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Raiders of the Lost Ark - Story LP (Released)
Originally posted by: seventiesfilmnut
I do wave files, and this is what I shall send out on DVD, or Apple Lossless.
- 7FN

You might want to consider FLAC as that seems to be the universal lossless audio format that's open source. I personally prefer APE (Monkey's Audio) as it compresses better, but some people seem to have difficulty locating the decoders on other platforms despite them being available.
***LeoneNut Edits***
Oh man, you are a dedicated Conan movie fan! I don't think I have watched Red Sonja completely.

BTW, I told my friend about your Leone edits. He's a huge Leone fan. I'll probably end up helping him get the files off of RS.

I almost grabbed your Re-Animator cut as well, but I decided not to as I have the extra scenes on the Elite re-release already. (I chose Conan the Destroyer instead.) Cheers!
Untitled Bruce Campbell Project (* unfinished project - a ton of info & ideas *)
Originally posted by: charliesheen
I'm interested certainly. If someone was very serious about remastering Within The Woods and the early shorts I listed before I could likely track down the guy who got the tape from Scott Spiegel's assistant. The copies I have on VCD are taken from a dub of that tape.

Someone remastered Within The Woods on many years ago. I think they used some MPEG source. It looked cleaner, but probably is more generated than the VCD I'm guessing.
Army of Darkness - The Primitive Screwhead Edition (Released)
Here's the info...

Primitive Screwhead Edition

Created by Ridgeshark, this is the most complete version of Army of Darkness available.

Respect copyright! Only download this if you already own several other versions of Army of Darkness, legally. Do not pay money for this. Do not charge money for this.

This version includes both the alternate endings and alternate openings. It includes scenes seen only in the Sci-Fi channel version of the film, and scenes only seen as deleted scenes on the official discs, such as Ash fighting Arthur, Ash recruiting Henry the Red, the extended windmill scene, etc.

It also includes a new sound mix which includes some musical surprises from the great soundtrack by Joe Lo Duca (and Danny Elfman). Most notably the opening logos are different. You'll have to see.

The deleted scenes which appear in workprint quality have been cleaned up frame by frame as much as possible. They will never be perfect, but this is about as good as they're going to look and sound until better quality material is made available.

This is of course the third in the Evil Dead series of films directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell.

Best wishes, all.

Posted by Ocpmovie/Tygerbug

Originally posted by: C3PXSome of the footage that he had to grab from a lower quality source isn't exactly seamless, but that footage looks better than most of us will have ever seen it looking before, and Ridge made it fit in as smoothly as possible. I really like the windmill scene in his version too.

I have seen nearly all the versions out there except for the bootleg LD, which I wonder if it's the same as the Japanese version that I've seen. Anyway, I look forward to seeing this project. I hope it's the final version and that ocp had obtained permission.