 - Chapter 1 [TV]
S1, E2 - Chapter 2: The Child [TV]
S1, E3 - Chapter 3: The Sin [TV]
S1, E4 - Chapter 4: Sanctuary [TV]
S1, E5 - Chapter 5: The Gunslinger [TV]
S1, E6 - Chapter 6: The Prisoner [TV]
S1, E7 - Chapter 7: The Reckoning [TV]
S1, E8 - Chapter 8: Redemption [TV]

        {{28 ABY}}

Bloodline [novel]

The Rise of Kylo Ren [comic]

Age of Resistance - Supreme Leader Snoke [comic]

        {{30 ABY}}

Force Collector [novel]

Age of Resistance - Poe Dameron [comic]
- Rose Tico [comic]

        {{34 ABY}}

Poe Dameron 1-3: Black Squadron, pts I - III [comic]
4-6: Lockdown, pts I - III [comic]
7: The Gathering Storm [comic]
8-13: The Gathering Storm, pts I - VI [comic]
14-16: Legend Lost, pts I - III [comic]
17-19: War Stories, pts I - III [comic]
Annual 1 [comic]
Annual 2 [comic]
20-25: Legend Found, pts I - VI [comic]

Resistance S1, E1-2 - The Recruit [TV]
S1, E3 - The Triple Dark [TV]
S1, E4 - Fuel For the Fire [TV]
S1, E5 - The High tower [TV]
S1, E6 - The Chidren From Tehar [TV]
S1, E7 - Signal From Sector Six [TV]
S1, E8 - Synara’s Score [TV]
S1, E9 - The Platform Classic [TV]
S1, E10 - Secrets and Holograms [TV]
S1, E11 - Station Theta Black [TV]
S1, E12 - Bibo [TV]
S1, E13 - Dangerous Business [TV]
S1, E14 - The Doza Dilemma [TV]
S1, E15 - The First Order Occupation [TV]
S1, E16 - The New Trooper [TV]

Age of Resistance - Finn [comic]
- Captain Phasma [comic]
- General Hux [comic]
- Kylo Ren [comic]

Phasma [novel]

Resistance S1, E17 - The Core Problem [TV]
S1, E18 - The Disappeared [TV]
S1, E19 - Descent [TV]

EPISODE VII: The Force Awakens [film]

Resistance S1, E20-21 - No Escape
S2, E1 - Into the Unknown

Captain Phasma, pts I - IV [comic]

The Last Jedi - DJ: Most Wanted [comic]

Age of Resistance - Rey [comic]

EPISODE VIII: The Last Jedi [film]

Resistance S2, E2 - A Quick Salvage Run
S2, E3 - Live Fire
S2, E4 - Hunt On Celsor 3
S2, E5 - The Engineer
S2, E6 - From Beneath
S2, E7 - The Relic Raiders
S2, E8 - Rendezvous Point
S2, E9 - The Voxx Vortex 5000
S2, E10 - Kaz’s Curse

Poe Dameron 26-31: The Awakening, pts I - VI [comic]

Resistance Reborn [novel]

Resistance S2, E11 - Station to Station
S2, E12 - The Missing Agent
S2, E13 - Breakout
S2, E14 - The Mutiny
S2, E15 - The New World
S2, E16 - No Place Safe
S2, E17 - Rebuilding the Resistance
S2, E18-19 - The Escape

Allegiance, pts I - IV [comic]

        {{35 ABY}}

EPISODE IX: The Rise of Skywalker [film]