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Star Wars Live Action Series Edits

Just an update:
The Mandalorian has now been completed and uploaded. I spent a good while trying to get a good middle ground when rendering the project. I’ve managed to get the mp4 to a nice 12GB with only some of the darker backgrounds showing some small visual compression. I have created a link sheet to all the edits that will be uploaded onto my Google Drive. To anyone who views them, the video will look better if you download the video, since I believe when the videos are processed on there, it compresses them further.

I’m now starting Mandalorian II which will be a little harder to construct since there are a lot more relevant episodes in the season the will need splicing up. So this edit could do a bit of 'Rise of Skywalker’ing (jumping to a planet for 10 minutes to chat with someone before moving on).

My plan is to make S02E01 the first act of the film, requiring it to be cut to about 40 minutes. The Second act will a little longer, splicing E03, E05 and E06 togther, giving us our journey to the seeing stone. E08 will be our final act which I think runs slightly short of 40 minutes.

Side note:
Looking forward to seeing how the Obi-Wan series will shape up since I am planning an edit of that too. As a bit of fun I checked them into Vegas and managed to get both E01 & E02 down to 50 minutes, assuming certain plot points will prove relevant throughout the rest of the series. I’m very conflicted on Obi-Wan so far, it feels like it’s trying to appeal to the prequel era kids like myself, but it’s coming off like a fan serivce reunion show (just me?)

Star Wars Live Action Series Edits


So we are starting with our Season 1 edit . The main episodes used are Chapters 1, 3, 7 & 8. Footage from Chapters 2 & 4 are also used to tie things together. This movie currently sits at 2 hours and 8 minutes long (credits included).

The Story:
⦁ The first act is The Mandalorian tracking down the child, handing him to the Empire and inevitably rescuing him (Chapters 1 & 3).
⦁ The second act is Grief reaching out to Mando for help, followed by Mando gathering his gang to free Nevareu (Chapter 7).
⦁ The final act is the big confrontation as the end of the movie (Chapter 8).

⦁ The movie opens will Grief assigning Mando with the bounty on the Child before cutting to the opening card
⦁ From their we cut straight to Mando landing on the next planet.
⦁ The ship never gets damaged by the Jawas.
⦁ Mando never confronts the Rhino thing, moving Grogu’s first use of the force to later in the film.
⦁ Grief and the Guild never confront Mando, they leave unharmed. However the Mandalorians still reveal themselves in this timeline, but off screen and the viewer assumes it because they are tired off living in hiding.
⦁ With Chapter 4 being cut, Gina’s character becomes one of the many ‘old friends’ Mando has
⦁ With Chapter 5 being cut, the crazy pit droid lady also becomes one of the many ‘old friends’ Mando meets with in Mando II.
⦁ Fennec Shand subsequently never gets shot and doesent get a new robo-stomach. Mando will now meet Fennec Shand in Mando II.
⦁ Griefs message to Mando from Chapter 7 has been reworked to remove references to gap in time their orginally was. The scene now works as Grief revealing his cards out of desperation, since the Empire is having a negative impact on Neverau.
⦁ Footage from Chapter 4 is used to better introduce the forrest planet. It also gives us the famously funny shot of the Child sneaking up on Mando as the Crest door opens. Credit to Smudger for the idea.
⦁ In Mando and Cara’s breifing, mentions of chapter 4 events have been removed and the hunters being sent by the Empire is now only reffered to in future tense.
⦁ The credits have been built from the ground up, using a combined list from all the used episodes. This prevents the credits from lasting over 20 minutes. The presentation style is recreated as accuratley as possible.

I hope you guys enjoy what I’ve thrown together. I will be happy to make a version 2 if there are some lines no longer fit the film, any shots that stick out or there are any edits that can better fit the films structure.

V1: This was essentailly a blind edit; cutting the series using my knowledge of what needs to be cut and what scenes need to be used.

Star Wars Live Action Series Edits

So this may or may not be a side project to a much larger Filoni-verse idea I have in mind. I wanted to take on the challenge of editing each Star Wars live-action show in respective 2 hour movies. The plan is to cut each show down to its very core plot, leaving a lot of side-plots and characters behind.

This is done by only using 3 or 4 of the most relevant episodes from each series and piecing them togehter with various scenes from other episodes. The way the films are presented will match the style of show, the only thing I will add to each movie is the ‘a long time ago’ card.

Of course, this project is heavily inspired by Smudger9’s Mandalorian edits. A lot of my choices were directly effected by how they did their edits, however none of the footage was taken from their edits itself. But a big thanks for all the work done.

These films may not be perfect, a lot of good content will be removed and alot of supporting characters won’t get a massive arc, but it’s all done to create a set of movies that could be used for marathons or recapping. Overall, this is more of an experementation, instead of a definitive cut of the live-action shows.
These are the current edits in the works. This post will be updated over time. Any completed edits can be requested via PM.

A Fan Edit of the Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries

A Fan Edit of Mandalorian Season 1

A Fan Edit of Mandalorian Season 2

A Mandalorian-focused Fan Edit of The Book of Boba Fett

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

Wow wow wow. Smudger you are amazing at this. I had a blast watching this, honestly the 3 hour flew past. Actually seeing how the Mandalorian arc can be weaved through the entire movie gives me great hope for the edit. I feel all the small choices you made on what scenes to cut were very effective too. I personally enjoy the softer side of Boba Fett from the show (others disagree), but you created a real middle ground that comes to a head when his ‘angle’ is called out by Cad Bane; its really neat. The choice to move Mandos encouter with Ashoka and Grogu’s choice to the end of the film was perfect, it feels a lot more rewarding as the epilogue to the main story (instead of it being squeezed in during act 2). The cut between Grogu in the temple to being in the ship was also pretty fun, very creative stuff.

Since I understand this is a workprint I have a few pointers for the fianl cut 😃

Part 1:
. I would recommend colour correcting the opening shot of the film so it will blend better with the starfield (I can imagine opening shots are a pain in the arse)
. at 1:12 the aspect ratio changes a few times between the Wookie with a hard-to-spell name and Boba Fett
. In my opinion, there were too many shots of Boba Fett’s face during the flashback scenes (e.g. when Fennec was introduced). I understand there was a time jump but the white flash does the job.

Part 2:
. When Mando first flys the N1, the final shot of the fighter is jarring when it transitions into it landing (since there are two shots of a ship back to back, flying in different directions). The shot of Mando in the cockpit works well when transtioning in the landing shot.
. At 21:30, I reccomend cutting the droids line before the explosion, maybe even him holding it up in the first place. It comes off too comical for the tone it needs. I may even reccomend moving the Cade Bane scene in between the explosion and when Boba arrives to see the wreckage, so it works better timing wise.
. At 25:41 there is no audio transition
. At 1:13:30 you accidentally left the previous shot of Mando before the transition.

But apart from that and I think a few flickers of frames from removed scenes, this was edited beautifully. I do however, echo the sentiments of WitchDR ans STF78. With the completed story peaced together the way it is, the flashbacks don’t feel like they have a place anymore. Not your fault at all, you effectively chose the scenes that would best enchace Boba’s story. The problem with the flashabacks was that they felt fan-editty before they were even touched by you. I reckon the one flashback of Boba crawling out of the Sarlaac would be enough; it shows us why Boba needed the Bacta for healing and it’s the fan service moment the EU fans wanted to see in live action.

Overall, amazing stuff, we get lots of good Star Wars content pulled from this structurely confusing show and its thanks to your talents. I am planning to do a Smudger Mando marathon on May 4th along with the Depsecialized trilogy, but I couldn’t help watching this early and giving my thoughts 😉

I also would like to show off a custom opening inspired from your edit. I always thought the idea of using some of the concept art along with a crawl like yours would be a neat alternative. I hope you like it:

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

Hello again, I don’t want to seem like I’m backseat editing or anything but I reckon we could get 2 movies from this.

The first could be a prologue, compiling and editing the flashbacks together. This could be THE boba fett film, doesent need to be a long one either. This probably would be fit for viewing between the 1st and 2nd Mando film.

The second could be the present plot from the BOBF. However, it is presented as a Mandolorian film (either Episode 3 or a spin off adventure). This could be done by weaving chapter 5 with a very condensed chapters 1-4 (followed by whatever happens next). This way, it would feel like Mandos isn’t stepping into Boba’s story, but the other way round.

Enjoying this season so far, but I feel that the apperance of Mando, and Boba’s story with the Tuskens are the highlight and the rest of the story is a bit bland.

Side note: If you keep alot of chapter 5 in, I beg for the line about dating jawas to be removed. I loath the fact that Jawas dating humans and being furry is now canon 😉

Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]

stevepaynter said:

If the amount of time dedicated to the flashbacks continue you could almost make a standalone origin movie for Boba Fett. Like a prequel to the Mandalorian and than a separate Boba Fett movie for present day.

I agree on this notion. In the mission to condense these shows into movies, letting each plot standalone will prevent either plot feeling rushed or neglected. Because not gonna lie, E02 was something special. The audience then would be able to chose whether they want to watch the ‘Boba Fett’ origin story or not.

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [V3 RELEASED]

After watching V2, I decided I prefer the Sanctuary as a middle arc over the Gunslinger. Which is a shame, because the Gunslinger obviously has more ties to Season 2. Sanctuary on the other hand adds so much emotional depth, despite being viewed as fillery.

The way V2 does handle Cara Dune however was really nice also since it gives her friendship with Mando more apparent history.

You have touched up on splitting the movies in 2, which could be worth it. One long 3 hour edit hybridding V1 & V2 would be a good idea too (like an extended edition). Or as you said, flashbacks can be implemented, but could be used in your EpII edit to give Fennec some background.

All in the all though, these edits are fantastic and I couldn’t think of how this couldn’t be down better!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars I-VI (Kane's Edits) - OFFLINE

Hey everyone, it appears I haven’t been too active on this thread recently and I will get to the reason in a bit.

Me and my good friend had the pleasure of watching these edits back-to-back as part of our May 4th marathon and I have a few observations:

I- The 2008 movie isn’t the greatest way to start the Clone Wars saga off, since the plot isn’t entirely compelling and slightly too childish. I have a feeling the Christophsis opening would work well on it’s own, serving a short prologue to the rest of the films.

II- The Geonosis arc is very useful in showing development between Anakin and Ahsoka and also introduces Bariss Offee’s friendship with Ahsoka. However, these 4 episodes cut together don’t give us much of a cohesive movie and drags a touch.

III- As efficent as this edit it, I feel I should have left the Nighsisters and the Brothers arc seperate, to give the plots more breathing room. Too much happens too quickly.

IV- Again, the Mandalore arcs from S02 and S05 would work better as 2 seperate films. Tying the arcs together does give you a nice long Mandalore filled flick, but the disjointed nature of the edit makes it hard to sit through all 2 hours of it.

V & VI- these 2 edits are absolutely fine, since the arcs are both crafted like 90 minute films anyway.

So, the problem is Clone Wars V & VI have been taken down from my Mega account, no clue why. But sadly, I don’t have the time or bandwidth to reupload them. Also the lack of feedback on the thread implies either the Mega download quota has defeated people or the actual edits themselves have been underwhelming. So now it begs the question of where I go from here. I can either:

a. Wait for my new router to arrive in a couple of weeks, allowing me to reupload the films quicker. Then just leaving the edits be.

b. Invest in fanedit Google Drive but also revamp the series as an 8 parter (with the possibility of anthology edits too) to improve on my own criticism.

c. Call it a day, a fun experience whilst it lasted. With a fantastic Clone Wars project in the works from Eddie Dean and Co. being available on this site and the original show on Disney Plus, all the consumer needs are met really.

Would love some thoughts, I’m feeling receptive!

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

EddieDean said:

Nah, it’s not something I can address. In this version of the Clone Wars, just like in real life, after you change your clothes you might change back to an older set of clothes some other day. Ahsoka won’t de-age, and I won’t have the guys change their hair back and forward, but they’re going to switch between a few outfits.

Awesome, that does make sense. And at the end of day, its about the story beats gained from moving around different arcs right? It’s actually kinda humourous the Jedi DONT have multiple robes to slip into every now and again 😃

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

Basically, aslong as the render settings matches the frame rate of the source. You shouldn’t have a problem. I always checked before hand since alot of source files tell you the frame rate in the video info.

Alternatively you can create a new project at the source frame rate. CTR+A your existing project and paste it into the new one. Think it’s worked for me.

The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!

Hey buddy, I had this issue with The Clone Wars and the framerate. Although the project settings are at 25.000, you can still render it in the preferred 23.976. in the render settings, you can edit the preset of the file type, the frame rate, as well rendering quality can be altered there 😃 So if I’m right, there well be no need to start from scratch. I was always a bit confused when I rendered a video, it looked fine in Vegas 😂